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VivaLift! Infinity Collection 525iM

VivaLift! Infinity Collection 525iM

Pride Mobility launches 4-motor power lift recliner

The VivaLift! Infinity Collection 525iM is the industry’s first 4-motor power lift recliner. It offers a number of power-adjustable positions such as Trendelenburg position, headrest, lumbar, backrest, footrest and lift. The recliner also features an integrated USB device charging port and a lithium backup power battery. The VivaLift! 525iM comes in two upholstery options, Durasoft and Ultraleather, and in four colors, Durasoft Oat, Durasoft Timber, Ultraleather Buff and Ultraleather Fudge.

  • (800) 800-8586

Golden Technologies

PR713 Pub

PR713 Pub Chair

Medium-sized lift recliner with classic look

The PR713 Pub chair is a medium-sized power lift recliner with a classic look, featuring a two pillow waterfall back, nail head trim on the arms and wings, and cut back arms. It also offers a full chaise pad and pocketed coil seat for added comfort.

  • (800) 624-6374

Golden Technologies

PR404 Imperial Lift Recliner

PR404 Imperial

Lift recliner offers personalized comfort

Golden Technologies has launched new innovative products in the power lift and recline chair division. The PR404 Imperial lift recliner offers a powered articulating, full-width headrest, power lumbar, a compact 6-button remote, and a pocketed coil seat. The headrest adjusts for personalized comfort.

  • (800) 624-6374

Golden Technologies


PR632 DayDreamer

Seat designed to create ultimate recline experience

The PR632 DayDreamer is a medium-sized power lift recliner offering our exclusive Power Pillow articulating headrest and Cloud seating system, featuring our custom bucket seat. Golden has expanded the Cloud seating system by introducing it in the new DayDreamer. The seat design has been noted as one of our most comfortable seats, utilizing different density foam to create the ultimate recline experience.

  • (800) 624-6374

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