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Modular Ramp

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps solve issues with decks, porches that cause uneven slopes

If an underlying deck or porch slopes from right to left across the doorway, a threshold ramp with adjustable feet can be the best option. With its supported threshold ramps and adjustable threshold ramps, Acces4U aims to address the challenge of matching America’s doorways with ramps that create a smooth, bump-free transition for users. Adjustable ramps can be used for uneven surfaces and for doors that swing out, while supported ramps have a fixed height with ribs underneath that rest directly against the doorframe. Thanks to their design, supported ramps can be used with doors that swing in or out. Custom sizes available to buyers with differing needs.

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Sigvaris Inc.



EVERSHEER combines fashion and compression

Compression hosiery does not typically go well with business or formal dress. EVERSHEER, however, offers medical graduated compression hosiery that is both fashionable and comfortable. EVERSHEER comes in seven different colors: Dark Navy, Natural, Sun Tan, Café, Mocha, Nightshade and Black. New colors Toasted Almond and Warm Sand will be available in September. This hosiery is ideally suited for pre- and post- vein treatment with minimal edema patients who prefer fashionable options.

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VGM Market Data

The VGM Group

Market Data 2.0

Market data tools help providers capitalize on opportunities

VGM’s Market Data 2.0 helps providers leverage a comprehensive DME claims database and put their data to work to maximize referrals and identify new growth opportunities. With Market Data 2.0 users can find and evaluate potential new markets by product volume; focus on market intelligence on high-volume physicians by product; and quantify their market potential with state- or county-based market share analysis.

    Principle Business Enterprise

    Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

    OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

    Absorbent underwear helps deliver an uninterrupted night’s sleep

    Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear is designed to provide extended wear time and to hold up to 1 quart of fluid overnight. Its peach core keeps skin dry, reduces odor and neutralized urine pH, and the pull-on style with easy tear-away side panels provides easy and clean removal. It is available in sizes from XS to 2XL.

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    Active Mom Maternity Support Belt

    Active Mom Maternity Support Belt

    Support for moms trying to stay fit during pregnancy

    • The belt is suitable for the gym, walking, running, or just receiving extra support during the day.
    • The medium-strength, 6 in. support belt has a compression design to help stabilize users’ hips and reduce low back pressure.
    • The adjustable belt is designed to grow and change along with a woman’s body all the way through to postpartum recovery.
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    Noble House

    Noble House


    Noble*Direct v11 offers suite of new features

    The latest version of Noble*Direct, provides a range tools necessary to streamline providers’ daily activities and manage their workflows. Features include Integrated patient flow control software, enhanced security and patient eligibility using an SQL database. A Same or Similar (SoS) feature allows providers to check if a patient has received equipment, and Noble Trax feature allows providers to tack and monitor their deliveries by driver.

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    Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

    HDMS Pharmacy

    HDMS Pharmacy

    Billing software provides both professional and NCPCP claims

    With the release of its HDMS Pharmacy software, Universal Software Solutions aims to help providers of TPN, IV therapy, home infusion therapy and compound and standard prescription drugs efficiently process prescriptions. The software bills both professional claims and NCPCP claims so that pharmacy providers who also supply equipment are able to create one order for all goods and services that are purchased. In addition, the program receives and processes electronic prescriptions via the SureScripts integration, allowing the workflow to continue uninterrupted. Compounds created with its TPN Calculator can be sent to any Baxter machine, and the software also creates an auto-generated ASAP compliance controlled substance report for efficient regulatory compliance.

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    Model Ci

    Model Ci

    Power wheelchair connects with Bluetooth app to drive remotely, manage speed

    Driving across rough terrain is not a problem for the WHILL Model Ci power wheelchair, equipped with large wheels and two powerful motors that make for smoother rides. The wheelchair is also connected to mobile devices through Bluetooth app controls that allow the rider to drive remotely, lock and unlock and manage speed settings from their phone. Users can also quickly disassemble the chair into three components (seat, front driver base and rear driver base) that can easily fit into a car trunk. Accessories include smart keys, lap belts, footrest adapters, and spare batteries.

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    AirFit N30

    AirFit N30

    ResMed is offering a new option for sleep apnea treatment with its AirFit N30, the first tube-down nasal cradle CPAP mask with a front-facing tube. The company's lightest mask yet, the AirFit N30 features adjustable elastic headgear and a nasal cradle cushion sitting under the nasal bridge to eliminate soreness in that area. With its curved cushion, the mask is designed to provide a secure seal regardless of how the user sleeps or moves during sleep. The product is now available in the United States, with more countries to follow.

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    GCE Healthcare

    Zen-O and Zen-O lite


    POCs help patients stay active, provider stay informed

    GCE Healthcare’s Zen-O and Zen-O lite portable oxygen concentrators. give patients the increased freedom and confidence they need to live active lifestyles. Featuring Rate Responsive Therapy, the devices automatically adjust to the needs of the patient maintaining FiO2 levels as breath rate increases. In addition, GCE Healthcare features Clarity Connected Care, a remote monitoring system for the Zen-O POC. Clarity allows Home Oxygen Providers and patients to monitor their devices on any platform anywhere in the world.

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    The Shower Shirt

    Water-resistant garment protects post-surgery patients

    • Protects patients with post-surgical drains, tubes, dialysis catheters and medi-ports from water while showering.
    • Originally created for post-mastectomy patients so that they could bathe safely and reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Helps reduce the risk of infection by keeping water away from the surgical paraphernalia sutured into the patient’s skin.
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    McKesson Medical-Surgical

    McKesson VerbalCare

    McKesson VerbalCare

    Patient communication platform drives efficiency for HMEs

    Regardless of a patient’s location, HMEs can connect with them using McKesson VerbalCare to offer guidance on the path to better health. The cloud-based platform allows businesses to receive resupply orders, obtain sign-offs and customize their communications with each patient without ever needing to set up an appointment or phone call. Thanks to the efficiency provided by the system, providers can spend more time growing referrals and less time following up with patients by phone or in person. In addition, the company says VerbalCare can help maximize the CPAP reimbursement for HMEs.

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    Responsive Respiratory Inc.

    Purify O3 Sanitizer

    Purify O3 Sanitizer

    Portable CPAP sanitizer gives patients hospital-grade disinfection at home

    Offering an affordable alternative to other disinfectors for sleep patients, the portable Purify O3 Sanitizer is sold only through home medical providers. Using activated oxygen technology to disinfect medical equipment within 35 minutes, the sanitizer provides hospital-grade disinfection with no additional solutions required. Compact, lightweight and cost-effective, the product ensures that patients no longer have to purchase extra equipment or products, including adapters, filters or replacement bags, to clean their reusable medical devices. The Purify O3 sanitizer, which is registered with the FDA, represents Responsive Respiratory’s entrance into the PAP disinfection space.

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    van Halem Group - A Division of VGM Group, Inc.

    the van Halem Group

    HIPAAwise HIPAAcompliance

    Van Halem Group offers special discount on HIPAA-compliance software

    The van Halem Group’s HIPAAwise HIPAAcompliance software helps companies manage a successful HIPAA compliance program in one platform. Contracts executed at the show will receive a 50 percent discount off implementation fee, a savings of more than $375. Also, the company is offering Monthly Compliance Packages designed to augment providers’ existing compliance program and help ensure their program is meeting the expectations of the OIG. Receive 10 percent off the monthly compliance package rate for the first 12 months.

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    Sunset Healthcare Solutions

    slim CPAP tube

    Slim CPAP Tube

    Latex-free slim CPAP tube built to last

    Offering a highly durable solution to patients using CPAP machines, Sunset Healthcare Solutions’ slim CPAP tube is designed to reduce tearing and last for longer periods. The tube has a strain relief cuff that decreases separation and tearing in addition to being one of the lightest tubes on the market, coming in at 2.6 ounces. With virtually no memory, it’s meant to stay in position and not get kinks that make it uncomfortable for patients hoping to use the same product again and again for their machines. The product is latex-free and compatible with nearly all CPAP, BiPap and BiLevel systems for every manufacturer on the market.

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