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Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask

Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask

Pediatric Nasal Mask Offers a Lot for Little Ones

Philips Respironics new Wisp Pediatric Nasal Mask, which supports non-invasive ventilation (NIV) features a child friendly giraffe fabric pattern, a modified cushion curvature and support tools to help provide a positive experience for young patients and their families. Features include, a Leak Correction Dial on the mask that lets caregivers fix small leaks without disturbing a child’s sleep, and three cushion sizes designed to fit infants weighing 22 pounds to age 7, with a shape created specifically to fit the curvature of an infant’s face and nose.

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TrackMaster MK-1X

TrackMaster MK-1X

Power Chair Traverses Indoor and Outdoor Terrains

An all-terrain power chair that can be used indoors, outdoors in snow, sand and rougher terrains, and on public transportation, the TrackMaster MK-1X model features the same body as the MK-1 with slightly larger tracks that help dig into soft ground. Both models help the user to traverse Irregular surfaces, curbs, hills, sand, snow, dirt, grass and mud, as well as supermarkets, city sidewalks and the mall.

    Computers Unlimited

    Computers Unlimited TIMS Software

    TIMS A/R Collections Worklist

    Computers Unlimited Announces A/R Collections Worklist

    Computers Unlimited’s newly released TIMS A/R Collections Worklist lets providers create a variety of custom-defined, real-time, interactive worklists to carry out A/R, denials and timely filing. Providers configure the worklist according to their preferences and needs. Worklist rules are flexible, allowing providers to recreate their current collection reports as worklists. Unlike working from a report, the worklist will pull real-time A/R, claim and denial information. Providers can also research the A/R from one application, and have visibility to the information needed to take action on a patient’s account and the EOB.

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