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Pride Mobility Products

LC-525 lift chair series


Lift chairs feature super-soft fabrics selections

Pride Mobility’s LC-525 lift chair series is now available in fudge, garnet and pecan Ultrafabrics Ultraleather, which offers a detailed grain pattern expressive of premium grade leather. The two-tone shading of this soft fabric is the result of a laboratory process that layers grain patterns to create depth and texture. The hypo-allergenic and pet-friendly lift chair series features a “zero-gravity” position, back style, infinite-position hand control and super-soft fabrics selections.
  • (800) 800-8586

Harmar Access



Heavy-duty lift features increased weight capacity

Harmar’s AL-500HD, a heavy-duty version of its Universal Power Chair Lift, increases its weight capacity to 400 lbs. and secures the chair with ultra-safe and versatile Q’Straint retractors. The lift has been tested to ensure reliable performance, durability and convenience with one-switch operation. It does not require modifications to the mobility device and will accept the company’s Swing-Away option, which allows easy access to a vehicle’s cargo area.

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Foot-operated wheel lock

Foot-operated Wheel Lock

Foot-operated wheel lock designed to improve ease of use

Convaid’s new foot-operated rear wheel lock replaces the current hand-operated rear wheel lock on the Cruiser, EZ Rider, Metro, Rodeo, Safari Tilt, CuddleBug, C-Sport and Clipper wheelchair models. The foot-operated lock is designed to help improve the chair’s ease of use. Benefits include an audible click when the brake is completely engaged and a lock or an unlock position, which prevents partial engagement and the wheel from wearing out.
  • (888) 266-8243

Responsive Respiratory Inc.

Oxygen Solutions Catalog

2013 Oxygen Solutions Catalog

Catalog showcases new oxygen products

Responsive Respiratory’s 2013 Oxygen Solutions Catalog includes a myriad of products for the oxygen market including conservers, regulators and cases, carts, racks, cylinders and accessory items. The new catalog also showcases new home filling products and accessories introduced in late 2012. The full color, glossy catalog is a complete respiratory resource guide for the home healthcare, hospital and EMS markets. The catalog is available for download in PDF format on the company’s website or can be requested by phone.

  • (866) 333-4030

Philips Respironics

CoughAssist T70

CoughAssist T70

Airway clearance technology offers alternative to traditional suctioning methods

Philips Respironics’ CoughAssist T70 is designed to provide a comfortable alternative to traditional suctioning methods. The device clears secretions from the lungs by gradually applying positive air pressure to the airway and then rapidly shifting to negative air pressure. The shift in pressure creates a high expiratory flow that simulates a deep, natural cough. Instead of introducing a suction catheter into the airway, air is delivered through a face mask, a mouthpiece or through a simple adapter that allows the device to function with an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube.

  • (800) 345-6443

Comfort Care Clothing Co.

adaptive pajama top

Adaptive Pajama Top

Adaptive pajama top allows caregivers to easily dress bedridden patients

Comfort Care Clothing Co.’s adaptive pajama top design allows caregivers to easily dress and undress hospice and hospital patients with limited or no mobility. The company uses soft, breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort and ease of laundering, while maintaining the patient’s dignified and hygienic appearance. The quick snaps located down the sleeves allow caregivers to quickly change the patient without having to remove intravenous devices or vital monitoring systems.
  • (318) 840-5684


Algorithmic program compares patient information with Medicare’s coverage criteria is an algorithmic program that compares patient information entered by a physician with Medicare’s coverage criteria. The program automatically determines what durable medical equipment the patient does qualifies for, which eliminates any guesswork for the practitioner, the DME provider and the patient. It also eliminates the perception of fraudulent behavior. Providers can invite their physicians to register and use for complete and accurate DME documentation that providers can then use for prior authorization approvals and audits.
  • (800) 986-9368


Rio Bath Lift

Rio Bath Lift

Bath lift features a compact, portable design

Invacare’s Rio Bath Lift features easy, tool-less installation, a modern, clean design with easy to clean surfaces with no slots or rips, self-release suction cups that can easily be removed, a stationary backrest and a compact, portable design. Bath lifts are attractive because they provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive and labor-intensive bathroom renovations. Installing simple bath safety accessories such as bath lifts will aid in the safety and security in the bathroom.
  • (800) 333-6900

Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation

Expert Assistance, Step-by-Step Process

  • BOC standards have been developed to be inclusive of CMS standards for DMEPOS providers, as well as federal regulations and requirements.
  • BOC’s Accreditation program provides a step-by-step system with expert guidance and assistance to help providers earn accreditation for their HME businesses.
  • BOC offers one-on-one help from its accreditation experts who will answer providers’ questions and offer detailed guidance.
  • (877) 776-2200

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Oxus Reliability Plus

Oxus Reliability Plus

POC accommodates many ambulatory, clinical needs

Oxus Reliability Plus (by CHAD) is FAA approved, uniform pulse, ultra-low vibration POC. The concentrator features a scroll compressor, membrane dryer that removes up to 80 percent of the humidity in the air, full text message alerts, 9 liter flow settings between 1 and 5 equivalent LPM and a long battery life with several charging options. The unit weighs 10 lbs., comes with its own pull cart and shoulder carry bag, and it can accommodate a wide range of ambulatory, clinical needs.
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American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.

American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics

American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics

Broad O&P Certification Standards Criteria

  • ABC accreditation standards create a baseline for minimal expectations of the physical environment and organizational function of O&P patient care locations.
  • Standards are grouped into eight categories, such as Administrative, Patient Records, Human Resources, Patient Care and Management, Product Safety and Claims and Billing Compliance.
  • Starting this year, ABC has increased the number of certification exams to six times a year for all discipline-specific written and written simulation exams.
  • (703) 836-7114

Responsive Respiratory Inc.

home filling cylinders

Home Filling Cylinders

Home filling cylinders for Invacare units available in an E cylinder size

Responsive Respiratory now offers home filling cylinders for Invacare units in an E cylinder size. RRI exclusively offers home filling cylinders in this configuration. Genuine home filling valves and cylinders are available at a fraction of the typical cost. Users can upgrade broken all-in-one units with a new valve and Respond C5 Conserver for less than the cost of the repair.
  • (866) 333-4030

Compliance Team

The Compliance Team

The Compliance Team Inc.

Customizable Sleep Care Program

  • Founded in 1994 by Sandra C. Canally, RN, The Compliance Team is the first privately held, woman-owned healthcare accreditation organization to receive deeming authority from CMS.
  • Accreditation programs include: Critical Access Hospital, Rural Health Clinic, Medical Home, Infusion/Specialty & LTC Pharmacy, DMEPOS, Diagnostic Sleep Center, Home Health Agency, Private Duty, Hospice Care and Ocularist.
  • Offers a new Exemplary Provider accreditation for Sleep Care Management that is customizable to cover all sleep medicine delivery models including home sleep testing and DMEPOS (medical devices and supplies) enterprises as well as facility-based and non-traditional diagnostic centers, and dental sleep medicine practices.
  • (215) 654-9110

Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA)

Healthcare Quality Association


Efficient Accreditation

  • Features an Online Workroom to efficiently manage the standards documentation process in small, incremental steps.
  • Provides coaches to review individual documents, and provide answers, support and encouragement throughout the process.
  • Offers ACT post-accreditation service to maintain high quality standards between accreditation periods.
  • (866) 909-4722

Roadnet Technologies Inc.



Mobile GPS tracking app provides enhanced functionality

Roadnet Technologies’ MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software on the Android smartphone operating system enables companies to see a fleet’s transportation routes in real-time and make changes to particular routes based on occurring events or conditions. The application allows drivers to review their daily routes, complete stop surveys, examine stop information, record arrival and departure times, complete stop reconciliation, add delivery receipt information and mark stops as undeliverable. It also features integration from other Google Android technology such as voice navigation and traffic.
  • (800) 762.3638

Grow Your Advanced Wound Care Business

Advanced wound care offers many opportunities to create new revenue streams and help a population that most DME providers already serve.

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