July 2007


Q & A with Diabetes Educator

Industry Continues to Fight For Rehab Carve Out From Competitive Bidding

CMS Backs Off Original Bid Deadline by One Week

Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee to Review At-Home Sleep Testing

AAHomecare Adds to Government Relations and Communications Staff

Lewarski Jumps From Inogen to Invacare

SeQual Joins VGM

Fighting Oxygen Cuts with Facts

Senate Finance Committee Grills Nominee to Run CMS

Reps. Tanner and Hobson To Kick Off Medtrade 2007

Accreditation: Software Companies Can Be Intregral Part of the Process

CMS Extends Bid Deadline to Friday

The HME as Retailer: "This is a different mindset."

CMS Held Special Bidders Conference For DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program Today

AAHomecare Continuum of Care Planned for Medtrade

Ramps: A Primer

Taking Another Look: CMS' Weems Reveals Priorities in Congressional Testimony

Legislators Make Last-Minute Plea for NCB Delay

New HHS Surety Bond Rule Adds to HME Provider Headaches

Sunrise Medical Appoints New CEO For Separate Divisions

Selecting Software to Meet Business Objectives

AAHomecare Wants Feedback From Providers Still Having Trouble Submitting Bids

American Thoracic Society Identifies Gender Differences in COPD Clients

Weems Defends Competitive Bidding in Exchange with Kansas Senator

Six Weeks Left on Reset NCB Countdown Clock

Western Culture and Diet Are Shifting the Diabetic Market into Hyperdrive

Proposed Legislation Would Restore ADA's Intent

Ron Richard Jumps From ResMed to SeQual

HHS Fights DME Fraud in South Florida, Southern California

Deadline to Register for Competitive Bidding is Today

New Medicare Rules Protect Against Premature Hospital Discharge

Congress Leaves Town With Cloud Hanging Over Power Chairs and Oxygen

House Passes Insurance Program that Includes Oxygen Cuts

AAHomecare Issues Phone Script For Providers Opposing Oxygen Cuts

More Manufacturers Reach Out to Assist Providers: Inogen Offers 24-Hour Support

Number of People with COPD Expected to Increase Significantly by 2013

Bowing to Congressional and Industry Outcries, CMS Extends Competitive Bidding Deadline

Diabetes: Study Looks at Self-Monitoring and Health Outcomes for Type 2 Clients

Rehab Companies Trade Branch Offices

Rehab Program Announced For August

Invacare's New Marketing Campaign Reflects Market Conditions

Accreditation Round-Up

Bariatric Update: What You Eat and Who You Know

Anti-inflammatory Drugs May Increase COPD Patients' Pneumonia Risk

Boosting Your Sales with Compression Products

Berlin Hosts Largest-Ever Paralympic Day

House Committees Wrangle With Medicare Legislation

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