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Sleep 8 Inc.

Sleep 8

Sleep 8

Sleep 8 introduces portable PAP cleaner

The Sleep 8 is a portable CPAP and BiPAP sanitizer with a universal design that accommodates all CPAP masks and heated and non-heating tubing. Using a waterless Activated Oxygen System, the Sleep 8 kills 99 percent of germs. The device can be powered via a wall outlet or built-in rechargeable battery, and users can use the Sleep 8 while it charges. The cleaning chamber can handle a full-face mask and 12 feet of tubing.

  • (888) 549-9799

Breas USA

Vivo 65


Vivo65 ventilator treats respiratory diseases in children and adults

The Vivo65 ventilator from Breas Medical provides continuous or intermittent ventilator support for individuals who require mechanical ventilation. It is suitable for use in hospitals, postacute care institutions and the home and is indicated for both adult and pediatric patients under 11 pounds. Due to an accurate volume delivery and responsive trigger system, the Vivo65 is a practical choice for pediatric treatment, according to the company. Its intuitive interface makes the device easy to use.

  • (844) 848-6872


Modular Ramp

Access4U Modular Ramps

Customized modular ramps make homes ADA compliant

  • Aluminum modular ramps and platforms are customized to clients’ homes and match ADA guidelines for ramp widths.
  • Accessories include mesh deck, stairs, gates, picket railings, ground platforms and angled platforms.
  • Features handrails and slip-resistant walking surfaces for safety.
  • (800) 355-7025




Wellsky showcasing software solutions for dynamic HME care providers

CareTend, an HME software solution from Wellsky, is capable of managing multi-site operations, complex workflows, and growing patient populations. From a single location, providers can keep tabs on multiple inventory locations and equipment maintenance, repairs and tracking. Billing solutions allow providers to manage Medicare, commercial and private pay sources, autogenerate recertification for physician orders and batch claims creation from one screen. With instant eligibility checks for Medicare and commercial payers, providers can create orders in less time and with fewer errors. With CareTend Anywhere, providers can access the CareTend system from any location and on any device that has an Internet connection.

  • (855) 935-5759


M108 label

M108 label

QS/1 pharmacy management software adds label adherence packaging

QS/1 has added M108 label to their pharmacy management software. With the M108 label routine, pharmacies can fill medications as well as order directions for patient use for specialized medication adherence packaging. Along with the label, pharmacists receive a bi-fold blister card for the medications, which staff can assemble themselves. Both the detailed directions and packaging are meant to increase patient compliance with the prescriber’s instructions.

  • (866) 925-8356

Mobility Lifter

Mobility Lifter LIFTKAR PT


Mobility Lifter introduces versatile line of portable stair climbers

  • Product line includes three models of battery-powered, attendant-operated Portable Stair Climbers: PT-U, PT-S and PT-A.
  • Unites accommodate both indoor and outdoor use on angled, curved or spiral stairs, as well as most surfaces, including carpet, wood, steel and concrete.
  • Environmental modifications in the home or business are not required for use.
  • (615) 530-1374

Bonafide Management Systems

Bonafide Management Systems the #1 ERP for DME

Facility Portal

Bonafide Facility Portal helps HMEs tap into a revenue opportunity

The new Facility Portal lets HME providers sell directly to healthcare facilities through an online shopping portal, which is linked to the providers back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems. Nurses and other healthcare workers can create patient profiles, place rental and sale orders, suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm, allow for an approval process and schedule delivery, service and pickup.

  • (805) 777-7666

Prairie View Industries


Wheel-A-Bout Ramp

PVI Ramps introduces new portable ramp

  • Ramp is easily stored upright and transported on wheels to site for simple setup.
  • 30 inches wide and available in lengths of 10 and 12 feet.
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty.
  • (800) 554-7267


microAir Therapeutic Support Surfaces

microAir Therapeutic Support Surfaces

Invacare introduces line of therapeutic support surfaces

Invacare’s line of microAir Therapeutic Support Surfaces offers a wide range of mattresses and surfaces, including a 2-in-1 Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss mattress and a 3-in-1 Alternating Pressure True Air Loss mattress as well as Pulsation and Rotation therapies. The micoAir Therapeutic Support Surfaces are suitable for a number of user conditions from low risk to Stage IV pressure injuries and support up to a 1000 pound weight capacity.

  • (800) 333-6900

Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

HDMS Pharmacy

HDMS Pharmacy

HDMS Pharmacy offers multi-faceted e-prescription solutions

HDMS Pharmacy is an e-prescription software that lets providers of total parenteral nutrition (TPN), IV therapy, infusion therapy, compound drugs and standard prescription drugs adjudicate, fill and deliver. The software bills National Council for Prescription Drugs (NCPDP) and ANSI X12 claims, receives and processes electronic prescriptions without leaving the screen, auto-generate ASAP-complaint controlled sub-substance reports, automatically builds and tailors providers’ claim files and house both pharmacy drugs and DME/HME equipment and supplies in one order. Additionally, users can pass compounds to any Baxter machine.

  • (810) 653-5000

AMF-Bruns of America

EasyPull Winch & Restraint System

EasyPull Winch & Restraint System

Ramp winch and restraint system loads and secures wheelchairs

  • Winch and restraint system pulls the wheelchair and passenger up the ramp and into the vehicle and secures the wheelchair to the vehicle.
  • Features automatic tensioning; signal sounds to indicate if wheelchair is unlatched; two speed levels; and a compact design.
  • Meets the applications of RESNA, WC18, ISO 10542 and DIN 7500-2.
  • (877) 506-3770

Philips Respironics



Philips Sleep & Respiratory unveils over-the-nose CPAP mask

The DreamWisp is the first over-the-nose nasal CPAP mask designed with a top-of-the-head tube to help sleep apnea patients sleep more comfortably. Instead of sitting in front of the face, the tube sits atop the head and connects to an over-the-nose nasal mask, allowing users to move freely throughout the night.

  • (800) 659-9235

Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Aquatec Ergo Shower and Commode Chairs

Aquatec Ergo Shower and Commode Chairs

Clarke rolls out new line of shower and commode chairs

  • Features new contoured seats and overlays for a more upright and stable seating position and a 5-degree pre-tilt seat.
  • Stainless steel frame requires low-maintenance from users and caregivers.
  • Ergo line includes the Ergo Dual VIP tilt and recline, Ergo VIP tilt-in-space with increased tilt angle, and Ergo transit and Ergo SP self-propelled models.
  • (888) 347-4537

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc.

Sleep Style CPAP

Sleep Style CPAP

F&P displays Sleep Style CPAP that emphasizes ease of use

The F&P Sleep Style CPAP machine comes with the American Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation for a simple design that makes the device easy to clean, fill and power on. With built-in Bluetooth technology and the SleepStyle App, users can access their sleep data and track their CPAP therapy progress online. F&P’s auto-adjusting algorithms work throughout the night to detect when users wake up and to reduce pressure to a more comfortable level.

  • (877) 707-5454, ext. 4


Brightree Pharmacy

Brightree Pharmacy

Brightree enhances its pharmacy platform

Brightree Pharmacy is a single platform for clinical, billing and reporting needs, which now includes Care Plans, Test claims and ePrescribe workflows. Care Plans lets providers customize plans of care in accordance with accreditation requirements, and Test Claims assesses reimbursement before patient referrals are accepted and products are delivered. The new ePrescribe feature enables communication in the prescriber’s electronic health record (EHR) workflow to automatically input patient referrals, intake forms and prescriptions.

  • (844) 438-2783

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