Sleep Therapy

Sleep Therapy has been anything but boring over the last 16 months. Just as sleep providers started to get their footing during the COVID-19 public health emergency, along came the Philips device recall. In both cases, sleep providers have had to deal with uncertain supply chains while serving both existing patients and onboarding new ones.

Moreover, when it comes to the public health emergency, providers of sleep therapy equipment and services had to develop new procedures and use new tools to safely and effectively provide products and services to patients and coordinate with referrals.

While all that was happening, providers have to keep up to speed with the market changes and innovations that have always been part and parcel of the sleep therapy market. While the public health emergency or a product recall might have created gaps in some supplies, new masks, accessories, and other devices and products have been getting released.

Likewise, there are a variety of business services and software offerings on the market to help sleep therapy providers run more efficient businesses, help their referral partners introduce new patients to therapy, and ensure optimal outcomes.

So, bearing all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the products and services that have recently hit the market:


Brightree by ResMed

Brightree ReSupply

Automated, yet personalized patient resupply

  • A scalable end-to-end solution to automate supplying patient refills or replacements, while making the process more personalized, transparent and engaging.
  • Helps providers identify resupply opportunities; conduct patient outreach using a multi-method approach; retrieve necessary documentation; fulfill orders; and capture data-driven insights to improve performance.
  • SNAP integration uses AI to help reduce employee touchpoints, while increasing accuracy.
  • (844) 438-2783


AirSense 10

AirSense 10

Patient comfort combined with innovation and efficiency

  • Cloud-connectable and compatible with ResMed’s patient engagement app, myAir, which provides nightly myAir score reports, personalized coaching and more.
  • Includes a built-in humidifier, as well as a climate control auto setting to make breathing more comfortable.
  • AutoRamp feature provides low airflow pressure to help patients fall asleep, then steadily increases to the user’s unique prescribed level.
  • (877) 242-1703


DreamPort Sleep Solution


Boosts compliance by resolving mask complaints

  • Resolves claustrophobia and headgear complaints using daily disposable DreamPorts, which use hypoallergenic surgical foam adhesive.
  • One-size-fits-all, with zero headgear, DreamPort is clinically proven not to leak, eliminates mask lines, dry eye, and hair matting.
  • Compatible with all CPAP machines, covered by all major insurance and made in the USA.
  • (919) 619-7170


rtNOW HME Services

Tele-respiratory therapists give provider staff a 'pressure relief' valve

  • Remote RTs schedule new PAP setups, educate patients via a HIPAA-compliant CoreLink video conference, and work various devices and masks.
  • RTs provide ongoing PAP follow-up to ensure adherence for therapeutic benefit and billing requirements.
  • RTs can schedule or be scheduled to perform virtual remote ventilator follow ups via CoreLink.

    Sleepnet Corp.

    iQ2 & Phantom 2

    iQ2 & Phantom 2

    New moldable, low-profile nasal masks for resupply

    • Both masks combine patented AIRgel technology with a soft, pliable shell ensures premium comfort for many facial structures.
    • Design and materials also minimize skin irritation and pressure points.
    • If patients need to change mask styles, the IQ2 and Phantom2 cushions are interchangeable while using the same mask frame and headgear.
    • (800) 742-3646




    Sleep solution sidesteps standard mask

    The DreamPort “maskless solution” to PAP therapy compliance isn’t a traditional mask. Rather, the interface is held on the patient’s face with gentle, hypoallergenic tape that seals the DreamPorts securely at the base of the nostril. This means only the stream of air from the machine enters the nostril. The devices are clinically proven not to leak, headgear-free CPAP solution and are fully made in the U.S.A and FDA cleared. They are covered by Medicare and all major insurance and work with all CPAP machines.

    • (919) 619-7170

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc.



    Compact nasal mask features the world's first CapFit headgear

    Introducing the F&P Evora, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s new compact nasal mask for the delivery of PAP therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The Evora features the world’s first CapFit headgear and F&P’s next generation of Dynamic Support Technology. With Dynamic Support Technology, the stability wings work in synergy with the floating seal to allow freedom of movement while keeping the Evora comfortably in place. Minimal and unobtrusive, the floating seal wraps around the nose to ensure a flexible and comfortable fit. The stability wings are designed to keep the floating seal in place.

    • (877) 707-5454, ext. 4

    Sunset Healthcare Solutions

    Heated CPAP Tube

    Heated CPAP Tube

    Heated CPAP tube available for DreamStation and PR System One

    The Sunset Heated CPAP Tube for DreamStation and PR System One humidifiers brings a popular design to a new great value product. The Heated CPAP Tube aims to improve compliance by preventing rainout and increasing comfort. It features strain relief cuffs and an auto safety shut-off for optimal performance. The Sunset Heated CPAP Tube is UL Recognized and holds a 510(k). Call now to speak live with a Sunset sales representative and request more information on the company’s newest CPAP solution.

    • (877) 578-6738

    Responsive Respiratory Inc.

    Purify O3

    Purify O3 Elite

    The next generation of Responsive Respiratory's CPAP/BiPAP disinfectors

    The next generation in Responsive Respiratory’s Purify O3 line of sleep therapy equipment cleaning and sanitizing device, the Elite Series. The Purify O3 Elite features touch‐to‐activate controls and visual feedback for users that includes an illuminated disinfection progress ring and a lighted battery life indicator. The Purify O3 Elite kills 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria in a single cleaning cycle and is third-party tested for efficacy, according to Responsive Respiratory, which adds the device is FDA registered. Also, the device is lightweight, compact, and sanitizes and stores in its included reusable zippered case, which should appeal to users who travel or who are short on space.

    • (866) 333-4030

    3B Medical Inc

    Luna G3 Auto BPAP

    Luna G3 Auto BPAP

    New bi-Level PAP Therapy Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

    • Third-generation bi-level device features algorithm that automatically senses and adjusts pressure settings to ensure airway patency for a comfortable sleep.
    • Provides a backup rate that reduces the work of breathing with pressure settings up to 25 cmH20.
    • Also offers integrated heated tubing and cellular connectivity.
    • (863) 226-6285

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