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While the business of providing diabetes products and services has seen its fair share of obstacles — competitive bidding slashing Medicare funding, private payer cuts, audits, customer retention, and the problem of low-quality devices on the market — it still serves a critical market need.

The population of adults living with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980, growing to 422 million people, according to a report from the World Health Organization. A separate study by the Health Care Cost Institute showed that spending for children with diabetes who are covered by employer-sponsored insurance grew faster than any other age group. Clearly, there is a need for the devices just based on how many people in the United States must have them.

So how do diabetic supply providers keep ahead of these market trends? Their best bet for fostering business growth is to stock a wide variety of diabetes-related products that help you serve patient’s spectrum of needs. Manufacturers are doing a great job of providing products that cater to every aspect of a diabetic person’s life. Good examples of related products would be items such as compression socks or diabetic footwear.

In addition to stocking up a well-rounded group of products, be sure to educate consumers on what the latest offerings are and how they can help them manage their condition. Learn about the customer and find out what their top concerns and priorities are, then assist them in finding the product or products that works best for them.

Sigvaris Inc.

Eversoft Diabetic Socks

Eversoft Diabetic Socks

Reduced friction, risk of infection for diabetes patients

  • Patented drirelease yarns and an embedded FreshGuard technology treatment help wick away moisture and prevent odor, thus reducing friction against the skin and lowering the risk of infection.
  • A SIGVARIS flat toe seam design minimizes irritation, and a stretchable top band further enhances wearing comfort.
  • The socks can provide a light (8-15mmHg) or a moderate (18-25mmHg) compression therapy level, and the graduated compression helps improve circulation.
  • (800) 322-7744



Blood glucose monitor puts patients in the driver's seat

  • All data collected by the Shine can be downloaded to into a data management system for easy tracking and charting, which helps patients and health professionals monitor and manage performance.
  • Meter supports alternate site testing, features indicators for strip expiration date and hypoglycemia, and pre- and post-meal averaging feedback helps users differentiate glucose monitors before and after meal.
  • The backlit LCD screen large display digits clearly serve up information and make the glucose monitor easy to use.
  • (800) 848-0614

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