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Forward Cushion

Ride Designs adds more Forward Cushion sizes

Ride Designs has released four additional sizes for its Forward Cushion series: 14 x 18 in., 15 x 15 in., 15 x 17 in., and 17 x 17 in. The new sizes are now available at standard prices. The Forward Cushion offers mild to moderate skin protection with an emphasis on comfort and prevention of sliding. The cushion works well for the growing and developing child; in support of people with stroke, brain injury, or incomplete SCI; and the elderly.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Comfort Touch Cushions

Comfort Touch Cushions

Ergonomically designed cushions give support

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare introduced five ergonomically designed Comfort Touch Cushions to its Pressure Prevention Product Line. These cushions include an elevation wedge, knee support cushion, neck support pillow, seat cushion and heated lumbar support backrest to assist with the therapeutic needs of consumers. Many of these cushions also offer hot and/or cold therapy options.

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Sunrise Medical

JAY GS Cushion

Time-tested Cushion Adds Skin Protection Enhancements

The JAY GS cushion for children and young adults is now available in an Adjustable Skin Protection model (coded E2622) and an Adjustable Skin Protection & Positioning model (coded E2624. The JAY GS utilizes a durable, maintenance-free foam base with a large well cutout that lets the user sit at the front of the cushion to start. As users grow, shelf extensions can be added to increase the cushion’s front length and provide more support for longer legs. The GS also features a JAY Flow fluid skin protection insert; an X-STATIC cover that inhibits bacterial growth; and 3DX spacer fabric for airflow.

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