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With a booming population of seniors increasingly requiring customized accessibility solutions, the home access market has seen growth in demand for lifts and ramps that allow wheelchair users to continue living independently.

For HME businesses, this means that opportunities to enter and expand this market are nearly endless. Many companies have entered this sector by offering simple, useful products that are related to their original expertise. Once patients know a company for selling bath safety products or durable threshold ramps, they will be more trusting when the HME business expands its services to kitchen and stair solutions.

As patients desire products that fit the unique needs of their residences and vehicles, providers are also finding success in making complicated installation processes appear simple to the end-user. Partnering with construction contractors, HME businesses rightly view complex home remodels and customizations as both daunting and lucrative, particularly when companies are able to find other funding sources for patients.

Because the majority of home access products are not funded, companies have found success in directing their patients to seek grants from the Department of Veterans Affairs, state Medicaid programs or local accessibility associations providing grants to patients and their families. Once HME companies become familiar with the funding landscape, they are able to focus on the most important part of their role: ensuring comfort, safety and independence for patients.

To learn more about some of the most popular home access products on the market today, take a peek at the sampling of ramps, lifts and design services collected below.

Harmar Mobility LLC

Helix Curved Stair Lift

Helix Curved Stair Lift

Harmar introduces customized curved stair lift

The Helix Curved Stair Lift for both indoor and outdoor use is custom made to fit users’ specific needs and complement their staircase and décor. Each stair lift is produced with durable steel and precision bent-rails and finished by experienced craftsman. Features include a lift speed of 20 feet per minute, a 164-foot maximum travel length, 350-pound weight capacity and a 16-inch folded width. Additional options include a wide 21-inch seat, key switch, additional call/send and charging station.

  • (800) 833-0478

Harmar Mobility LLC

Highlander CPL400

Highlander CPL400

Harmar portable wheelchair lift provides convenient access anywhere

Highlander CPL400 wheelchair lift features a lifting height up to 53 inches; a motor speed of 10 feet per minute; and an emergency stop controlled by a constant pressure paddle switch. It is designed with a top-mounted motor and electrical box to simplify servicing and protect from standing water. CPL400’s non-skid standard platform measures 36 inches by 54 inches and supports a weight capacity up to 750 pounds.

  • (800) 833-0478

American Access

Patriot Ramp

The Patriot Ramp

Residential ramp offers durability and easy-of-use

  • Solid surface residential ramp constructed with durable aluminum and stainless steel hardware.
  • Non-skid surface with seamless connections between ramps and platforms.
  • Simple to install and fully adjustable.
  • (888) 790-9269

Harmar Mobility LLC

Pinnacle SL600 Stair Lift

Pinnacle SL600 Stair Lift

Compact stair lift offers added safety features

The Pinnacle SL600 Stair Lift from Harmar is an ultra-compact stair lift with a 10.5-inch folded width from the wall and mechanical folding rails that automatically fold up out of walkways. Powered by a 24-volt DC battery, the stair lift can last about 40 cycles per charge and charges through a standard AC outlet. Safety features include a centrifugal overspeed break, swivel seat cut-off switch, bi-directional footrest obstruction sensor, chassis obstruction sensor and retractable seat belt.

  • (800) 833-0478

Mobility Lifter

Mobility Lifter LIFTKAR PT


Mobility Lifter introduces versatile line of portable stair climbers

  • Product line includes three models of battery-powered, attendant-operated Portable Stair Climbers: PT-U, PT-S and PT-A.
  • Unites accommodate both indoor and outdoor use on angled, curved or spiral stairs, as well as most surfaces, including carpet, wood, steel and concrete.
  • Environmental modifications in the home or business are not required for use.
  • (615) 530-1374

Harmar Mobility LLC

Pinnacle SL300

Pinnacle SL300

Harmar unveils Pinnacle SL300 stair lift

The Pinnacle SL300 straight stair lift joins Harmar’s SL600 and SL600HD models, known for packing in premium features, but at a more compelling price point. Features offered by the SL300 include no needed maintenance, compact dimensions, lengthy operation during power outages and the automatic/mechanical folding rail option. Weighing in at a 300 lbs. lifting capacity, the SL300 includes a simplified chassis, oversized footrest and compact seat. A patented Nylon polymer gear with helical work drive featuring six points of contact for maximum stability and a smooth ride.

  • (800) 833-0478

American Permalight Inc.

Foam Guards

Foam Guards

Foam Guards Add Protection in Impact-Prone Areas

  • Permalight cushioned foam guards provide additional visibility and protection indoors or outdoors.
  • The guards easily attach to walls, corners and protrusions in impact-prone areas — such as corners, hallways and spaces where wheelchair training and practice take place.
  • Made of durable, recyclable polyurethane foam with strong adhesive backing, the corner and wall guards come in 15 shapes, and in white, black/yellow, or black to protect the environment and the people in it.
  • (310) 891-0924


PikStik ProGrab

Reacher, Grabber Handy for Indoor, Outdoor Use

The PikStik ProGrab provides a versatile reacher and grabber, featuring strong, angled, polycarbonate jaws and magnetic precision tips. It’s built for quality with a rustproof aluminum shaft and welded assemblies for both indoor and outdoor use. The ProGrab lifts up to 5 pounds and is available in 36 in. and 48 in. lengths. The ProGrab is a convenient tool for clients to have in every room of the house use.

  • (800) 722-9008

Aqua Creek Products

Scout 2

Scout 2 Pool Lift

Pool Lift Features Higher Weight Capacity

  • The Scout 2 pool and spa lift features an adjustable seat pole, updated base and upgraded electronics to accommodate a higher consumer weight capacity of 375 lbs.
  • The lift also now allows up to 25 in. of wall clearance on a 16 in.-wide profile when used with the pull-out legrest.
  • The lift offers 360-degree rotation to provide a versatile, easy-to-use solution that complies with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
  • (888) 687-3552

EZ-Step Mobility Inc.

Portable EZ-Step

Cane Improves Stair Accessibility

With stability similar to that of a quad cane, the Portable EZ-Step increases stairway access for people who have difficulty ascending or descending stairs. The four-point base is made from ABS plastic measuring 3.5 in. high, 9 in. wide and 9.25 in. long, and weighs 2 pounds. An offset, ergonomic handle includes a contoured, soft rubber handgrip, and the cane’s height is adjustable from 31 in. to 40 in. with detent button.

  • (866) 771-8111

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