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For many providers, succeeding in retail sales lies in capitalizing on niches that leverage their considerable expertise. If a provider can identify a related market that lets it leverage its knowledge and access to the right products, it can cement solid relationships with that client segment.

One of those niches is sports therapy/rehab. Many sports therapy/rehab offerings are items providers already supply, or are related to them. Moreover, these products are often very much in line with providers’ staff expertise. Some of the clearly related sports therapy/rehab products would be compression garments and especially stockings; braces, supports and other orthopedic offerings; as well as both stock and custom orthotics.

Also, the sports therapy/rehab market lets providers upsell with much-needed items, such as cold and heating packs, and pain management items, which also appeal to other DME patients. And, for some providers that might specialize in certain DME categories, such as mobility, they can even establish themselves in unique athletic markets, such as wheelchair sports.

Undoubtedly, athletes of all types, professional and amateur, young and old, those with medical conditions and without, will at some point need sports rehab/therapy products, and providers are in a unique position to serve that need. Let’s look at some of the latest offerings on the market:

BioCare Systems Inc.



Infrared device delivers immediate, temporary pain relief

BioCare Systems’ near infrared (NIR) pain relief device is now shipping to consumers at home. LumiWave is the first NIR pain relief device to be cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter purchase and uses proven science of photobiostimulation to gently warm inflamed muscles, joints and deep tissue areas of the body, through NIR light waves emitted through specially engineered Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs. The product promotes long-term regeneration and natural healing and does not have the negative side effects of other pain management options. Optimal power emission rate, light source wavelength and dosage duration make the device extremely safe and painless.

  • (888) 296-3167

Roscoe Medical



Kinesiology Tape Helps Sore Muscles, Joints; Comes in Retail Friendly Formats

StrengthTape provides support and stability for muscles, joints, and tendons without limiting range of motion like a traditional brace. Featuring AllSport_adhesive, StrengthTape can be worn for up to five days in nearly any condition, including water. The kinesiology tape is ideal for shin splints, back pain, ankle sprain, shoulder pain and other applications. The tape is available in 5M and 35M uncut rolls, 5M pre cut rolls, kits and in point of sale displays.

  • (800) 376-7263

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