There are two must-haves for providers specializing in compression: a wide range of custom product options for customers and product expertise that can guide a patient toward the right sock or sleeve. A balanced combination of the two will bring in lifelong customers whose reorders can help an HME provider survive rough waters, including the tight economic times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because the compression market caters to both patients with chronic conditions and people who work long hours on their feet, there are many opportunities for providers to connect with customers through a wide range of products and services. Patient populations typically seeking compression include diabetics, lymphedema patients and elderly people with venous diseases. In addition, workers and athletes are seeking lighter compression hosiery and sleeves so they can boost circulation in their extremities and diminish swelling.

This burgeoning customer base explains why providers must consistently update their compression garment offerings with a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Beyond focusing on expanding retail sales, providers should also look to develop their expertise through compression fitter classes and online training with manufacturers so patients keep coming back for more products that give them consistent results.

Providers also have the opportunity to try new technology options that measure customers with minimal contact involved – a potentially crucial tool during an era where close contact with vulnerable patients may not be possible for months to come. To learn more about the latest products and services available on the compression market, read the sampling provided below.

Arion North America Inc

Slide Solution

Slides Help Patients Caregivers Don, Doff Compression Garments

Donning and doffing therapeutic compression stockings and tights can be a difficult, daily task for patients and caregivers. Arion’s Slide Solution are designed to alleviate the problems that are encountered when donning and doffing compression stockings and tights with open or closed toe. The Slide Solution products are made from smooth material, which has been treated with a special coating. These properties create an ultra-smooth aid that reduces friction, which minimizes the physical strain otherwise experienced by caregivers and patients. In turn, this has a positive effect on the therapy compliance of patients.

  • 866-95-ARION

Juzo Inc.

Juzo Print Series

Juzo Print Series

Juzo’s new Print Series are making a colorful splash with bold prints available for the Juzo Soft upper extremity line to complement Juzo’s current offering of garments in seasonal colors. Consumers can select a styles including camo, watercolors, psychedelic, henna and even stars and stripes options.

  • (800) 222-4999


Venowave II

Venowave II

Wearable Device Helps Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

A new wearable compression device, the Venowave II, eliminates the need for prescription drugs for patients who are at risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Strap it around the leg, and it keeps the blood moving with no wires, sleeves, tubes or limitations on patient activities. The Venowave II uses a peristaltic wave motion on the back of the calf to continuously move blood. This massaging action enhances circulation by moving blood from the lower extremities, where the vascular system is most commonly compromised. Instead of squeezing and releasing the calf, which results in shooting blood from the legs, the Venowave II peristaltic pumps for DVT help to increase the overall baseline flow through continuous movement.

  • (877) 593-3546

medi USA



Socks Offer Safe, Soft Compression

The mediven for women vitality is a new compression sock that complements patients’ lifestyles. Designed to be “luxuriously soft,” all mediven for women vitality socks also feature mediGrip, a seamless and integrated silicone top band for maximum comfort without compromising security. The herringbone-ribbed design is classic and subtle to work with any wardrobe. The socks are available in standard and petite sizes.

  • (800) 633-6334

Sigvaris Inc.

Comfort Line

Select Comfort Line

SIGVARIS Expands Select Comfort Line

Compression garment maker SIGVARIS has added six additional calf-length sizes and two additional thigh-high sizes to its Select Comfort line in order to accommodate patients with larger legs. The Select Comfort line is available for women in closed toe styles and for both men and women in open toe styles. The line’s durable construction provides a smooth opaque look while the fabric lets patients more easily put on and take off the products. The line includes two calf-length styles, thigh-highs, pantyhose, plus-sized pantyhose, and thigh-highs with waist attachments. The socks are available in two compression levels 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg. Colors vary by style and include natural, suntan, crispa and black. The line fits all body types from petite to plus.

  • (800) 322-7744

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