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FPH’s SensAwake Senses a Pattern of Irregular Breathing

SensAwake technology senses the critical awake state of patients and promptly reduces the delivered pressure to the lowest, most comfortable level. Treatment is personalized during sleep and awake states. SensAwake makes returning to sleep easier to increase sleep quality and to ultimately improve therapy uptake.

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Rio Bath Lift

Rio Bath Lift

Bath lift assembles without tools

The Invacare Rio Bath Lift is a modern, entry-level bath lift that gently and safely lowers and raises a person into a bathtub. One reason a bath lift is attractive is because they are a cost-effective alternative to expensive and labor-intensive bathroom renovations. The Rio Bath Lift is easy to assemble without tools, easy to clean due to its smooth surfaces and aluminum frame and aids in safety and security in the bathroom.

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Mary Jane shoes

Mary Jane Shoes

Stretchable shoes offer customized fit

Orthofeet’s Mary Jane shoes integrate chic design with stretchy fit and comfort. The shoes feature a heel strap that allows adjustment of the grip around the heel and a two-way foam padded strap that enables fastening on either side of the shoe. The stretchable design offers a customized fit at the forefoot and relieves pressure from bunions and hammer toes. The seamless lining provides additional protection and comfort.

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Medi-Stim Inc.

Pain AEllay

Pain AEllay

Over-the counter

  • Non prescription, FD- approved for over-the-counter use TENS unit features seven preset TENS programs and six preset EMS programs.
  • Preset program treatment times, including one hour for TENS and 15 minutes for EMS
  • System includes stimulator, a set of 40-inch lead wires, a garment belt, one package of four reusable snap electrodes, a 9-volt alkaline battery, instruction manual and a carrying case.
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Sunrise Medical

JAY GO cushion


Cushion provides mild skin protection

Sunrise Medical’s JAY GO, a durable cushion designed for users requiring mild skin protection, features mildly contoured, dual-layer foam that offers comfort without sacrificing stability. The molded inner layer provides structural support while the outer layer creates a comfortable and protective sitting surface for the user. The firmness of the foam base increases with the cushion width for optimized comfort at various user weight ranges. A four-way stretchable outer cover reduces surface tension.

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Hans Rudolph

V2 CPAP Mask

V2 CPAP Mask

CPAP mask seals many face types

The Hans Rudolph V2 CPAP mask is comprised of a face piece made of a single mold of medical grade silicone. The mask can be disinfected for use in sleep labs and hospitals via steam autoclave, hot water pasteurization and liquid chemicals. Users can easily clean the mask in a dishwasher at home by removing the headgear. The mask’s redesigned seal maximizes its ability to seal many different types of faces.

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Blood glucose meter delivers fast results

ARKRAY USA’s GLUCOCARD Vital is an affordably priced blood glucose meter with proven accuracy. The fast, easy-to-use meter features auto-coding with a 0.5ul sample size. Results are given in as little as seven seconds. The meter has a 250-test memory to help users keep track of their vitals. Users also receive a free wellness program that includes recipes, meal planners, grocery lists and a wellness DVD.

  • (800) 848-0614

Philips Respironics

GoLife nasal pillows mask


Nasal pillows mask available in male, female versions

Philips Respironics’ GoLife nasal pillows mask is built around the unique features of men and women. GoLife for Men is designed for the larger contours of the male facial structure, while GoLife for Women has a distinctly smaller frame and headgear for feminine facial dimensions. The platform has few parts, soft contour arms that gently hug the face to maintain stability and self-adjusting, optimally angled nasal pillows for a one-step fit.

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B500 Power Wheelchair

B500 Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchair features modular building block system

Otto Bock HealthCare’s B500 Power Wheelchair works with Nu-Tec and Leckey seating systems and with its modular building block system – separate construction of chassis, seating system and controls – users can easily make individual adaptations. For example, the two standard seats allow for adaptation of the seat width, seat depth, seat inclination, back angle, position of the arm pads and leg rests for the user. Additional features include front wheel suspension, a curb-climbing assist, a caster swivel lock and bumper.

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Rubber Threshold Ramp

Rubber Threshold Ramp

Ramp features beveled edges for cross-traffic access

The EZ-ACCESS Rubber Threshold ramp, designed to provide a smoother, more comfortable transition for wheelchairs and scooters as they cross doorways and raised landings, features beveled edges for cross-traffic access and an attractive, finished look. This slip resistant ramp—made in the USA using 100 percent recycled materials—is eco-friendly and can be used safely on nearly any surface. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the ramp is available in 1 1/2 - and 2 1/2 - inch heights with an 850 lb. weight capacity.

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Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Toilevator Grande

Toilevator Grande

Riser adds height to toilet seat

Clarke Health Care Products’ Toilevator Grande model is a discreet toilet base riser that adds 3.5-inches of height to a toilet. The riser will fit under the newer, larger toilet bases and fits closer to the wall. A Toilevator toilet riser base is designed to eliminate potentially unsafe installation and balance issues common with some raised toilet seats. The riser includes all hardware necessary to install, extend the pipes and supply lines.

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Dr. Comfort

Edward X

Edward X

Double-depth shoes provide an extra-wide adjustment range

Dr. Comfort’s new Edward X for men and Lucie X for women feature an extra-wide adjustable opening. With more than 1-inch of Velcro on each side and hinged Velcro straps, the double-depth shoes provide a suitable solution for unilateral foot deformities, severe edema, charcot deformity and inner braces. Other features include top grain leather uppers, breathable mesh top, a soft low-friction inner fabric lining and a padded collar for extra comfort.

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G4 Medical

HIP Kits

HIP Kits

Maintain Independence

  • Combines the essential items for patients recovering from surgery in a single package.
  • Allows users to maintain independence while dressing, bathing or grabbing items out of reach.
  • Kits include gait belts, reachers, sock aids, dressing sticks and shoe horns.
  • (847) 527-8567


Pixi pediatric nasal mask


Nasal mask caters to wide range of children

ResMed’s Pixi pediatric nasal mask is designed specifically for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in children aged two and older. The headgear includes three points of adjustment—at the top, side and bottom straps—to cater to a wider range of children. The adjustment locations are also intended to help the caregiver easily adjust the headgear while facing the child. Made of comfortable Breathe-O-Prene material, the headgear sits away from the child’s eyes and ears, minimizing the chance of irritation and obstruction.

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multiCHAIR 6000Tilt

multiCHAIR 6000Tilt

Caregiver Friendly

  • Standard features include padded pushhandle back, padded fold-back locking arms, adjustable swing-away footrests, total-lock casters, adjustable seat height, seamless padded urethane commode seat and removable connector bridge.
  • The patent pending tilt-in-space system, with side mounted hand-crank and adjustable headrest assembly, is caregiver and user friendly.
  • The center of gravity design and side mounted hand-crank mechanism makes it possible for a 125-lb. caregiver to easily tilt or un-tilt a 300-lb. user or for an independent user to tilt, adjust tilt angle or un-tilt themselves.
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