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Tenura anti slip

Tenura Silicone Anti-Slip

Anti-slip and grip products help reduce accidents

Tenura silicone anti-slip products include placemats and coasters to stabilize objects, bottle and jar openers to open tight lids, fall prevention mats that reduce the risk of slipping and silicone rolls that can be cut to any size and shape for custom solutions to a user’s antislip issues. The products, made from non-toxic and chemically inert silicone rubber, are suitable for improving grip and providing stability and help people with reduced hand strength and mobility limitations to maintain independent living.

  • (800) 443-4926

Fastrack Healthcare Systems


Delivery and Routing System

Delivery and Routing system is designed to reduce mileage and gas costs

Fastrack Healthcare Systems’ recent integration to the Tom Tom Web Fleet product line allows for a new routing capability that incorporates GPS technology. Clients of Fastrack’s Routing and Delivery Automation module can send optimized routes to the Tom Tom device in each delivery vehicle. The device provides turn-by-turn directions and will present the driver with the most efficient driving route for the day’s orders and maintenance services being performed. The system will provide estimated arrival times for each stop.

  • (800) 520-2325


Walk Star

Walk Star

Posterior walker supports natural movement

The Walk Star is a posterior walker for kids on the go. The folding gait trainer is available in five sizes and three colors, and fits children as young as two years old. Telescoping frame tubes allow the walker to grow with the child, and a wide range of accessories make it a suitable solution for all types of clinical conditions. Its swivel front wheels allow the child to make quick turns, while locked front wheels make the system more stable. The walker helps support an erect posture and natural movement while letting nothing get between the child and the world.
  • (800) 328-4058


Yogi Walker

Yogi Anterior Walker

Anterior walker features extra-low hand grips for young children

The light, functional Yogi Anterior Walker supports independent movement and is positioned in front of the child’s body, which makes it suitable for kids who are not indicated for posterior-style gait trainers. The walker’s extra-low hand grips make it ideal for young children, while its two sizes, adjustability and accessories help it fit a wide range of sizes and needs. The product offers stability and functionality with its friction brake helping to bring about a coordinated gait for children with very unstable walking.
  • (800) 328-4058

Integra Care Products



New patient lift creates room for recovery

Integra Care Products’ Integralift patient lift is designed to provide a safe and efficient function and discreet design. It is a new home alternative to ceiling lifts, an efficient and safe patient lift for use in the home, and possible to match with existing furniture and easy to install. Available options include different colors and material and add-ons, such as downlights.

  • (+47) 2198-2684

Harmar Access

AL435 Interior Lift

AL435 Interior Lift

Easy Transport

  • Designed to transport power chairs or scooters.
  • The power lift, rotation and extension can easily handle up to 400 lbs. at a push of a button.
  • Power extension allows for loading, and then retracts to center the mobility device inside the vehicle for more stability; docking device is included.
  • (800) 833-0478

SportsArt Fitness



Elliptical helps patients regain fitness and mobility

SportsArt Fitness’ ICARE (Intelligently Controlled Assistive Rehabilitation Elliptical system) is designed to help physically challenged individuals and those with chronic conditions regain or retain their walking ability and levels of physical fitness. The elliptical features integrated sensors that detect the level of assistance an individual needs to advance their legs. The motor reacts accordingly to provide the correct level of support. Safety straps hold the patient’s foot in place while the automated elliptical helps the patient move his or her legs in a walking motion.

  • (866) 709-1750

Sunset Healthcare Solutions

Cleaning Product Display

24-piece Cleaning Product Display

100-percent Natural

  • Features 100 percent natural cleaning products that are gentle enough for daily leaning of all types of CPAP and oxygen masks, tubes and filters.
  • The cleaners remove dirt and oils while cleaning, deodorizing and refreshing without leaving an unpleasant after-odor.
  • Kit includes display box with sign, six dispensers of all-natural mask cleaning wipes, four boxes of individually wrapped mask cleaning wipes, two 32oz. bottles of concentrated cleanser, four 8oz. bottles of mask cleaning spray and eight 1.5 oz. travel-sized bottles of cleaning spray.
  • (877) 578-6738

Medline Industries, Inc.



Cushion features advanced pressure redistribution technology

EquaGel cushions, from EquaPressure, LLC and Medline Industries Inc., use an engineering principle called column buckling to redistribute pressure away from peak pressure points such as the coccyx and the ischial tuberosities, while evenly supporting the load bearing areas. Under small areas of pressure, such as the tailbone, the soft walls of the cushion will buckle and pass the weight to surrounding walls. Three cushions are available, all of which are approved with HCPCS codes.

  • (800) 633-5463

Philips Respironics

Pro-Tech ezRIP

Pro-Tech ezRIP

Module/wireset sensor provides low initial RIP investment for sleep labs

Philips Respironics’ Pro-Tech ezRIP combination module/wireset sensor is designed to provide a low initial RIP investment for sleep labs. ezRIP effort modules operate with Pro-Tech zRIP DuraBelt effort sensor belts to help minimize bedside module congestion. The easy-to-configure driver module clips directly onto the zRIP DuraBelt or legacy zRIP belt. By plugging the ezRIP wireset into the belt effort sensor and the PSG headbox, the driver module is kept out of the way. The device includes non-replaceable batteries.

  • (800) 345-6443


Narval CC

Narval CC

Mandibular repositioning device offers alternative OSA treatment

ResMed’s Narval CC mandibular repositioning device offers an alternative solution to patients for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The device is designed to maintain the lower jaw in a forward position with a patented optimized retention of the mandible. This allows natural movement of the jaw, which increases patient comfort. Each device is custom-made to suit the complex dental anatomy of individual patients using a nimble and scalable computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) process.

  • (800) 424-0737


Suction Shower Holder

Suction Bath Accessories

Essentials Within Reach

  • Offers a suitable way to keep bath essentials at fingertip reach.
  • The Suction Shower Holder allows for convenient placement of most handheld showers—anywhere on the shower/ tub wall; while the Suction Soap Dish is keeps bath necessities, such as soap and loofahs, within arms’ reach.
  • The easy-to-install accessories attach directly to the shower surround or tile. Both products are available in a clean, white finish to complement any bathroom décor.


    Top End Force CC Handcycle

    Top End Force CC Handcycle

    Handcycle handles hills, rocks and rough terrain

    Invacare’s Top End Force CC Handcycle is created to ride on the trails. The lightweight handcycle features extreme climbing gears, 559-mm./26-inch bike wheels equipped with gigantic mountain bike tires and a stop-on-adime front disk brake. The design is a cross between the Invacare Top End Force R Handcycle and the Top End Force G Handcycle with enhanced ground clearance and aggressive back angle adjustments.

    • (800) 333-6900

    Prairie View Industries

    Self-Supporting Ramp

    Self-Supporting Ramp

    Adjustable Design

    • Designed for doorways that swing out or in.
    • Adjustable design provides a range of threshold rises from 1 to 3.5 inches with only two different models.
    • Features durable welded construction with slip resistant grooved aluminum surface.
    • (800) 554-7267

    Sunset Healthcare Solutions

    CPAP tube

    CPAP tube

    CPAP tube features lightweight design

    • (877) 578-6738

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