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ATLAS Clinical Evals Software ACES

ATLAS Clinical Evals Software

ATLAS Clinical Eval Software ACES

Single platform for patient mobility evaluations and seamless referrals

ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES) increases E2D, revenue cycle, and annual revenues to the ATP and provider. With ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES), the ATP can prepare the integrated patient mobility and home evaluations within the software and refer it seamlessly to the therapist’s ACES secured portal. The Therapist can use ACES for clinical mobility evaluations that allows a mobility evaluation to be conducted in person or remotely at the patient’s home. ACES manages the therapist’s report and other necessary documentation that supports the patient mobility equipment to insure it is complete and accurate.

    Proactive Medical Products

    Protekt Pilot Upright Walker

    Protekt Pilot Upright Walker

    A walking aid that lets users stay erect, stable and safe

    The upright design of the Protekt Pilot Upright Walker allows improved posture mitigating pain in the lower back, hands, and wrists, enabling users to walk longer distances with less stress, leading to a more mobile and active lifestyle. Features include adjustable height armrests, lockable handbrakes, comfortable seat with backrest support, stand assist handles, 8 in. front wheels with 360 degree swivel for easy maneuvering. The Protekt Pilot has a 300 lbs. weight capacity and comes with beverage holder, safety LED light, personal item bag and cane holder, plus a one-year warranty.

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    New nasal high-flow therapy solution enhances threapy

    Masimo’s new softFlow provides warmed and humidified respiratory gases at high flow rates through a soft nasal cannula to spontaneously breathing patients suffering from respiratory distress and other pulmonary conditions. Equipped with an advanced integrated flow generator that delivers consistent flow during inspiration and expiration, softFlow is designed to enhance therapy benefits while eliminating the need to connect to an external source of compressed air.

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    LifeWalker Mobility Products

    UPWalker Neuro

    UPWalker Neuro

    Upright walker helps users with neurological and movement disorders

    The UPWalker Neuro follows from the original UPWalker but adds functions and benefits for neurological and movement disorder patients. The UPWalker Neuro features armrest angle adjustments for hemipelagic and other patients with lmited arm movement or muscle tone (angle can be set anywhere between straight ahead and perpendicular across the body). A backup prevention mechanism on both rear wheels reduces the risk of retropulsion and a speed control resistance brake manages the pace with which the UPWalker rolls. Other features include an armrest bridge that provides enhanced stability for impaired patients, and a rechargeable motion-activated safety light that illuminates the user’s path.

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    Pride Mobility Products

    Go-Go Endurance Li

    Go-Go Endurance Li

    Go-Go Endurance Li brings lithium-ion to Pride’s travel mobility range

    The new Go-Go Endurance Li incorporates a standard, airline-approved 8Ah battery pack, and offers a 16Ah MAXX lithium battery option to enjoy longer range per charge. Compared to sealed lead acid, lithium-ion is 60 percent lighter, offers a 31 percent longer range and maintains speed throughout the discharge cycle, and 140 percent faster charging. It also can be topped off and short charged without impacting the useful life of the battery and comes with a two-year warranty The Endurance Li comes with two standard compact, foldable seat options: 17 in. x 17 in. and 20 in. x18 in.

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    VirtuOx Healthcare Logiix



    Disposable oximeter designed for overnight home testing

    EzOx is a single-patient, multi0use disposable oximeter shipped directly to the patient’s home for overnight oximetry testing. This device has the ability to conduct up to 100 hours of recording that may be utilized to conduct repeat testing as necessary. Connects via Bluetooth to app, which sends the results to VirtuOx for IDTF certified oximetry reports needed for oxygen qualification.

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    Hans Rudolph

    Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Mask

    Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Mask

    Mask ideal for home and healthcare CPAP/Bi-level use

    The Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Mask series are reusable, multi-patient full face masks that incorporate five sizes to fit a wide range of patients. The under-the-chin fit, new sealing flange, and anatomically contoured design helps ensure the best possible leak-free fit. Those features combined with the high quality, soft silicone and steam autoclavable and dishwasher safe materials make the mask ideal for home and healthcare CPAP/Bi-level use. Non-vented and anti-aasphyxia valve-only swivels are available upon request.

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    Prochant Inc.


    Prochant Analytics

    Analytics platform helps transform provider KPIs

    Prochant Analytics is a strategic business intelligence platform for HME and pharmacy revenue cycle management. The platform offers providers a full, holistic view into their most important metrics, including DSO, A/R aging, held revenue, and open orders. With full drill-down ability, historical views, and trend analyses, Prochant Analytics helps providers to transform their KPIs and focus on the solutions need to realize their financial growth.

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    Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.



    Wheelchair Pressure Mapping System ensures an optimal seating surface

    Tactilus by Blue Chip is the perfect solution to create the optimal therapeutic seating surface. Blue Chip’s seat sensor is a matrix-based tactile surface sensor. One thousand twenty-four (1024) sensing points cover the entire surface area of our sensor “skin,” allowing for discrete spot pressure analysis at any point in the contact region. This provides the accurate patient data required to create the optimal seating surface for maximum comfort, proper positioning, and pressure redistribution.

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    GF Health Products

    Everest & Jennings PureTilt

    Everest & Jennings PureTilt

    Manual tilt wheelchair lets users readjust their posture throughout the day

    The Everest & Jennings PureTilt has a user-or-caregiver-adjustable tilt control to facilitate easy posture adjustment throughout the day, vital for comfort and pressure relief. PureTilt standard features include an ergonomic, contoured, adjustable-height back; ergonomic rear handles; nonremovable padded, hinged arms that swing up and back to facilitate transfer; a nonremovable angle-adjustable, length-adjustable padded hydraulic leg rest with retractable footplate; padded height-adjustable headrest; 6 in. front swivel casters; 22 in. rear wheels; wheel locks; and rear anti-tippers. The back tilts forward for convenient storage and transport. Maximum weight capacity is 300 lb, evenly distributed.

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    Tranquility Incontinence Products

    Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs Heavy

    Essential Breathable Briefs Heavy

    Tab-style briefs offer reliable, trustworthy protection

    The new Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs – Heavy offer reliable protection that incontinence customers will trust. Available in sizes XS to 2XL, these clothlike, breathable, tab-style briefs offer the design and performance to meet the highest state Medicaid standards. Features include Kufguards and leg elastics that secure leaks and stool, superabsorbent core that locks away urine odor and breathable sides that support an ideal microclimate to neutralize pH and keep skin dry. Providers can request a free sample tray to let their customers try out Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs before they buy.

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    MK Battery

    MK Battery Charger Model M-D-EN0801

    MK Battery Charger

    A full CRT power chair charge in 8 hours

    The new MK Battery Charger Model M-D-EN0801 is an 8 amp charger and is the largest MK charger for CRT power chairs to ensure a full charge after eight hours. MK Battery also offers a rnage chargers to meet each customer’s unique charging requirements. The MK battery chargers will charge all lead battery types, GEL and AGM, and all MK chargers automatically shut off when batteries are fully charged.

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    Serena Seat Pro

    Serena Seat Pro

    Shower chair combines designer looks with safety

    The Serena Seat Pro combines luxury, comfort, beauty, and safety. For many users, the Serena Seat will become the centerpiece of their bathroom sanctuary upgrade. Using bamboo for the wood panels and an aluminum frame, the seat is a durable in-shower seating solution. With a range of frame finishes and bamboo panel stains, the Serena Seat Pro works with many bathroom designs and styles.

      GF Health Products

      Lumex Gaitster Forearm Rollator

      Lumex Gaitster Forearm Rollator

      Forearm rollator helps users walk upright for improved comfort and confidence

      The Lumex Gaitster Forearm Rollator helps users walk in a more upright position for more confidence and comfort while walking by reducing lower back strain, providing optimal control and stability when walking, and giving users confidence and independence. Other features include a contoured, padded adjustable forearm pads that are adjustable in length and angle to tailor fit and feel for each user; ergonomic handgrips and easy-to-engage brakes to stop the rollator and keep it stationary while sitting; and a flexible, padded back support.

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      BOSS Equalizer HD Tilt

      BOSS Equalizer HD Tilt

      Heavy-duty seating system offers 60° of tilt action

      The BOSS Equalizer HD Tilt is a 600 lb.- capacity, heavy-duty tilt seating system with 60° of tilt action when added to a comparable chair base. Seat dimensions include width to 32 in. & depth to 24 in. for optimum tissue allowance. Arms are height, length, angle and width adjustable. The sculptured back adjusts in angle, depth and back gap, allowing excessive tissue space to flow. Available options include power articulating ELRs, power articulating center column, swing always, and custom size foot plates.

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