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The Compliance Team

Pharmacy Testing Certification

Pharmacy Testing Certification

In response to the “new normal” in pharmacies across the country, The Compliance Team’s Pharmacy Testing Certification program (a new Exemplary Provider recognition award) aims to help to keep pharmacies on the leading edge of patient protection. The Pharmacy Testing Certification program provides pharmacies with the education and tools necessary to achieve Pharmacy Testing Certification for COVID-19 and other CLIA Waived tests. It offers pharmacies new revenue opportunities via Point of Care testing and Collect and Transfer testing. As a certified pharmacy testing facility, the pharmacy assures its customers, patients, payers, and employees that its pharmacy testing quality and safety procedures have been validated by a nationally recognized third party.

This is a stand-alone certification program, so a pharmacy need not be accredited by The Compliance Team for any other service. However, those pharmacies that are currently accredited by The Compliance Team will be ahead of the game in that the Pharmacy Testing Certification standards retain many aspect parts of the more stringent Exemplary Provider accreditation standards.

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Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Marcy rollator

Marcy rollator and gait trainer

Clarke Health Care introduces its newest rollator, sized for the youngest people in being cared for. Marcy is an anterior rollator/gait trainer with a wide range of accessories to assist toddlers and children in their first attempts in mobility. Marcy comes in four sizes with fun colors to encourage attention and participation. Marcy can be a child’s new best friend for indoor and outdoor play and adventure.

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Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)



HealthTrainU is a web-based learning management system that houses all continuing education needs in one place. We have more than 200 courses in more than 20 different content libraries written by providers, for providers. From course materials, custom timelines, reporting, testing, and certifications, HealthTrainU allows DMEPOS and home health providers to complete their continuing education with ease. For managers, HealthTrainU is easy to administer and comes with training to help you get started. HealthTrainU is a product of ACHCU, the educational division of Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

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Stander Inc.

Trust Care Lets Go Indoor Rollator

Trust Care Let's Go Indoor Rollator with Tray

The Trust Care Let’s Go Indoor Rollator from Stander is the perfect mobility tool for the home, with a tray table and basket to transport food or other items around the house safely. It also acts as a TV tray for food, a computer, or even use as a side table. It’s one-handed design allows the user to have a free hand while getting around the house. And for retailers, it opens an entire new “indoor rollator” category for their store, and they have the opportunity to sell any current rollator user another rollator specifically designed to make life easier in their home.

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Cure Medical


Cure Dextra Closed System

The Cure Dextra Closed System has proprietary attributes that make it easy to use—even with limited dexterity. Tip Advancing Technology advances the pre-lubricated catheter without contact, and a Gripper Arrow makes it easy to advance the catheter. A Support Band enables controlled use with one hand, and like all Cure Medical products, the Cure Dextra features polished eyelets for increased comfort, and is not made with DEHP/DINP, BPA, or NR-Latex for increased safety. Also, because Cure Medical donates 10 percent of net income to research for a cure for SCI & CNS/D, this product also supports research.

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Pacey MedTech Ltd.

Pacey Cuff Ultra

Pacey Cuff Ultra

Designed for men who have undergone prostate cancer surgery the Pacey Cuff Ultra is an updated urethral control device (UCD) that aims to offer an effective, durable, and easy-to-use solution to urinary incontinence (UI). The Pacey Cuff Ultra uses technology to comfortably reduce or eliminate male UI by compressing the urethra and blocking unwanted urine flow, while still protecting the blood circulation in the topside of the penis to eliminate possible blood supply restriction pain and damage to the penis.

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The Compliance Team

The Compliance Team

Real-time Remote (RtR)

Real-time Remote (RtR) is The Compliance Team’s verified and tested virtual accreditation and re-accreditation survey process being used during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The Real-time Remote process involves many of the protocols used under pre-COVID-19 conditions. Real-time Remote utilizes encrypted, virtual software and phone applications to review your records, policies, procedures, and physical environment. The process ensures that your business is surveyed in a safe and timely manner. This assures the least amount of disruption to your daily activities, while keeping your staff and patients safe and healthy.

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One Less CBD

Inflammation Cream

ONE LESS CBD Inflammation Cream

This fast-acting topical cream made from CBD isolate is applied as needed directly to problem area. Six natural, no-compromise active ingredients go into the product, and the company performs rigorous third-party laboratory testing to ensure 400mg of CBD and 0mg of THC. Also, the company is providing a risk-free trial to HME providers to prove their product sells.

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Sigvaris Inc.

Comprefit Standard Calf & Foot

Comprefit Standard Calf & Foot

Lower limb garment strap system offers high range of adjustability for custom fit

  • Compression system for foot and calf comes with garment strap system that gives it high range of adjustability for accurate fit.
  • Overlapping bands mimic bandaging technique that allows for fluctuations in limb fluid volume.
  • Back spin of garment provides support and ensures firm, secure fit.
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Juzo Inc.

SoftCompress Arm Liner

SoftCompress Arm Liner

Liner serves as treatment aid for edema, prevents soft tissue fibrosis

  • Liners worn under bandages, compression wraps or garments can be used as effective treatment aid for edema.
  • Vertically stitched foam channels create differences in pressure, promoting lymph drainage and preventing soft tissue fibrosis.
  • Has machine washable material and saves time when applying bandaging.
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