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Respiratory Navigators

Encore TeleRespiratory Family of Services

Encore manages patient outcomes (not just equipment). TeleRespiratory is the delivery of respiratory therapy using telecommunications technologies without a respiratory therapist physically present at the point of care. Encore’s Respiratory Navigators create a care experience that helps oxygen, ventilator, and CPAP patients manage their respiratory care from their homes.

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Stander Inc.

EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator HD

EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator-HD

The EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator-HD is lightweight and portable, yet stands up to heavy duty use. It supports up to 500 lbs., and folds two to three times smaller than the average bariatric rollator, and includes a premium stitched backrest, organizer basket, and pouch. It comes in two colors, Black Walnut and Regal Rose.

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AR Medical Technologies

MaskFit AR

MaskFit AR

MaskFit AR selects the best fitting PAP mask the first time. Having a global CPAP mask database while using AI and machine learning, MaskFit provides the accurate recommendations, and offers the unique ability to scan for nasal pillow size. MaskFit does not transmit or store any images and can be used in person or for remote mask fittings. MaskFit provides for optimum therapy success, while greatly reducing costs and waste.

    ATLAS Technology

    Atlas Technology

    ATLAS Technology Group

    ATLAS Technology Group supports Rehab Mobility Providers through an ecosystem of comprehensive tools and services for business optimization and enhanced patient experience:

    ATLAS Enterprise Software is the only Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool for the HME/DME and Rehab Mobility industry. Technology to process orders with operational efficiencies that improve delivery times and strengthen compliance with payer rules, resulting in faster payments. The software includes e-prescribe, referral acquisition management (RAM), and customer relationship management (CRM), all within a seamless, fully integrated cloudbased system; that provides real-time reporting.

    Telehealth Clinical Evals partners with HME/DME and Rehab Mobility industry Providers for patient equipment evaluations. Evaluation types include power and manual mobility equipment, hospital beds, etc. Our licensed physicians and therapists provide F2F evaluation, PT/OT mobility evaluations. Compliant, Convenient, and Efficient for patients in their home or in a facility.

    ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES) affords the ATP to conduct the integrated patient mobility evaluation within the software and sends it seamlessly to the therapist who also uses ACES to conduct their patient mobility evaluation. Together the ATP and PT/OT collaborate to determine the correct equipment for the specific patient diagnosis. Improves a provider’s E2D significantly.

    ATLAS–FIOS business services unit with a focus on the patient experience with a goal of 100 percent patient retention for future patient equipment care, sales and revenue generation. ATLAS–FIOS comes alongside providers to develop business policies, efficient facilities and effective technology tools, as well as to educate company technicians to become certified by DMERT as a Professional Service Technicians.

      Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

      Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

      Accreditation. Certification. Confidence For All.

      The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that supports quality patient care by offering Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-deemed accreditation for businesses and highly valued DMEPOS certifications for professionals.

      Accredit a DME/HME Facility with BOC. BOC provides guidance from experts to DME and HME suppliers seeking to earn or maintain accreditation—from application to site survey to reaccreditation. BOC offers in-person and expedited site surveys and is recognized by Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other third-party payers. Plus, BOC-accredited businesses receive personalized assistance as their business grows, making it easy to add new product categories in compliance with CMS policies and standards.

      Reassign an Accreditation with BOC. BOC’s in-house reassignment experts are available to answer questions and provide support throughout the reassignment process.

      Earn a Professional Certification with BOC. Becoming certified as a provider or employing certified professionals not only differentiates an HME business from the competition, but also supports compliance with Medicare Human Resource Quality Standards. Get certified as a BOC durable medical equipment specialist (CDME).

      BOC credentials assure patients, physicians, government agencies/representatives and the public at large of the competence, professionalism and safe practices followed by BOC-certified professionals and BOC-accredited businesses. With national renown and ten prestigious Stevie Awards earned for innovation and outstanding customer service, BOC is committed to ensuring its standards of excellence are mirrored in every area of service.

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      Brightree by ResMed

      Brightree Digital Experience

      For post-acute care organizations, resupply can be a complex process—even more so when managing multiple lines of therapy. Brightree ReSupply is an industry-leading innovation providing single-source data capabilities to support frictionless workflows and business optimization for a flawless patient experience.

      Brightree’s multi-therapy ReSupply program is designed to increase the frequency of fulfillment via automated, cloud-based technology, which can improve patient care and profitability exponentially.

      By utilizing Brightree’s new solution, businesses can leave behind the antiquated manual processes surrounding resupply, including scheduling, document retrievals and signoffs, identifying and remedying at-risk populations, and upholding compliance requirements. With Brightree’s cohesive, zero-touch approach, providers can access analytics tools that help them measure outcomes, track performance through KPIs, and identify areas of missed opportunities. Expanding far beyond CPAP supply ordering to include the multiple disease states spanning diabetic care, urology, wound management, and infant feeding, businesses can maximize preorders and secure fulfillment more quickly and accurately than ever before.

      Boosting efficiencies can lead to referral satisfaction across the care continuum by building trust with physicians who feel confident their patients’ resupply outcomes are achieved.

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      Computers Unlimited


      TIMS Patient Subscriptions

      TIMS Patient Subscriptions streamlines and automates the patient resupply process. The application offers easy set-up, provides intuitive use and is designed to drastically reduce labor costs. Key integration points include patient auto-enrollment; automated compliance checks (eligibility, utilization, documentation, and authorizations); patient contact options (phone, email, text, or IVR); and auto-generated qualified orders. Qualified orders are automatically generated and queued to ship minimizing inventory holding costs and distribution expenses. Visit CU’s website to learn more and watch an introductory video

      More about Computers Unlimited and TIMS: In the present competitive climate, providers need automation, security, and performance to grow and succeed. TIMS offers a comprehensive business management solution for home medical equipment providers. Whether a provider is seeking a cloud-hosted or traditional on-premises option, the choice is theirs. Computers Unlimited’s software suite includes revenue-qualifying patient intake, efficiency-boosting workflows, automated resupply, compliance-based document management, data analytics and reporting, collections and denials worklist, mobile delivery, ePurchasing, eDrop shipping, asset tracking, inventory management, and more. Through technology, tradition, and transformation, Computers Unlimited functions like a strategic partner and delivers a mix of software, service, and support designed to help HME businesses grow.

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      The Team@Work Range of Services

      Team@Work comes alongside of home medical equipment and complex rehab providers through sales and leadership training, coaching, and the development of sales processes. The Team@Work Sales Process transforms individuals and builds structure to increase productivity, gain market share, and grow referrals.

      Team@Work Sales BootCamp is the only sales training program that offers one on one coaching for all participants. This has been a valuable asset to the provider and sales professionals alike. This strengthens positive sales disciplines and behaviors. Continually adapting to the evolving medical community, Sales BootCamp is built on real-life and ongoing field experiences and active sales calls conducted by Coach Ty Bello.

      Team@Work Special Forces Sales Training is the first Clinical Based Sales Program. Special Forces Sales Training builds on Sales BootCamp and is for both the non-clinician and clinician and will provide a clinical knowledge base to all sales professionals, reinforced by the sales process and discipline developed in Sales BootCamp.

      Team@Work Fractional Sales Leader offers training, coaching, leadership and sales process development for those HME and Complex Rehab Providers who today work without a Sales Leader on their team.

      Team@Work Transforming Leadership Program is for all HME and Complex Rehab leadership team members. Thousands of individuals have completed the leadership and coaching program with Team@Work. This offering goes beyond the principles of leadership and provides application for where each leader and their team is and where they need to grow.


        GentleCath Air for Men

        GentleCath Air for Men

        GentleCath Air intermittent catheters for men have many features that make them easy and comfortable to use, whether at home or on the go. The most obvious feature is the unique, masculine pouch design which offers discreet portability. The black GentleCath Air pouch resembles a luxury grooming product, making it a great option for men to use confidently when away from home.

        Proprietary FeelClean Technology distinguishes GentleCath Air from hydrophilic coated catheters. FeelClean Technology integrates hydrophilic properties in the catheter – instantly creating a smooth, slippery surface when pure water is released inside the pouch. FeelClean Technology has been shown to provide ‘superior comfort’ to users of GentleCath intermittent catheters. It enables extended use time by not drying out and not sticking. Additionally, there is less residual mess as a result of FeelClean Technology.

        A Handling Sleeve offers controlled use and reduces the risk of contamination. Additionally, men can use the Handling Sleeve to easily twist and tuck the used catheter back into the resealable pouch for discreet disposal.GentleCath Air™ with FeelClean™ Technology offers gamechanging relief and helps men have a confident, comfortable, and clean cathing experience.

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        ACU-Serve Corp.



        A national HME revenue cycle management solutions provider, ACU-Serve helps its customers with intake, documentation retrieval, AR follow-up and collections, resupply management and consulting. For 30 years, it has been a strategic business partner to HME providers across the United States. It offers more than 220 US-based employees combined with over 400 outsourced partners, allowing ACU-Serve to offer a cost-effective full-service solution.

        ACU-Serve processes in excess of $1 billion annually through its proprietary software, ACU-Insight. ACU-Insight was developed by ACU-Serve to accommodate a client base with varied software platforms across numerous states and payers. This business analytics tool collects data from multiple facets of a provider’s organization and delivers it in an actionable manner. By intelligently queuing up only the claims that need work and eliminating unnecessary touches, ACU-Serve can reduce the number of claims being touched and lower the cost to its clients. ACU-Insight provides complete visibility and full transparency into a provider’s business, giving it the freedom to grow while collecting more, faster.

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        It’s You Babe LLC

        V2 Supporter

        It’s You Babe V2 Supporter

        It’s You Babe V2 Supporter is recommended by Physical Therapists and Pelvic Floor Therapists to apply adjustable compression to vulvar varicosities, pelvic organ prolapse (POP) of the bladder or uterus, post-surgical edema, genital lymphedema, pelvic congestion and feeling like ‘everything is going to fall out the bottom.’ It’s You Babe V2 Supporter comfortably alleviates pain, pressure, and the burning sensations caused by prolapse lymphedema and swelling. Petite, Small, Medium & Large fit 90 to 225 pounds.

        It’s You Babe’s mission is to provide comfort and relief by delivering safe and effective support products to embrace pregnancy and the pelvic floor. U.S. and international dealers are welcome, and the product is certified to ship to the U.K. and European Nations. To contact, email, call (989) 544-2988, or fax (855) 499-2223. The V2 Support is U.S.-made in Michigan.

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        Tactical Back Office

        Tactical Back Office

        Tactical Back Office

        Tactical Back Office offers a unique approach to HME provider staffing by training and connecting remote workers with U.S. HME providers to balance their staffing needs. Its employees learn in a functioning healthcare environment and Tactical Back Office trains them in real-time, with real situations. They don’t get trained in a sandbox; providers can expect every team member to be ready with the elementary and intermediate knowledge and experience needed for the job.

        Tactical Back Office also cares about its team members. It pays them well, provides benefits and supports team members’ well-being. Some personnel may have new families and live far from metropolitan areas where the commute may be upwards of two hours. We want them to have as much time with their family as possible. If they prove to meet minimum qualifications, we will allow personnel to work from home.

          Cardinal Health

          Cardinal Health at-Home

          Cardinal Health at-Home

          Cardinal Health at-Home is a national distributor of home medical supplies and can be a partner for HME provider businesses. Through comprehensive solutions tailored to the provider’s business, it helps improve the patient experience through reliable distribution. The distribution capabilities of Cardinal Health at-Home help providers focus on revenue-driving activities such as exploring new business opportunities or navigating billing complexities with payors. Cardinal Health at Home operates 10 distribution centers located across the country to provide an effective and efficient delivery experience that is specifically for in-home care.

            Sunset Healthcare Solutions

            Humidoflo High Flow Nasal Cannula

            Humidoflo High Flow Nasal Cannula

            Humidoflo improves patient compliance with greater convenience, comfort and freedom than NIV masks. With NHF therapy, patients benefit from warmed, humidified oxygen at a higher flow rate than from conventional oxygen delivery devices and more than peak inspiratory airflow. Humidoflo’s minimal design allows patients to eat, drink and talk during treatment. Includes both a standard ISO connector and F&P adaptor, making it compatible with almost any humidifier. Features kink-free prongs and flexible, low-noise tubing.

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            Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc.

            F&P Evora Full

            F&P Evora Full

            F&P Evora Full is Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s new compact full-face mask for the delivery of CPAP therapy to treat OSA. Evora Full delivers full performance with minimal contact. Evora Full sits under the nose for a clear line of sight. There are three seal sizes available: Extra Small, Small to Medium, and Large and two head gear sizes; Standard and Extra Large.

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