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Free2Go Rollator

Free2Go Rollator

Free2Go Rollator combines mobility with bathroom safety

The Free2Go Rollator is both a walker and a toilet safety device rolled into one product, which allows a user to discreetly use a toilet safely in any setting. The toilet seat is covered by a flip-up padded seat, which contains a pouch for disposable wipes for cleaning the seat after use. The walker allows for adjustable handle height at 33.5 in. – 38 in. and a seat weight capacity of 300 lbs.

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OxyGo Introduces its Most Portable POC

  • Weighs 2.8 pounds and includes the three-setting Intelligent Pulse dose, delivering 210 milliliters of oxygen per setting.
  • Three-hour battery life or an optional five-hour battery.
  • Bluetooth enabled with patient app and provider portal.
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Nuprodx multiCHAIR 6000

multiCHAIR 6000

Nuprodux compact tub slider system makes bathroom transfers safer

The Nuprodx multiCHAIR 6000 is a tub slider system designed for in-home setup. The slider system utilizes a center-of-mass design to centralize the user’s weight through the entire 30 degree tilt range, which allows for a more compact base for small tubs and safer bathroom transfers. The seat height adjusts 24.5 in. to 27.5 in. and comes with optional 17 in. L x 20 in. W or 20 in. L x 17 in. W frame and cushion size. Its aircraft-grade aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic frame ensures that the slider system will not rust or corrode and can support up to 300 lbs. in weight.

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Sunset Healthcare Solutions

O2 Cylinder Roller Bags

O2 Cylinder Roller Bags

Versatile Roller Bags Make Oxygen Transport Easier

  • A versatile and easy way to transport oxygen tanks.
  • The CSBD2-Roller accommodates two D or E tanks and features three grommets for oxygen tubing and one side-zipper storage pocket.
  • The CSBD1-Roller accommodates a single D or E tank, converts into a backpack with two padded straps, and features four grommets for oxygen tubing and two storage pockets.
  • (877) 578-6738

MHI Safe-er-Grip

Safe-er-Grip Changing Lifestyles Line

Balance Bar

Suction balance bar lends flexibility to safety and support

Balance Bars add safety and a sense of security to bathrooms, but they often require tools and help for proper installation. To simplify the installation process, Safe-er-Grip’s balance bar uses suction cups to fasten itself to surfaces to smooth, flat and nonporous surfaces, like a tile wall or bathtub. Users only need to press down and release the tab levers on both ends of the bar to fasten and loosen for easy installation and removal. The bar comes in sizes 11 in., 17 in. and 24 in.

  • (800) 371-3509

Principle Business Enterprise

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

Absorbent underwear helps deliver an uninterrupted night's sleep

  • Designed to provide extended wear time and to hold up to 1 quart of fluid overnight.
  • The peach core keeps skin dry, reduces odor and neutralized urine pH.
  • The pull-on style with easy tear-away side panels provides easy and clean removal.
  • (800) 367-1074

Computers Unlimited

TIMS Delivery

TIMS Delivery

TIMS Delivery gives flexible access to DME software

TIMS Delivery is a DME software application designed to streamline providers’ organizational processes, including claims processing, billing, and delivery. Providers can use the TIMS mobile app, which synchs in real-time to the business’s network, to access patient information, check inventory and pricing, scan barcodes, submit forms and access delivery prompts from anywhere.

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FreeStyle Comfort

FreeStyle Comfort

CAIRE debuts wearable portable oxygen concentrator

An estimated 12 million U.S. adults struggle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The new FreeStyle Comfort from CAIRE is a portable oxygen concentrator, designed to conform to the natural curve of the body for comfortable wear. The device weighs 5 lbs, and delivers up to 1050 milliliters of oxygen per second. It can be operated via wall outlet, motor vehicle outlet or by a rechargeable battery (8-cell or 6-cell replaceable packs). Designed also for air travel, the FreeStyle Comfort is also FAA compliant for commercial flights.

  • (800) 874-0202

Principle Business Enterprise

Tranquility AIR-Plus Bariatric Brief

AIR-Plus Bariatric Briefs

AIR-Plus Bariatric Briefs allow for breathable wear

Tranquility’s AIR-Plus Bariatric Brief is a 100 percent breathable brief with microscopic that allow moisture vapor to escape, increasing dryness and comfort. The peach absorbent core cuts down on odor and holds up to one quart of fluid. The briefs feature micro-hook closure tabs, inner leg cuffs and elastic leg gatherers and a dual wetness indicator. AIR-Plus Bariatric Brief is latex-free and available in sizes up to 4XL.

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Compliance Team

The Compliance Team Exemplary Provider Accreditation

Patient-Centered Respiratory Home

Accreditation specifically for home respiratory care providers

The first accreditation program specifically designed to help advanced respiratory care providers perform at the top of their license to better serve their “critical needs” patients The Compliance Team’s operations-based Exemplary Provider accreditation program for Patient-Centered Respiratory Home enhances patient management practices through concise measures the cover access issues, provider coordination, and communication between respiratory specialists and prescribers.

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Apacheta Corporation


Mobile Logistics Software

Cloud-based delivery logisticis for HME

Mobile logistics software Apacheta Corp. offers paperless proof of delivery solutions that reduce costs, audit risk and billing time. The company’s integrated platform provides logistics and delivery fleet optimization, real-time status, estimated delivery windows and service workflows to ensure standards are enforced. The software runs on commonly available and affordable iOS or Android-based mobile devices and browser-based fleet management services running in the cloud.

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van Halem Group - A Division of VGM Group, Inc.

van Halem Group

TPE/UPIC Audit Preparedness Kit

Preparedness kits for TPE/UPIC audits competitive bidding

The TPE/UPIC Audit Preparedness Kit lets providers use a proactive claims audit to ensure the services they provide are meeting coverage guidelines and aren’t at risk. Van Halem Group charges $250 for five claims or 10 for $475. The company’s Competitive Bid No More program includes a “prep kit” that includes a one-hour educational webinar on the product code(s) of providers’ choice as well as one hour of consultation time for review of forms and similar materials. Medtrade attendees can get the service get at a special price of $400.

  • (404) 343-1815


Astral Life Support Ventilator

Astral Life Support Ventilator

AutoEPAP for Life Support Ventilators now available in the U.S.

The Astral Life Support Ventilator from ResMed. ResMed has upgraded their life support ventilators by including Optional AutoEPAP in iVAPS for patients in the United States. AutoEPAP or automatic expiratory positive airway pressure automatically adjusts a user’s expiratory pressure in response to obstruction of the upper airway. Other upgrades to the Astral iVAPS include easily changeable mouthpieces and full face, nasal or pillow masks from a single limb circuit and customizable program names.

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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc.

sleep masks

Sleep Masks

F&P Showcases Family of Sleep Masks

The Fisher & Paykel family of sleep masks includes the Simplus, Eson 2, and Brevida. The Simplus incorporates three components: the RollFit Seal, ErgoForm Headgear and easy frame. The Eson features VisiBlue highlights that provide visual cues for more intuitive patient fitting and assembly. Lastly, Brevida features adjustable headgear and the AirPillow seal.

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VGM Government Relations

The VGM Group

DMEPOS Geographic Classifications

Mapping tool helps providers see DMEPOS Geographic Classifications

One of the various services VGM will be showing at its booth is a tool its VGM Government Relations group designed to help providers assess where CMS has deemed rural, non-rural and competitive bidding areas to be. Data is compiled from multiple public sources, and the maps are divided into four categories and contain the locations of critical access hospitals. Accessible on the VGM D.C. Link website under the Resource Center tab, interactive maps for all 50 states help providers determine under which ZIP code a category falls.

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