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Sleep Therapy has been anything but boring over the last 16 months. Just as sleep providers started to get their footing during the COVID-19 public health emergency, along came the Philips device recall. In both cases, sleep providers have had to deal with uncertain supply chains while serving both existing patients and onboarding new ones.

Moreover, when it comes to the public health emergency, providers of sleep therapy equipment and services had to develop new procedures and use new tools to safely and effectively provide products and services to patients and coordinate with referrals.

While all that was happening, providers have to keep up to speed with the market changes and innovations that have always been part and parcel of the sleep therapy market. While the public health emergency or a product recall might have created gaps in some supplies, new masks, accessories, and other devices and products have been getting released.

Likewise, there are a variety of business services and software offerings on the market to help sleep therapy providers run more efficient businesses, help their referral partners introduce new patients to therapy, and ensure optimal outcomes.

So, bearing all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the products and services that have recently hit the market:


Z1 Auto

Z1 Auto

Tiny travel CPAP packs in flexible therapy

The Z1 Auto, with its proprietary breathing algorithm and sampling rate of several times per second, delivers responsive and effective therapy at lower overall pressures than fixed-pressure CPAPs. The result is more responsive therapy and a more comfortable experience. Not requiring a special mask or tube, users can typically use the mask they are most comfortable wearing. When away from power outlets, the PowerShell integrated battery pack and get a night’s rest on a single charge.

  • (855) 436-8729


SoClean ProLab

SoClean ProLab

High-level disinfection eliminates 99.9 percent of germs

SoClean ProLab is a high-level disinfection for multiple CPAP masks, hoses, reservoirs, and CPAP equipment all at once. The ProLab uses a concentrated combination of powerful UV-C germicidal lights and ozone to eliminate 99.9 percent of CPAP germs and pathogens. The device comes with a special catalyst system that naturally converts ozone back into breathable oxygen. The ProLab does not require water or any messy chemicals, so the CPAP equipment remains completely dry.

  • (800) 747-1030

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Aloha Nasal Pillow System CPAP mask

Aloha Nasal Pillow System CPAP mask

CPAP mask features technology that allows customizable fit

This lightweight and quiet Aloha Nasal Pillow System CPAP mask features exclusive Arced-Track™ technology that allows the angle and depth of the nasal pillows to be adjusted for a more customized fit and stable seal. The ball and swivel joint prevents twisting to accommodate a wide range of sleeping positions, and the angled exhalation ports minimize potential discomfort or disruption for the user or bed partner. The wide-set headgear provides minimal contact to the face, and the CPAP hose can be worn over the head or down the chest depending on the user’s preference.

  • (877) 224-0946


AirTouch F20

AirTouch F20

Full face mask with memory foam cushioning

ResMed has announced its AirTouch F20 full face mask with UltraSoft memory foam mask cushion The cushion adapts to the contours of each patient’s face, creating a personalized fit for the ultimate experience in cushion comfort. It is designed to reduce facial markings and skin irritation, even when sealed firmly against the skin. AirTouch fits 98 percent of patient faces and is uniquely natural, breathable and allows excess heat and sweat to escape.

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Philips Respironics



New gel pillow modules create optimized comfort

Royal Philips has introduced a new option to its open-face therapy masks. The new Gel Pillows module features the same comfort and freedom of movement as the original DreamWear, but now offers an additional choice in cushion type that can be easily changed out within the same mask frame. Thanks to the modular design, clinicians have reported the DreamWear mask as taking less time to change between the two DreamWear masks than between another pillows mask and nasal mask.

  • (800) 659-9235

Compass Health Brands

DreamEasy CPAP Nasal Mask Starter Kit

DreamEasy CPAP Nasal Mask Starter Kit

Kit offers everything needed to set up new patients

  • Includes the DreamEasy Nasal CPAP Mask with headgear, seals and an easy-to-use sizing guide.
  • Sizing guide eases fitting and kit includes small, medium and large Comfort Cushion seals.
  • Flexible design is airtight and offers freedom of movement while maintaining a secure fit.
  • (800) 376-7263

3B Medical Inc

Numa Full-Face Mask

Numa Full-Face Mask

CPAP mask offers comfort and quiet ventilation

  • Two-piece construction with superior sealing means effortless patient comfort.
  • Design balances soft comfort and quiet ventilation with self-adjusting forehead.
  • Received FDA clearance and is now available for immediate ordering.
  • (863) 226-6285

Philips Respironics

DreamStation Go

DreamStation Go

Reliable, convenient sleep therapy on-the-go

  • Discreet, slim-profile device weighs less than two pounds.
  • Features a built-in power supply that helps to limit the number of components to pack.
  • At half the size of Philips’ previous generation devices, DreamStation Go delivers the same clinically-proven performance and comfort for reliable, convenient therapy on-the-go.
  • (800) 659-9235

Naturs Design Inc.

CPAP Mask Liner


CPAP mask liners allow for more comfortable sleep

What if there was a cost effective way to help your customers achieve success with their CPAP therapy? RemZzzs is the solution you’ve been searching for. When your customers become friends with their masks, they’ll get the restorative sleep they desperately need. RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners greatly reduce noisy air leaks, allows use of bedtime moisturizer, assists in holding mask in place and reduces the necessity for tight headgear.

  • (877) 473-6999

Sunset Healthcare Solutions

CM036 Deluxe Nasal Pillow CPAP

CM036 Deluxe Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

CPAP mask comes in different sizes to allow optimal fit

The CM036 Deluxe Nasal Pillow CPAP mask comes with small, medium and large pillows and headgear. The mask is easy to fit, assemble and maintain while three different pillow sizes help to fit contour to the face for a more comfortable rest. The 360-degree rotational elbow with flexible silicone tube helps the patient to maintain convenience of use while also sleeping soundly due to quiet vent design.

  • (877) 578-6738

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