The mobility products can be tricky to navigate as the industry seems to be split into two worlds: funded and retail. Luckily, for HME providers this can lead consumers to their stores in more ways than one.

The global wheelchair market is expected to reach $6.1 billion in 2022, according to market research and consulting firm Lucintel, because of a growing elderly population, increased spinal cord injuries and continuing wheelchair needs from other mobility patient groups. Lucintel predicts that power chairs will see the most of the growth, which is great for providers as standard power scooters and chairs are sold easily in their stores.

Medicare makes the process of funding mobility difficult and lengthy leading some consumers to fund their own independence. For instance, geriatric patients have largely accepted the fact Medicare won’t pay for mobility products beyond bottom-rung options, which means they are more willing to pay out of pocket for what they want, sometimes with the help of their family.

At the same time, CRT patient needs continue to grow and are require highly specified solutions. Manufacturers in that segment of the mobility market continues to expand in terms of the types of products that they offer to serve the needs of pediatric to adult patients.

Ultimately, this means that providers looking to sustain and hopefully grow their funded and cash revenues must stock a broad variety of mobility devices, as well as accessories for users who might need to enhance their funded or cash product. Display multiple chairs around your store so that you can easily provide comparisons for customers. Above all, train your staff to be knowledgeable experts on all the products offered.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent items on the market:

Pride Mobility Products

iRide Scooter

iRide Scooter

Full-size, four-wheel scooter provides navigation in tight spaces and around corners

The iRide Scooter by Pride Mobility features a height-adjustable, removable seat with a foldable tiller; a lithium-ion battery pack; an easy-to-grip tiller adjustment knob; a twist-grip throttle; an on/off switch; and a digital LCD display. Specifications include a 250-lb. weight capacity; speeds of up to 3.7 mph; a turning radius of 33.5 inches; a length of 38 inches; a width of 19 inches—20 inches; and a base weight of 32.2 lbs. when disassembled.

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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC



Standing wheelchair allows users to stand at up to 77 degrees

Combining its Q700 M mid-wheel drive base and SEDEO ERGO seating system, Sunrise Medical has launched its QUICKIE Q700-UP M standing wheelchair. The chair enables patients to experience the positive health benefits of standing, including maintenance of vital organ capacity and the potential to avoid pressure sores. The Q700 chair comes with Sunrise’s new biomechanical standing seating system that can stand at up to 77 degrees. Users can take advantage of up to six programmable memory positions.

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GF Health Products

Everest & Jennings Advantage Wheelchair

Everest & Jennings Advantage Wheelchair

Low-maintenance wheelchair provides strength and durability

GF Health’s Everest & Jennings Advantage Wheelchair provides comfort and durability at an affordable price. Designed as a low maintenance wheelchair, it offers an attractive silver vein durable hammertone steel finish. The chair is available in 16, 18 and 20-inch seat widths, all of which include black padded nylon and vinyl upholstery available with standard chart pocket. The chair’s carbon steel frame provides strength and durability. The wheelchair can come with swing-away footrests or an elevating legrest.

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MK Battery

MU-1 SLD M 33

VRLA AGM battery

New AGM battery supplies power for scooter applications

MK Battery has introduced a new sealed VRLA AGM battery for scooter applications. The economically priced MU-1 SLD M 33 is designed for basic consumer power and backed by the same “no-hassle” 13-month warranty that has differentiated MK products in the marketplace for years. AGM batteries supply sufficient functionality to meet less critical needs of certain lighter duty mobility applications. The new battery is widely available in 20 distribution centers nationwide for immediate delivery.

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Extreme Motus

Emma X3

Emma X3

Off-road wheelchair designed to safely explore nature

The Emma X3 manual off-road wheelchair aims to give users the ability to explore terrain that was previously inaccessible. With a long wheelbase for stability and a center of gravity over the rear axle, the wheelchair can be easily balanced on rear wheels to make turns or descend hills in a controlled manner with independent rear brakes. At the end of the adventure, the 49-pound Emma X3 can be folded in half in seconds without tools.

    Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

    JAY Syncra Seating System for SEDEO Pro

    JAY Syncra Seating System for SEDEO Pro

    New seating system specifically engineered for tilt and recline

    To help wheelchair users avoid body displacement and increase comfort while reclining, Sunrise Medical has launched its new JAY Syncra Seating System for SEDEO Pro seat frames. The system combines a scalloped back shell and a cushion with a lowered pelvic wall and deep femoral troughs to keep the body in the right position while the chair is tilted or reclined. Clinicians now have better options for adapting aftermarket seating to powered seat frames, the company said.

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    American Ventures



    Cane and crutch pad makes it easier to walk on sand, uneven terrain

    The EZ-Walk pad is designed to provide a wider base of stability than normal crutch, cane or walker tips. A universally adaptable product designed for standard sized crutches and canes, the EZ-Walk has a 3-inch flat bottom offering parallel usage on flat surfaces. To prevent sand and water from settling on the top, the pad has beveled triangular drainage vents that reduce the product’s weight and provide smoother, uninterrupted movement. Canes that are less than one inch in diameter, users can wrap a pre-sized tape insert around the end of their cane to increase diameter before attaching the EZ-Walk. The pad can accommodate users up to 300 lbs. in weight.


      Model Ci

      Model Ci

      Power wheelchair connects with Bluetooth app to drive remotely, manage speed

      Driving across rough terrain is not a problem for the WHILL Model Ci power wheelchair, equipped with large wheels and two powerful motors that make for smoother rides. The wheelchair is also connected to mobile devices through Bluetooth app controls that allow the rider to drive remotely, lock and unlock and manage speed settings from their phone. Users can also quickly disassemble the chair into three components (seat, front driver base and rear driver base) that can easily fit into a car trunk. Accessories include smart keys, lap belts, footrest adapters, and spare batteries.

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      Merits Health Products, Inc.

      Avid Rehab

      Rehab and Pilot

      Merits shines spotlight on products, plus two new divisions

      In addition to its line of power wheelchairs, scooters, manual wheelchairs and beds, Merits Health Products items will showcase its two new divisions, Avid Rehab and Pilot. Avid Rehab is focused on developing high-end complex rehab products. Pilot is Merits’ home access division, which is focused on making patients’ homes accessible. Also on display will be recent offerings from the core brand, such as its single power option, Group 2 power wheelchair, the Vision Ultra.

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      DynaRide Series 1 and DynaRide Series 4


      New wheelchair duo offers comfort, support

      Dynarex has launched two new wheelchairs: the DynaRide Series 1 & DynaRide Series 4. The Series 1 model comes with a steel frame powder-coated silver vein. The Series 4 model comes with carbon steel frame powder-coated silver vein. Both wheelchairs have black padded nylon upholstery and padded arms.  They also have “push to lock brakes” and have precision sealed wheel and caster bearings. An added feature to the DynaRide Series 4 offers a seat that can be expanded from 16 in. to 18 in. and are extra lightweight for easy transporting.

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