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Cure Medical

Cure Dextra Closed System

Catheter easy to use for even users with limited dexterity

Proprietary features make the Cure Dextra Closed System easy to use, even for individuals with limited dexterity. Tip Advancing Technology with Gripper Arrow enables the pre-lubricated, straight tip catheter to advance from the 1000 ml collection bag into the body without contact. A unique Support Band enables controlled use. Like all Cure Medical products, the Cure Dextra features polished eyelets for increased comfort. It is not made with DEHP/DINP, BPA, or NR-Latex.

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Bridge Medical

Telescoping Pivot Grip

Telescoping Pivot Grip

Portable grab bar offers endless installation options

  • Two adjustable sizes: Medium (22 in. to 27 in.) and Large (27 in. to 32 in.)
  • Pivoting ends allow for installation options such as stretching across corners, inside of a bathtub or across nonparallel surfaces.
  • Can be used at home or while traveling; lifetime warranty.

    VGM Wound Care

    Diabetic Program Guide

    Diabetic Program Guide

    Diabetic Program Guide helps providers explore important patient segment

    Providers following the axiom, “Capture the entire patient, not just one aspect,” should take a look into the diabetic market. There’s a solid chance a good portion of the patients HME providers are servicing have either type 1 or 2 diabetes. The VGM Diabetic Program was designed to help providers decide if this is a category right for their business. The guide walks readers through the products that diabetics use on a daily basis and an opportunity for you to provide those. It also touches on the reimbursement of the various products related to diabetes.

      The Compliance Team

      The Compliance Team

      Patient Centered Respiratory Home

      Accreditation standards designed for respiratory providers

      Patient-Centered Respiratory Home (PCRH) is a proprietary accreditation that sets in place quality standards that guide clinical respiratory providers to better engage with chronic care patients. Better outcomes are driven through additional care planning and focused follow-up visits with program goals being three-fold: address poor respiratory care management; decrease emergency department visits; lower the number of hospital readmissions. PCRH’s standards enhance patient management practices through concise measures that cover access issues, provider coordination, and communication between respiratory specialists and prescribers.

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      Drylock Technologies

      Presto underwear


      Underwear made for women and for men delivers discrete absorbency

      Our most discreet, body-close fit is fully breathable to keep users cool and comfortable. InvisiCore offers additional absorbency without added bulkiness for leakage protection up to 12 hours. OdorSecure prevents odors before they begin keeping odor under control for up to 12 hours. LeakSecure leg cuffs significantly improve leak containment by providing an extra barrier of protection from leaks. They are produced in a carbon-neutral factory, making it a better option for your clients and the environment.


        SuperPole with SuperBar

        SuperPole with SuperBar

        Floor-to-ceiling safety pole secures in place with tension fit

        • SuperBar offers support that goes in front of the user to make it easier them to get up from a seated position.
        • SuperBar lifts, pivots and locks in eight 45-degree positions around the pole.
        • The SuperPole is made out of alloy steel, and comes in regular size and bariatric supporting between 300 and 450 lbs.

          Apex Medical

          Apex Pro-care Optima

          Apex Procare Optima

          Alternating air mattress with something for everyone

          Apex Pro-care Optima features key pressure ulcer prevention capabilities and enhancements to improve caregivers’ efficiency. The dynamic pressure redistribution alternating air mattress comes with a pump that inflates the whole mattress in less than 15 minutes, an auto-sensing feature, which initiates the pressure settings with its One-Touch Set-up, and provides ideal pressure based on the patient’s weight distribution. The mattress is equipped with patient-centric features such as multi-zone air pressure redistribution, heal relief, micro air loss, and micro-climate management to improve perfusion in at-risk or damaged soft tissues.


            Brightree by ResMed

            Comprehensive Patient Intake

            Patient intake system addresses top issues, speed processes

            Comprehensive Patient Intake, available within the Brightree Business Management Solution, streamlines and shortens the time-intensive intake process. Addressing top HME pain points like incomplete documentation, inefficient workflows and employee training, the tool guides staff through a customized intake process based on their job function and allows users to customize qualification by payer and product. Comprehensive Patient Intake reduces incomplete and inaccurate orders, staff training time, work stoppage and billing errors, while helping providers accelerate payments and develop an upfront policy to get paid faster, regularly.

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            BabyBuddha Products

            BabyBuddha double electric breast pump

            Double Electric Breast Pump

            Portable, compact breast pump gives users the freedom of mobility

            BabyBuddha’s double electric breast pump gives users the freedom to move while comfortably pumping. The fully rechargeable pump is small enough to take anywhere, and a quiet mechanism keeps the whole process discreet. Operating BabyBuddha is easy, simply recharge it and use the trackball to navigate through the 14 different modes with a simple swivel of the thumb. A unique suction pattern in stimulation mode mimics the suction pattern of a baby to increase breast milk production.

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            Maddak / SP Ableware

            SP Ableware Sliding/Rotating Transfer Bench

            SP Ableware Sliding/Rotating Transfer Bench

            Transfer bench nixes need to step over the side of tub

            • Sliding feature lets users smoothly move across the bench and reduces stress on a caregiver’s back.
            • Rotating swivel top allows for easier transfers into the tub and greater accessibility.
            • Exclusive quick-change leg design makes adjusting the seat height simple (from 16 to 23 in.).
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            Allegiance Group



            Billing solution drives cash recovery and staff efficiency

            COLLECTPlus offers a secure, compliant, patient-pay billing and collections solution that integrates with providers’ billing software systems to increase their operating efficiency leading to faster cash recovery at a lower cost. The system automates all points in the A/R cycle, and the payment portal offers patient payment and account management options. The system also uses professional domestic call center services, and reputable first- and third-collection agencies, and dedicated Client Success team and Help Desk support.




              Sleep solution sidesteps standard mask

              The DreamPort “maskless solution” to PAP therapy compliance isn’t a traditional mask. Rather, the interface is held on the patient’s face with gentle, hypoallergenic tape that seals the DreamPorts securely at the base of the nostril. This means only the stream of air from the machine enters the nostril. The devices are clinically proven not to leak, headgear-free CPAP solution and are fully made in the U.S.A and FDA cleared. They are covered by Medicare and all major insurance and work with all CPAP machines.

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              Clarke Health Care Products Inc.



              Modular shower commode chair moves and travels easy

              • Easily rolled around the home and can be quickly disassembled for traveling and available carry bag holds chair and accessory cushions and pails.
              • Lightweight plastic construction with optional commode pails, seat, back and arm cushions.
              • Chair is height-adjustable, with rotating seat and flip-up arms, and rolls into shower stalls or over a toilet up to 17.5 in. high.
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              MHI Safe-er-Grip

              suction cup balance assist bar

              MHI Safe-er-Grip

              Suction cup balance assist bar goes on any flat surface

              MHI Safe-er-Grip is home to the design of the original suction cup balance assist bar. Now with 16 items, including balance assist bars and bathroom accessories, the original 12- and 16-in. bars are available in white, chrome and white-grey hybrid, making this bar the perfect addition to any bathroom area. The suction cup design of our products makes it possible for them to be placed on any smooth, flat, non-porous surface. They are easy to attach, remove and relocate.

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              PlayMaker Health

              Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports

              Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports

              Real-time data tools help HME sales teams dig deep into local market

              Available inside PlayMaker Health’s Edge platform, Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports convert real-time market data and sales rep performance into actionable insights. Leaders gain total visibility into all sales activities by rep, team, and territory, sales pipeline by month, quarter, and year, and comprehensive account overview by owner, by order. Additional features include the ability to visualize, track, and monitor sales activity and progress by rep, customize, drill-down, and trend multiple accounts and order details, as well as analyze sales performance metrics and target referral sources.

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