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Protekt Pilot Upright Walker

Protekt Pilot Upright Walker

A walking aid that lets users stay erect, stable and safe

The upright design of the Protekt Pilot Upright Walker allows improved posture mitigating pain in the lower back, hands, and wrists, enabling users to walk longer distances with less stress, leading to a more mobile and active lifestyle. Features include adjustable height armrests, lockable handbrakes, comfortable seat with backrest support, stand assist handles, 8 in. front wheels with 360 degree swivel for easy maneuvering. The Protekt Pilot has a 300 lbs. weight capacity and comes with beverage holder, safety LED light, personal item bag and cane holder, plus a one-year warranty.

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LifeWalker Mobility Products

UPWalker Neuro

UPWalker Neuro

Upright walker helps users with neurological and movement disorders

The UPWalker Neuro follows from the original UPWalker but adds functions and benefits for neurological and movement disorder patients. The UPWalker Neuro features armrest angle adjustments for hemipelagic and other patients with lmited arm movement or muscle tone (angle can be set anywhere between straight ahead and perpendicular across the body). A backup prevention mechanism on both rear wheels reduces the risk of retropulsion and a speed control resistance brake manages the pace with which the UPWalker rolls. Other features include an armrest bridge that provides enhanced stability for impaired patients, and a rechargeable motion-activated safety light that illuminates the user’s path.

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Tranquility Incontinence Products

Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs Heavy

Essential Breathable Briefs Heavy

Tab-style briefs offer reliable, trustworthy protection

The new Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs – Heavy offer reliable protection that incontinence customers will trust. Available in sizes XS to 2XL, these clothlike, breathable, tab-style briefs offer the design and performance to meet the highest state Medicaid standards. Features include Kufguards and leg elastics that secure leaks and stool, superabsorbent core that locks away urine odor and breathable sides that support an ideal microclimate to neutralize pH and keep skin dry. Providers can request a free sample tray to let their customers try out Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs before they buy.

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Serena Seat Pro

Serena Seat Pro

Shower chair combines designer looks with safety

The Serena Seat Pro combines luxury, comfort, beauty, and safety. For many users, the Serena Seat will become the centerpiece of their bathroom sanctuary upgrade. Using bamboo for the wood panels and an aluminum frame, the seat is a durable in-shower seating solution. With a range of frame finishes and bamboo panel stains, the Serena Seat Pro works with many bathroom designs and styles.

    GF Health Products

    Lumex Gaitster Forearm Rollator

    Lumex Gaitster Forearm Rollator

    Forearm rollator helps users walk upright for improved comfort and confidence

    The Lumex Gaitster Forearm Rollator helps users walk in a more upright position for more confidence and comfort while walking by reducing lower back strain, providing optimal control and stability when walking, and giving users confidence and independence. Other features include a contoured, padded adjustable forearm pads that are adjustable in length and angle to tailor fit and feel for each user; ergonomic handgrips and easy-to-engage brakes to stop the rollator and keep it stationary while sitting; and a flexible, padded back support.

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    Firefly GottaGo

    Firefly GottaGo

    Toilet seat eases toileting for special needs kids

    Maker of pediatric postural and mobility supports Leckey (a part of Sunrise Medical Group) has unveiled the Firefly GottaGo, a toilet seat designed with a unique squat posture to make toileting easier anytime and anywhere. The Firefly range of products is inspired by “special needs family participation” and is aimed at children with special needs aged 1 to 16 years. The new addition, GottaGo, is lightweight, sturdy and portable, and features a “warm-touch” contoured seat that incorporates a “hug-like” fit to encourage an optimal forward-leaning squat position that relaxes the muscles of the bladder and bowel.

      Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

      Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

      Clinical Respiratory Patient Management and Custom Mobility

      ACHC launches two new DMEPOS accreditation distinctions

      National accreditor Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) has launched two accreditation distinctions for DMEPOS organizations, offering comprehensive solutions to increasing demands for accountability and better patient care. The distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management puts emphasis on a collaborative, teams-based approach that encompasses assessment, treatment, documentation, and education to enhance quality of life and reduce hospital readmissions. The distinction in Custom Mobility focuses on responsive care and services that improve activities of daily living and quality of life for patients requiring mobility support.

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      Cure Medical

      Cure Dextra Closed System

      Catheter easy to use for even users with limited dexterity

      Proprietary features make the Cure Dextra Closed System easy to use, even for individuals with limited dexterity. Tip Advancing Technology with Gripper Arrow enables the pre-lubricated, straight tip catheter to advance from the 1000 ml collection bag into the body without contact. A unique Support Band enables controlled use. Like all Cure Medical products, the Cure Dextra features polished eyelets for increased comfort. It is not made with DEHP/DINP, BPA, or NR-Latex.

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      Bridge Medical

      Telescoping Pivot Grip

      Telescoping Pivot Grip

      Portable grab bar offers endless installation options

      • Two adjustable sizes: Medium (22 in. to 27 in.) and Large (27 in. to 32 in.)
      • Pivoting ends allow for installation options such as stretching across corners, inside of a bathtub or across nonparallel surfaces.
      • Can be used at home or while traveling; lifetime warranty.

        The Compliance Team

        The Compliance Team

        Patient Centered Respiratory Home

        Accreditation standards designed for respiratory providers

        Patient-Centered Respiratory Home (PCRH) is a proprietary accreditation that sets in place quality standards that guide clinical respiratory providers to better engage with chronic care patients. Better outcomes are driven through additional care planning and focused follow-up visits with program goals being three-fold: address poor respiratory care management; decrease emergency department visits; lower the number of hospital readmissions. PCRH’s standards enhance patient management practices through concise measures that cover access issues, provider coordination, and communication between respiratory specialists and prescribers.

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