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Mediware HME software

Mediware's HME software

HME software helps automate business operations

Mediware’s HME software automates the planning, scheduling, tracking and billing for patient equipment and home health care to maximize efficiency across all operations. Its intuitive features, easy navigation and customizable controls allow providers to effectively manage every aspect of business to save time and improve reimbursements.

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Naturs Design Inc.

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liner and Tour

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liner and Tour

RemZzzs, a disposable cotton liner for nightly use with a PAP mask, enhances PAP therapy by assisting with patient success and compliance. It also assists in the adherence to new insurance regulations for PAP use. The product is reimbursable using HCPCS codes A7031 and A7032. Also, Naturs Design, the maker of RemZzzs, announced the nationwide “Dreams With Hope” sleep awareness tour, beginning September 5, 2012. The Dreams With Hope tour will sponsor free educational clinics at various locations across the country over the course of 12 months.

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McKesson Corp.


Business Management

McKesson helps providers manage business with next generation solutions

McKesson understands that managing an HME business is more than a full-time job. That’s why McKesson Medical-Surgical offers solutions that can help providers expand and grow their business, help reduce costs and manage budgets, and help streamline processes so providers will always be prepared for what’s next.

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Fastrack Healthcare Systems

Audit Response System

Audit Response System

Automated system offers secure method to respond to CMS audit requests

Fastrack Healthcare Systems’ ARS (Audit Response System) integrates with the Enterprise System and works best with Document Storage Module. Providers can enter the audit number received from CMS and select the documents that they wish to electronically send to CMS in support of their response. Users can easily gather documents from the Document Storage Module, the file server or any user’s workstation and can include faxed, emailed or scanned documents.

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Compliance Team

The Compliance Team Accreditation Simplified


Expert, easy-to-understand accreditation

The Compliance Team is the nation’s only woman-owned Medicare “deemed” healthcare accreditation organization. The firm offers customizable, product-line and service specific, three-year programs for DMEPOS that feature plain language quality standards in addition to including expert mentoring, manuals, self-assessment checklists, corporate compliance and anti-fraud plans, and electronic patient outcomes benchmarking.

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Principle Business Enterprise

Tranquility Premium Overnight XXL Plus

Tranquility Premium Overnight XXL Plus

XXL-Plus size underwear fits 62- to 80-inch waists

Principle Business Enterprises’ Tranquility Premium Overnight and Daytime Disposable Absorbent Underwear are available in a new XXL-Plus size that fits 62- to 80-inch waists and weights higher than 250 lbs. The latex-free underwear features Peach Mat absorbent core that provides skin dryness, odor control and pH neutralization, while the inner leg cuffs help prevent leakage. The breathable fabric has an ample fullrise waist panel for a more proportioned fit. Tear-away side seams allow for easy removal.

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Online Employee Education

Online employee education system offers more than 400 courses

dmetrain is an online employee education system designed for DME/HME employees. The system offers more than 400 courses, specific to different job descriptions, which allows providers to be sure that they are meeting accreditation requirements. Course material exceeds all accrediting body standards, HIPAA training, OSHA Safety and more.

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Maddak / SP Ableware

All-Out Opener

All-Out Opener

Device helps open prepackaged food items

Maddak’s All-Out Opener is an ergonomically designed, multifunctional device that provides the added leverage needed to open most prepackaged food items. The opener features a blunt V-shaped prong to open box tops with glue-sealed flaps like those commonly used for cereal and pasta, a hook on the back to lift pull-tabs on cans and to poke through cellophane covered food trays, a twist-cap bottle opener and a church key/slotted opener for non-twist off (crimped) caps.

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Pride Mobility Products

Commander 400

Commander 400

Adjustable vehicle lift is easy to install

The Commander 400 adjustable vehicle lift from Pride Lifts and Ramps offers easy installation and versatility. Features include 400 lbs. lifting capacity; two-/three-axis and gatekeeper configurations; weather-resistant electronics; water repellent nanocoat; and telescoping mounting brackets.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

MSS Tilt and Recline

MSS Tilt and Recline

Seating system offers tilt-inspace feature

Wenzelite’s MSS Tilt and Recline seating system features a hydraulic actuator that activates the tilt-in-space feature. One model now provides the same growth range as the previous two models. The standard seat includes two size adductors to facilitate a range of chair widths, lateral supports, pelvic strap, abduction wedge, trunk harness, dining tray and an adjustable headrest. Users can adjust the seat, footrest and headrest in depth and height, and the armrest and dining tray are height and angle adjustable.

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Non-traditional crutches designed to improve recovery experience

Mobi’s Mobilegs are designed to improve on traditional crutches and provide greater stability, reduce secondary injuries, conserve physical energy and improve the recovery experience. The Universal model features fully adjustable height and arm length to properly fit 98 1/2 percent of all adults from 4’9” to 6’4” and up to 300 lbs. The crutch fit depends on arm length and leg length, as well as, height. The Ultra model provides the same fit, and also includes an ultra plush saddle and ergonomic handgrips.


Cx Series Sunglasses

Cx Series Sunglasses

Sunglasses designed to improve color vision

Looking for a point of sale retail item? EnChroma’s Cx Series sunglasses feature an advanced optical coating that selectively filters wavelengths of the light responsible for color confusion. The sunglasses are designed to improve color vision for people with normal vision and those with protanomalous and deuteranomalous CVD (red/green color blindness). The series features precision optical coatings made of durable metal oxides on a lightweight (less than 30g including frames) 1.3-millimeter glass lens. The 100 percent UV blocking glasses come in prescription and ordinary zero-power ANSI Z80.3 compliant sunglass lenses.

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APAP device weighs less than a pound

The Transcend Auto full-featured APAP weighs less than a pound and is about the size of a soda can, making it suitable for both primary-use and travel. The device features an adjustable ramp, automatic altitude adjustment, AHI and leak detect and up to 13 months of compliance storage. Transcend EZEX Technology provides pressure relief on exhalation for added comfort. The Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy System offers accessories such as small batteries, a solar battery charger, Waterless Humidification Systems and the TranSync Wireless Compliance Reporting System.

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EquaGel Cushion

EquaGel Seat Cushions

Now distributed by Medline Industries, EquaGel seat cushions feature soft walls that buckle and pass weight to surrounding walls. The user’s weight is spread by the buckling of individual walls for more even displacement.

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Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.



Alternating pressure mattress systems prevent pressure ulcers

Blue Chip Medical’s Tradewind high performance alternating pressure mattress systems are designed to prevent and treat of pressure ulcers. The systems include same day shipping, expert support, technical assistance and Blue Chip’s educational programs.

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