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What a year it has been for the sleep therapy market: a rapidly changing sector of the HME industry driven by technological innovation and the desire to give patients the sleep they deserve. In 2019 alone, several companies introduced a wide variety of products and services for sleep apnea patients searching for more comfortable and effective options to treat their conditions. For providers, navigating the market means finding products that can satisfy patients’ need for data and mobile care while also driving more revenue through resupply programs.

Luckily, manufacturers continue to introduce products that meet the criteria. CPAP masks and machines are becoming more portable by the day, helping patients maintain their therapy regimen as they travel through airports and train stations. At the same time, some patients who struggle with compliance are finding success through alternative treatment options such as EPAP devices. Compliance rates are also improving through patient education services focused on their treatment success.

In addition, sleep therapy providers are stepping up their game when it comes to mobile monitoring of sleep data. Bluetooth connectivity is available on most CPAP systems, allowing patients and their doctors to view treatment progress and suggest therapy changes if necessary. Providers would be smart to keep up with the latest updates on remote monitoring technology, which is crucial to many patients as they decide which product to select.

From patient coaching services to portable CPAP masks, here is a sampling of the products that could help grow your sleep business.




myAir Now Available as an iOS App

myAir, the a free online support program that lets users of ResMed’s AirSens 10 and AirCurve 10 track their nightly sleep therapy data and progress over time, is now available as an app for iOS devices, such as iPhones. The myAir app contains the same features as the mobile-responsive myAir website, but now users can access their sleep therapy data and helpful tips and videos when and where it’s convenient for them. Patients’ data syncs with myAir automatically with no modules to manage or manual data downloads required. To get the app, users should visit Apple’s App Store. New users can easily register for an account through the app or by visiting

  • (877) 242-1703

Philips Respironics

Adherence Profiler

Adherence Profiler

Adherence Profiler Helps Track Sleep Compliance

As sleep providers well know, compliance is everything. Between 40 and 60 percent of CPAP patients either abandon treatment or do not use their devices enough to see a benefit, according to Philips Respironics. So, the company developed Adherence Profiler available with EncoreAnywhere, a set of adherence profiling algorithms that can help providers identifies which patients at each timeframe are adherent and those who are struggling but have a chance of becoming adherent.

  • (800) 659-9235

Contour Products

CPAPMax Pillow

CPAPMax Pillow

Adjustable CPAP Pillow Offers Four Heights

  • Pillow’s height is easy to adjust by adding or removing layers of foam inside the pillow, which helps minimize mask shifting, air leaks and facial pressure.
  • The dual-sided design offers a choice of two sleep surfaces: plush memory foam and traditional fiberfill.
  • An 18-inch tether keeps the hose in place for undisrupted sleep.
  • (800) 692-6686

Philips Respironics

Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask

Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask

Pediatric Nasal Mask Offers a Lot for Little Ones

Philips Respironics new Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask, which supports non-invasive ventilation (NIV) features a child friendly giraffe fabric pattern, a modified cushion curvature and support tools to help provide a positive experience for young patients and their families. Features include, a Leak Correction Dial on the mask that lets caregivers fix small leaks without disturbing a child’s sleep, and three cushion sizes designed to fit infants weighing 22 pounds to age 7, with a shape created specifically to fit the curvature of an infant’s face and nose.

  • (800) 659-9235

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare


CPAP Offers Enhanced Connectivity, Evidenced-Based Detection and Response Algorithms

The IntelliPAP2 can differentiate between periodic breathing, central sleep apnea and complex apnea events, and automatically adjusts the delivered pressure. In addition, the device’s PulseDose heated humidification system intelligently provides humidification during inhalation only; blowing dry air during exhalation to flush humidity from the tube, reducing rainout, which will improve patient comfort and experience. Using Bluetooth connectivity, Drive DeVilbiss’s proprietary SmartCode technology and SmartLink App, the system offers simple data collection and reporting.

  • (877) 224-0946

Med Group

Sleep Program

Sleep Program Optimizes Patient and Business Performance

The MED Group’s Sleep Program aims to help providers maximize OSA patient compliance and resupply orders, as well as benchmark their business and care to help identify opportunities and measure results. From cost reduction to revenue enhancement through resupply, the program works to increase patient engagement, which improves the provider’s bottom line.

  • (800) 825-5633

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