Bath Safety

Approximately 80 percent of home accidents occur in the bathroom, but most of those accidents can be prevented with the right safety products. That statistic demonstrates that there is plenty of opportunity for a provider to grow its business by stocking bathroom safety products.

The key is to offer a wide array of solutions that can fit clients’ unique needs. Talk to the patient or caregiver to get a solid sense of the challenges and situation.

Because bathing is universal and the Baby Boomer demographic increasingly needs these solutions, the retail appeal of bath safety is clear. But that also means big box stores are now part of the competition and they aren’t shy about discounting.

To compete, HME retailers need to lean hard on their reputation for being knowledgeable, convenient, personalized service and quality products. To help you maintain your expertise, here are some new and bedrock bath safety product offerings:

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Otter Bath Chair

Chair provides support and safety for children while bathing

  • Provides support and safety for children by providing an angle adjustable seat and backrest to accommodate each individual’s positioning needs.
  • The Otter’s legs are slip-resistant for safety and can raise the chair an additional 7 inches. The chair has height and width adjustable lateral supports that can be used for positioning the head or trunk.
  • The pediatric bathing chair is available in three sizes and with or without a tub or shower stand.
  • (877) 224-0946

Mansfield Plumbing

Restore ACR Walk-In Tub

Restore ACR Walk-In Tub

New Walk-In Tub Has 7" Entry Threshold

The new cast acrylic Restore ACR Walk-In Tub from Mansfield Plumbing has a low 7-inch entry threshold, 17-inch high ADA-compliant seat, easy-to-clean surface and easy-to-access cable-operated drain. Available as a bathtub, whirlpool, air bath, combination whirlpool and air bath, or MicroDerm Therapeutic Bath, Restore ACR is IAPMO approved, is manufactured in the U.S.A. and offers a smooth, glossy appearance that won’t fade. Optional features include a heated seat and backrest.

  • (877) 850-3060

Free2Go Mobility Products

Free2Go Rollator

Free2Go Rollator

Rollator Combines Rolling Walker and Toilet Safety

Helping the user to safely use the toilet in any restroom, the Free2Go Rollator combines the rolling walker with toilet safety products beneficial to seniors and the mobility impaired. Features include a raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame and rolling walker. Portable and lightweight, the Rollator rolls directly over a standard toilet and provides additional height over a standard toilet to reduce body strain. The Rollator frame was designed to assist with sitting, lifting and fall prevention.

  • (844) 324-8228

Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

WheelAble Folding Commode Chair

WheelAble Folding Commode Chair

Wheelchair Makes Bathrooms Accessible

The WheelAble Folding Commode Chair lets physically challenged people use any bathroom or toilet stall in a more flexible, spontaneous and independent manner. The front casters are opposite from the large rear wheels and provide maneuverability. The location of the wheels makes it possible to back in toward a regular toilet without the need for spacious areas typical in accessible bathrooms and toilet stalls. The area under the seat is especially narrow, providing a significant advantage in narrow passages. Push up arm rests give users an easy and safe transfer, while the upholstered, waterproof seat is made for comfortable seating for a lengthy time.

  • (888) 347-4537


TENA Bathing Glove

TENA Bathing Glove

New bathing glove takes a unique, convenient approach to patient hygiene

SCA’s new TENA Bathing Glove is a pre-moistened, disposable bath glove for home caregivers and professionals in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities. A convenient, caring and hygienic alternative to soap and water, the TENA Bathing Glove supplements regular bathing to improve quality of care for those who are bedridden or have limited mobility, and who may be incontinent. The glove helps maintain skin health; provides comfort and durability; reduces cross-contamination; and requires less preparation and work to use, as opposed to a washcloth.

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Water-resistant garment protects chest surgery patients

The SHOWER SHIRT is a new, patented, water-resistant garment to protect chest surgery patients with post-surgical drains, tubes, dialysis catheters and medi-ports from water while showering. Surgery patients are routinely instructed by surgeons not to shower unprotected until surgical drains, catheters, or ports are removed — which can span up to three weeks for mastectomy patients, and many months for dialysis patients.

  • (321) 784-9363

MHI Safe-er-Grip

Safety bar

Safety Bar

Permanent Mount Grab with Modern Design

MHI’s new bath 18 in. safety bar mounts horizontally or vertically to standard wall stud spacing. An ergonomic design and finish is made to complement modern bathroom designs and its ABS plastic construction has a max load bearing weight capacity of 500 pounds.

  • (800) 371-3509


TILT Toilet Incline Lift

TILT Toilet Incline Lift

Toilet Incline Lift Helps Users Safely Use the Commode

The TILT Toilet Incline Lift helps provide bathroom safety by lifting to patients’ natural body movement. Weighing 34 pounds, the unit can be installed in about 15 minutes. It attaches directly to the bowl, which offers greater stability. The TILT moves the user 7-1/2" forward for clearing obstructions and rising from the bowl. This also positions the user’s shoulders over their feet for optimal balance and positioning. The unit accommodates users 5'2" to 6'4" and bowl heights of 14" to 21".

  • (800) 451-1903

Gentlemen’s Helper

Urine Deflection Guide

Urine Deflection Guide

Urine Deflection Guide Designed with Dignity in Mind

Designed for men who must sit while urinating, this disposable, inexpensive home health product directs a man’s urine stream directly into the middle of the toilet bowl. This eliminates accidents and gives care providers and users a more dignified solution. Product is not flushable, so users and caregivers must dispose of using proper infection control.

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Hand-Held Shower Head Offers 5 Spray Options

The Lumex hand-held showerhead’s pray options let users help safely bathe children and adults with special needs. The showerhead can be easily installed in minutes on any standard shower arm. Options include bubbling, massage, half saturating and pause spray functions.

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