There are various ways in which HME software offerings improve HME providers' workflow to create more efficient and more cost-effective business processes. Additionally, there are other technology offerings available to providers, such as delivery management systems and outsourced financial services, that offer workflow features, as well. Let’s take a look at what’s available:


Patient Hub

Patient Hub

Brightree Patient Hub App Increases Patient Engagement

  • Facilitates communication between the provider and patient through the web application and instant messaging.
  • Patients are able to initiate and complete their own tasks by automating scheduling reminders and payments.
  • Providers can consolidate workload and business processes and automate appointment reminders, delivery tracking, and insurance denial notifications.
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Computers Unlimited

TIMS Delivery

TIMS Delivery

TIMS Delivery gives flexible access to DME software

Computers Unlimited says it is designing its TIMS Software to support HME businesses throughout the entire revenue cycle, and in its latest update, TIMS Software can now go anywhere provider staff go via its TIMS Delivery mobile application. TIMS Delivery aims to increase delivery efficiency to help providers grow their business. The system lets HME businesses create delivery schedules and optimize routing with TIMS Scheduler via CU’s integration with Roadnet from Omnitracs; access delivery prompts and checklists; confirm and update orders on-site; collect electronic signatures; submit forms; take credit card payments; and print or email customer receipts.

  • (406) 255-9500

Apacheta Corporation


Mobile Logistics Software

Cloud-based delivery logisticis for HME

Mobile logistics software Apacheta Corp. offers paperless proof of delivery solutions that reduce costs, audit risk and billing time. The company’s integrated platform provides logistics and delivery fleet optimization, real-time status, estimated delivery windows and service workflows to ensure standards are enforced. The software runs on commonly available and affordable iOS or Android-based mobile devices and browser-based fleet management services running in the cloud.

  • (610) 558-5852

Bonafide Management Systems


Facility Portal

Bonafide launches new Facility Portal

The new Facility Portal from Bonafide allows DME providers to sell directly to healthcare facilities through an online shopping portal, which is linked to the providers back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems. Nurses and other healthcare workers can use the Facility Portal to create patient profiles, place rental and sale orders, suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm, allow for an approval process and schedule delivery, service and pickup.

  • (805) 777-7666

GCE Healthcare



Software gives providers a clear picture of POC use

GCE’s Clarity is an online platform that provides operational and usage information from the company’s Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator (POC). This helps providers optimize assets in order to ensure patients have the right device, as well as manage patient adherence to prescription. Also, the device can help providers track the POC’s location using GPS and GSM/cellular technologies.

    Snapworx LLC


    Patient Management Platform

    SNAP's Patient Management Platform harnesses the power of AI

    SNAP is a Patient Management Platform that relies on Artificial Intelligence to move orders from booking to the warehouse with greatly reduced patient or employee touches and documentation errors along the way. When an order is generated, SNAP queues eligible patients and identifies and launches corrections for imperfect orders. Additionally, SNAP automatically adds or adjusts payers and policy changes, identifying and verifying insurance eligibility in real-time. SNAP also offers optional turnkey patient support on the provider’s behalf.

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    Brightree integrates ePrescribe with athenahealth

    Brightree’s new ePrescribe solution lets HME businesses digitally receive orders from more than 62,000 providers using athenaClinicals within the athenahealth network, the same way doctors have long referred patients to other specialists. Previously, physician and HME staff had to manually send, receive and process referrals and related documents via fax and phone calls. Now, any office that uses athenahealth can refer patients to an HME provider using Brightree’s eprescribe.

    • (844) 438-2783

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