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Prochant Inc.

Prochant Pulse

Prochant Pulse

Business intelligence platform also offers holistic coaching tools

Prochant Pulse is a strategic business intelligence platform for HME and pharmacy revenue cycle management. The platform offers providers a holistic view of their most important metrics, including DSO, A/R aging, held revenue, and open orders. With full drill-down ability, historical views, and trend analyses, Prochant Pulse as a tool helps providers to transform their KPIs. Prochant Pulse’s Pro-Vision feature offers a holistic coaching model designed to give provider teams a series of guided discovery and coaching sessions designed to increase their knowledge and empower them to take action.

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Encore Healthcare

Encore Healthcare


New service offers 'ventilator management in a box'

Encore Healthcare’s new Nexus program helps HME providers manage ventilator compliance and outcomes using its Nexus software and companion TeleRespiratory Services. The system manages symptoms, tracks disease progression, reduces re-admissions, manages medications, and has a proven track record of growing HME ventilator market share. The service is a response to the struggle HME providers are facing with the shortage of RTs and the need for clinical oversight in their ventilator management models.

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Atlas Enterprise Software

ATLAS Enterprise Software

ATLAS Enterprise Software

Unique management processes for both referrals and patients

ATLAS Enterprise Software’s market approach is that there are distinct differences between the referral source and consumer, which require management processes of their own. ATLAS has developed the Referral Acquisition Management (RAM) system to manage the referral source process and communication and also the Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Add this to the ATLAS Electronic Prescription Function, which enables DME and CRT providers to effectively manage and engage with both the Referral and Consumer with specific steps and clarity to build and fortify the relationship while generating new referrals and opportunities for services to the consumer.




    Enclosures for lab automation and pharmaceuticals

    For DME pharmacies, Hemco’s latest enclosures are designed to isolate distillation apparatus, HPLC equipment, sample weighing, high throughput screening, powders handling, and other lab automated processes by providing exhaust air systems or HEPA filtered clean workstations. The enclosures are built to protect personnel from hazardous fumes and processes from lab contamination. Utilizing a flexible, modular design, the enclosures are engineered and built to pharmacies’ size and design requirements.

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    Trella Health

    Trella Health

    Edge CRM

    System pairs CRM with market data to expand referral revenue

    Edge CRM from Trella Health aims to transform how sales and business development teams grow revenue by providing current and comprehensive market insights integrated with a CRM purpose-built for HME providers. Edge helps HME sales teams identify, nurture, and close the highest value referral sources for each product line. Providers can align business goals with data-driven decisions by turning data insights into actionable growth intelligence. The solution lets HME sales teams understand their competitive positions and identify areas for market share expansion. The solution also offers sales leaders total visibility into sales activities, pipeline, and comprehensive account overviews.

      Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

      Quickie Access


      Knee pivot manual wheelchair adds benefits of tilt and recline

      Sunrise Medical’s QUICKIE ACCESS is a knee pivot manual wheelchair for independent propelling that offers the benefits of tilt and recline. Using a forward pivot location, the chair provides low knee rise during tilt, enabling easy foot propulsion and clearance under tables for easier social engagement. The ACCESS has adjustable tilt and recline, providing alternative positions for pressure management, meeting the recommended angles of 25 degree

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      Brightree by ResMed

      Brightree Digital Experience

      System improves patient engagement, optimizes care coordination

      With Brightree Digital Experience, providers can communicate with patients without relying on traditional methods such as faxing, mailing or calling. From welcome texts to appointment reminders and more, the texting orchestrator offers a variety of ways to stay connected with patients via SMS. eForms seamlessly integrate with the texting orchestrator and Brightree to collect digital signatures and completed forms. When more personalized communication needs arise, patients can video chat with their care teams to ask questions about their therapy. Brightree Digital Experience helps providers improve patient engagement and optimize care coordination, significantly reducing staff time spent on manual tasks.

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      Respiratory care management platform launches fax module

      The Fax Intake Module transforms paper-based faxing into an all-digital experience. The module streamlines respiratory providers’ fax intake process with easy functionality for patient referrals. The module enables users to send, receive, and manage patient documentation digitally—eliminating paper processes, saving time, and reducing errors. Not only can users view and manage all faxes digitally, but they can also use multiple document layouts and split and group faxes by patient and document type. Faxes can be associated with a patient record, and the platform’s tools enable easy forwarding, downloading, and printing.




        Service assists prior auth compliance for braces

        Össur’s Empower practice and workflow management system now complies with CMS’s new prior-authorization requirements for commonly prescribed knee and spinal orthoses, which the agency has been rolling out this year. Empower offers an automated, customizable web-based solution that helps physician practices, HME providers, and prosthetic and orthotic suppliers with day-to-day practice management solutions by combining reimbursement, real-time inventory management, and consulting services within a single paperless platform.

          Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

          Gravity 9 Premium Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress

          Gravity 9 Premium Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress

          Long-term care pressure mattress reduces shear, friction

          The Gravity 9 Premium Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress is a therapeutic foam mattress that provides redistribution and shear and friction reduction. The full top layer of open-cell, visco-elastic memory foam improves immersion and pressure distribution. The bottom layer offers full-length horizontally scored articulation cuts to extend the durability and life of the mattress. Other features include high-density foam perimeters, a sloped heel section, and a removable and fluid-resistant multi-stretch cover.

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          Computers Unlimited

          TIMS Software Computers Unlimited

          TIMS Patient Subscriptions

          Software update helps providers enroll patients in resupply at intake

          Computers Unlimited has announced its latest product for HME providers: TIMS Patient Subscriptions. TIMS Patient Subscriptions is designed to give providers an intuitive and easy-to-implement application that lets them enroll their patients in a resupply subscription during the initial intake. This application is fully integrated with all the RCM features TIMS already offers. Key integration points include, easy patient auto enrollment; automated compliance checks (eligibility, utilization, documentation, and authorizations); patient contact options (phone, email, text, or IVR); and auto-generated qualified orders.

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          Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

          QUICKIE Q200 R

          QUICKIE Q200 R

          Rear-wheel drive chair offers easily transportable, everyday performance

          The QUICKIE Q200 R compact rear-wheel-drive power wheelchair delivers top-tier traction, stability, and the ability to climb three-inch curbs. The 23” wide base provides great traction when traveling up ramps, and oversized 9” front casters offer better obstacle climbing than typically seen in rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs. Starting at just 216 lbs., the Q200 R works with hoist and boom-style vehicle lifts. With a fold-down back and removable leg and arm supports, the Q200 R will snugly fit in most SUVs or vans. Seating options include both Rehab and Captain-style seating systems.

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          Aurora Manufacturing

          HydroAire Air Fluidized Therapy bed

          HydroAire Air Fluidized Therapy

          Air fluidized therapy bed supports most serious pressure wound patients

          The HydroAire Air Fluidized Therapy (AFT) bed allows homecare companies to take on the most difficult pressure wound patients and provide your referrals with outstanding wound outcomes. This bed has a HCPCS code of E0194 and a monthly billable amount from $3,400 to $3,900, depending on the state of service. Notably, this code has never been part of the CMS competitive bid program. Aurora MFG is actively seeking new dealers for its bed.

            Atlas Enterprise Software

            ATLAS Enterprise Software

            ATLAS e-Script Portal

            e-Script portal gives HME and CRT providers seamless, efficient electronic order processing

            ATLAS Enterprise Software’s new ATLAS e-Script Portal facilitates electronic prescriptions for HME and CRT providers. Using a web browser to access the ATLAS e-Script Portal, the referral process can begin and be completed quickly and accurately. The e-Script Portal is also built into ATLAS Enterprise Software at no additional fee to its HME or CRT provider users. The addition of e-Scripts facilitates seamless, efficient, end-to-end order processing management for HME and CRT providers.


              DynaRest Multi-Zone Foam Pressure Mattress

              DynaRest Multi Zone Foam Pressure Mattress

              The DynaRest Multi-Zone Foam Pressure Mattress is a pressure redistribution mattress designed to help prevent pressure wounds. The mattress is constructed from horizontal, precision-cut, high-density foam with multiple pressure redistribution zones to reduce shear friction and facilitate airflow. The mattress features a non-skid bottom for added safety and a removable fluid-resistant cover that is easy to clean. An anti-contamination zipper beneath the mattress helps to minimize foam core contamination. Ideal for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care, and homecare. The mattress has a 350 lb. capacity and is also available with a perimeter for added security.

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