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What a year it has been for the sleep therapy market: a rapidly changing sector of the HME industry driven by technological innovation and the desire to give patients the sleep they deserve. In 2019 alone, several companies introduced a wide variety of products and services for sleep apnea patients searching for more comfortable and effective options to treat their conditions. For providers, navigating the market means finding products that can satisfy patients’ need for data and mobile care while also driving more revenue through resupply programs.

Luckily, manufacturers continue to introduce products that meet the criteria. CPAP masks and machines are becoming more portable by the day, helping patients maintain their therapy regimen as they travel through airports and train stations. At the same time, some patients who struggle with compliance are finding success through alternative treatment options such as EPAP devices. Compliance rates are also improving through patient education services focused on their treatment success.

In addition, sleep therapy providers are stepping up their game when it comes to mobile monitoring of sleep data. Bluetooth connectivity is available on most CPAP systems, allowing patients and their doctors to view treatment progress and suggest therapy changes if necessary. Providers would be smart to keep up with the latest updates on remote monitoring technology, which is crucial to many patients as they decide which product to select.

From patient coaching services to portable CPAP masks, here is a sampling of the products that could help grow your sleep business.

Responsive Respiratory Inc.

Purify O3 Sanitizer

Purify O3 Sanitizer

Portable CPAP sanitizer gives patients hospital-grade disinfection at home

Offering an affordable alternative to other disinfectors for sleep patients, the portable Purify O3 Sanitizer is sold only through home medical providers. Using activated oxygen technology to disinfect medical equipment within 35 minutes, the sanitizer provides hospital-grade disinfection with no additional solutions required. Compact, lightweight and cost-effective, the product ensures that patients no longer have to purchase extra equipment or products, including adapters, filters or replacement bags, to clean their reusable medical devices. The Purify O3 sanitizer, which is registered with the FDA, represents Responsive Respiratory’s entrance into the PAP disinfection space.

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Sunset Healthcare Solutions

slim CPAP tube

Slim CPAP Tube

Latex-free slim CPAP tube built to last

Offering a highly durable solution to patients using CPAP machines, Sunset Healthcare Solutions’ slim CPAP tube is designed to reduce tearing and last for longer periods. The tube has a strain relief cuff that decreases separation and tearing in addition to being one of the lightest tubes on the market, coming in at 2.6 ounces. With virtually no memory, it’s meant to stay in position and not get kinks that make it uncomfortable for patients hoping to use the same product again and again for their machines. The product is latex-free and compatible with nearly all CPAP, BiPap and BiLevel systems for every manufacturer on the market.

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Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care

NightBalance Lunoa

NightBalance Lunoa

Sleep position therapy device for sleep apnea patients now available commercially

After launching the NightBalance Lunoa sleep position therapy device for patients with obstructive sleep apnea in select markets in 2018, Philips has now launched the product commercially. The product is a mask-free, clinically-validated positional therapy that uses gentle vibrations to encourage users to alter their sleeping positions to help prevent apneas. Philips has updated the technology to include wireless connectivity and a mobile app that monitors use and provides patients and doctors with access to data via a cloud-based system. The company cites several clinical studies that included patient feedback on NightBalance, including their views that the product was easier to use and more comfortable than other PAP therapy methods.

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AirFit P30i

AirFit P30i

Nasal pillows mask helps users sleep in any position

ResMed’s AirFit P30i is a top-of-head-connected nasal pillows CPAP mask that offers features “tubeup” design options to help nasal and nasal pillows mask wearers sleep better in any position. The AirFit P30i fits 90 percent of wearers with just two frame sizes and three cushions, helping HME providers fit patients easier and faster. Designed to slide quickly on and off the mask helps make users’ bedtime routine easier, and a quick-release elbow makes it easy to disconnect the mask from tubing if users need to get up at night.

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Sleep better with PūrSlēp night-time cannabinoid formula

PūrWell introduces PūrSlēp, a night-time cannabinoid formula that contains oil extracted from plants that is rich in beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, and CBG. Each batch is lab tested for purity and potency to ensure proper, consistent dosage. Benefits of PūrSlēp for health professionals and the public include full-spectrum hemp CBD products rather than CBD isolate, specialty formulations for specific conditions, complimentary product samples for patients and free training and support for staff.

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