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BOLT Clean Air System

BOLT Clean Air System

Technology takes new approach for safer indoor air

The BOLT Clean Air System is a 360° commercial unit that utilizes UVC light to provide real-time air sanitation and protection against viruses such as Covid-19 — while people are in the room. It cleans indoor air 60 times an hour at maximum efficiency, covering 600 square feet (approximately 15 ft. radius). BOLT’s continuous and comprehensive germicidal UVC disinfection kills 99.9 percent of viruses while patients, clients and caregivers remain indoors.

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Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

Virtual Site Surveys

Virtual Site Surveys help ensure DMEPOS accreditation renewal

BOC Virtual Site Surveys leverage technology to enable facility owners to comply with CMS requirements when an in-person visit is not possible, like the present situation due to the pandemic. Virtual Site Surveys take place in real-time, replicating standard procedures. An independent surveyor coordinates an online ‘meeting’ to conduct a virtual tour of the facility. If BOC awards accreditation, an additional in-person site visit will follow as soon as it is safe and possible. BOC virtual surveys also are eligible for BOC’s expedited service, which guarantees a visit from a surveyor within 10 business days.

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The Compliance Team

Immunization Certification

Immunization Certification

Immunization certification program includes COVID-19

The Compliance Team’s Immunization Certification program covers adult and pediatric immunizations as well as COVID-19 vaccinations. The program verifies and validates your facility’s immunization program for quality, safety, and efficiency. It enables you, the network administrator, or the provider within the network, to meet CDC requirements as well as to build trust in the safety and quality of your vaccine administration. Program standards include, but are not limited to vaccine storage, infection control, sharps handling, adverse effects, and patient history and follow-up. This Certification is a stand-alone program and is valid for two years.

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Apex Medical

PPE gown


Full line of PPE helps keep staff, customers safe

APEX’s line of personal protective equipment aims to address the ongoing need to keep staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The PPE provides a protective layer to keep the human body from potentially infectious materials, toxic medications, and other potentially dangerous substances at work. The range includes N95 face masks, disposable face masks, medical isolation gown and coverall, disposable caps, gloves, and shoe covers to guarantee full support for caregivers.

    3B Medical Inc

    Lumin Wand

    Lumin Wand

    Lumin Wand Also Disinfects N95 Masks

    The Lumin Wand is a germicidal UVC disinfecting device designed to help consumers and small businesses sanitize surfaces without chemicals. Now the FDA has granted an Emergency Use Authorization to use 3B Medical Inc.’s Lumin UVC system on N95 respirators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Germicidal UVC output to disinfect items such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, keyboards and phones. It includes a five-hour battery, built-in proximity sensor, and an accelerometer to ensure safe operation.

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    SoClean Device Disinfector

    Device Disinfector

    The SoClean Device Disinfector kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria* on smartphones and other everyday items, in minutes. The unit Users drop their high-touch items into the chamber, close the lid, and let it get to work automatically. The device works on the user’s schedule with five-, 10- and 20-minute cycles. In just a matter of minutes, users’ items are ready for them to handle. The Device Disinfector fits multiple items in the chamber — and its sleek design aims to complement any countertop or dresser. The Device Disinfector has easy-view indicator lights to let users know when their items are fresh and ready to use, and features a USB port for charging their electronic devices before or after use. (*The Device Disinfector is effective at killing 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on many items at the longest cycle time, according to the company.

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    Brightree by ResMed

    COVID 19 Impact Analytics Dashboards

    Designed to help HME providers keep a pulse on their business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Brightree’s new COVID-19 Impact Analytics Dashboards provide a 360-degree high-level view of relevant patient care, employee productivity and financial performance. The 13 new dashboards, made available free of charge, enable providers to view and download clean, consolidated and consumable data on their evolving operations, from critical medical supply orders to employee performance to sales orders and payments. For providers looking to drill down even further, the Brightree Advanced Analytics module offers additional functionality, including the ability to monitor Patient Resupply, Patient Collections and more.

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    COVID-19 Tracker

    COVID-19 Tracker

    COVID-19 tracker compares staff locations to areas with rising infection rates

    To provide home-based care providers with more information about the spread of COVID-19, software company WellSky has teamed up with Qlik, a data analytics company, to launch the WellSky COVID-19 Tracker. Qlik has donated data analytics technology to create a heat map using clinical staff zip code data provided by client agencies. By comparing staff locations against confirmed COVID-19 cases., WellSky clients can track current hotspots, anticipate locations with rising infection rates and distribute PPE resources to areas that need it most.

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