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LifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

LifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

At 4.83 lbs., the LifeChoice Activox POC offers up to 12 hours of internal battery life at 1 LPMeq. The device provides a constant source of oxygen for patients requiring up to 3 LPMeq and features Auto Mode Technology which helps patients maintain saturation day and night. FDA-approved for 24/7 use and FAA-approved for in-flight use, it is a non-delivery, service-free oxygen therapy that is reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurance plans.

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Extended Seat Depth

Extended Seat Depth

Extended seat depth growth added to wheelchair models

Convaid’s extended seat depth growth range now includes all 14 wheelchair models. The company’s compact folding pediatric wheelchairs offer at least 5 inches of seat depth growth to allow five years of growth. Users can add growth to the chairs by replacing the original set of seat tubes with a longer set that is included in the initial standard wheelchair purchase. The exception is the Rodeo, which will come with one tube that is suitable for five years of growth.

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GLUCOCARD Expression Blood Glucose Monitor

GLUCOCARD Expression Blood Glucose Monitor

Bilingual Voice Options

  • An audio-enabled blood glucose monitoring system that includes bilingual voice options for hearing test results.
  • Features oversized picture icons and large tactile buttons.
  • Testing is more comfortable with small a sample size and alternative site testing. Accurate and reliable test results are displayed in six seconds.
  • (800) 848-0614


SACH+ Prosthetic Foot

SACH+ Prosthetic Foot

Prosthetic foot offers protection against bumps, dirt and moisture

Ottobock’s SACH+ prosthetic foot (SACH = Solid Ankle Cushion Heel) features a durable and robust design, with the combination of a newly developed glass-fiberreinforced contoured core and functional foam. The combination provides more protection against bumps, dirt and moisture, and allows for easier cleaning of its surfaces. The feet easily fit into women’s and men’s shoes thanks to options for different heel heights and foot shapes. The 1S101 has a standard foot shape while the 1S102 and 1S103 are slimmer.

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Transfer Master

Transfer Master Bed

Transfer Master Bed

Redesigned bed line offer fully customizable solutions

The retail-focused Transfer Master bed now features a redesigned Hi-Low product line of fully customizable bed solutions. The redesigned base is split into two sections and features a patent pending, tool-free process to easily snap the bed together. The products also offer expanded custom features that improve the end-user’s experience. Customers can choose from several standard sizes and mattress surfaces or even order custom dimensions.

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Shower Buddy

TubBuddy with Tilt


Bath transfer sister incorporates tilt in space

An ergonomically designed bathing transfer system, this TubBuddy incorporates tilt in space to relieve pressure during bathing. It features a 350-lb. weight capacity, a tapered cushion with tailbone recess, removable and lockable foldaway arms and removable/swing-away footrests. TubBuddy has a full aluminum frame with stainless-steel hardware, with tool-less assembly and 5” locking casters.

    Sunrise Medical

    JAY Fusion

    JAY Fusion

    Adjustable seat custom offers skin protection and fluid or air inserts

    Created to be comfortable, stable and supportive, the JAY Fusion adjust able skinprotection seat cushion features JAY Flow fluid or ROHO Dry Floatation air inserts to combine the J3’s stability with the J2’s pressure management capabilities. Includes a firm, structural foam base with a soft foam top layer for both stability and a comfortable sitting surface. The Pelvic Loading Area incorporates a rear wall and femoral transition shelf to prevent fluid migration and pro vide posterior pelvic and trochanteric support.

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    Snow- and ice-melting rubber mats designed to prevent falls

    KEMF’s HOTflake line of snow- and ice-melting rubber mats, designed to prevent falls, are easy to install, available in three sizes and come in standard voltages for North American or European installation. Mats can be connected to cover large areas, such as steps or walkways. According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), falls among older adults alone cost the U.S. health care system more than 28 billion dollars in 2010. The National Safety Council lists slips and falls as the most common cause of emergency room visits.

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    National Ramp Corp.

    Modular Ramps

    Modular Ramps

    Modular ramps ease installation, minimize maintenance

    National Ramp modular ramps feature an open mesh ramp surface that allows rain and melting snow to pass through. The maintenance-free ramps are easy to install and require no technical knowledge of wiring or electrical. The National Ramp team can help providers set up a ramp rental program, simplify evaluations and close more sales through proven sales techniques. Most ramps are delivered within 48 hours from the time the order is placed.

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    Wenzelite Re/hab

    Kanga TS Folding Chair

    Kanga TS

    Pediatric folding chair accommodates growth

    This pediatric chair has a built-in growth frame that configures to 10”, 12” and 14” widths (with the adult model adjusting to 16”, 18” and 20”). The Kanga TS features tilt in space, adjustable seat depth and seat back angle, curb-assist levers, 20” rear quick-release semi-pneumatic wheels, height- and angle-adjustable armrests, and push handles. The chair folds for easier transport and is bus-transit compatible.
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    BD Medical

    BD Vystra

    BD Vystra

    Self-injection pen is useful for a variety of therapies

    BD Medical’s BD Vystra is a disposable, self-injection pen designed for use with a wide range of therapies that require frequent, low-volume injections, or variable dosing. The pen has been optimized for ease of use, comfort and reliability through rigorous ergonomic and quality assessments to ensure an intuitive, confident user experience. Design features include multidosing, simple dose dialing and correction with audible clicks, and large and clear dose markings.

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    MedAct Software Solutions

    MedAct Software

    Billing Management

    Improve Productivity

    • Offers automatic claims submission that help companies receive payment faster as MedAct removes the manual processes of printing and mailing claims.
    • Combined with A/R Allegiance’s COLLECTPlus, users can leverage the MedAct Software Billing Management solution to operate billing and collection through a single platform.
    • This allows data to be managed succinctly and more efficiently rather than having separate processes and manual data entry for each.
    • (800) 326-0314

    A/R Allegiance

    A/R Allegiance


    Self-pay Patient Collections

    • Designed specifically to help HME/DME and pharmacy providers collect more money faster from self-pay patients.
    • Uses a disciplined approach that harnesses the talents of multiple collection components (including traditional mail, automated phone calls, text messaging, credit card portals, collection agencies, attorneys and credit bureaus) integrating them into a single successful solution.
    • Follows patient friendly billing principles that were developed by the hospital industry (HFMA), but not top-of-mind in the industry.
    • (913) 338-4790

    Domos HME Billing

    Domos HME Billing

    Outsource Billing Services

    Electronic Claims Submission

    • Provides a detailed review of all information submitted for claims processing prior to submitting claims, which results in lower denial rates. A review of documentation prior to delivery to the patient is also available.
    • Offers electronic claims submission whenever possible, which allows providers to be paid more quickly and to maximize their business’s cash flow.
    • Features an HME software system that provides a host of specialized data and reports, including complex historical billing data required by Medicare for competitive bidding.
    • (877) 425-2455


    S9 VPAP ST-A

    S9 VPAP ST-A

    VPAP device helps reduce sleep disruptions

    ResMed’s S9 VPAP ST-A with intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support (iVAPS) is a home care NIV device optimized to treat a full range of patients with respiratory conditions. The iVAPS mode monitors and adjusts delivered ventilation, maintaining consistent alveolar ventilation regardless of respiratory rate. The device intelligently adjusts to provide appropriate ventilation based on a patient’s unique needs and offers automated technology that increases comfort and compliance, which in turn reduces sleep disruptions.

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