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Sigvaris Inc.

Comprefit Standard Calf & Foot

Comprefit Standard Calf & Foot

Lower limb garment strap system offers high range of adjustability for custom fit

  • Compression system for foot and calf comes with garment strap system that gives it high range of adjustability for accurate fit.
  • Overlapping bands mimic bandaging technique that allows for fluctuations in limb fluid volume.
  • Back spin of garment provides support and ensures firm, secure fit.
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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC



Lightweight stroller launched with more options for child seating and positioning

With the launch of the updated ZIPPIE Voyage lightweight stroller, Sunrise Medical has added more options to support growing children and their caregivers. The Voyage offers adjustable components to create a seating system customized to the child, accommodating a wide variety of ventilators and functional accessories like utility hooks, an O2 cylinder holder and a rear accessory platform. An enhanced folding mechanism is simple for parents, and a new stroller handle is angle and height adjustable to accommodate caregiver heights and preferences.

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Juzo Inc.

SoftCompress Arm Liner

SoftCompress Arm Liner

Liner serves as treatment aid for edema, prevents soft tissue fibrosis

  • Liners worn under bandages, compression wraps or garments can be used as effective treatment aid for edema.
  • Vertically stitched foam channels create differences in pressure, promoting lymph drainage and preventing soft tissue fibrosis.
  • Has machine washable material and saves time when applying bandaging.
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COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 tracker compares staff locations to areas with rising infection rates

To provide home-based care providers with more information about the spread of COVID-19, software company WellSky has teamed up with Qlik, a data analytics company, to launch the WellSky COVID-19 Tracker. Qlik has donated data analytics technology to create a heat map using clinical staff zip code data provided by client agencies. By comparing staff locations against confirmed COVID-19 cases., WellSky clients can track current hotspots, anticipate locations with rising infection rates and distribute PPE resources to areas that need it most.

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Gyroset Glory and Gyroset Vigo

Gyroset Glory and Gyroset Vigo devices

Bluetooth headset, now offered through Numotion, turns head into virtual joystick

As part of a new partnership, Numotion – the country’s largest complex rehab technology provider – will become the first U.S. distributor for NOW Technologies’ full line of next generation power wheelchair control systems. The Budapest-based NOW Tech offers products utilizing Bluetooth and gyroscopes that create smooth, intuitive proportional head control. The Gyroset Glory and Gyroset Vigo devices resemble a mobile phone headset that turns the user’s head into a virtual joystick. Other companion products create streamlined controls for chair tilt and recline.

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ITA-MED Style H-500 Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs

ITA-MED Style H-500 Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs

Anti-embolism stockings manage symptoms for post-operation, elderly patients

  • Light compression anti-embolism stockings help manage symptoms for bedridden patients undergoing surgical operations, particularly in elderly, neurological or polytraumatized patients.
  • Reduce possibility of venous stasis, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
  • Made with soft, gentle microfiber material makes for daily comfortable wear.
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GF Health Products

Lumex Knee Walker

Lumex Knee Walker

Knee walker provides comfortable option for patients healing from foot injuries

Ideal for patients recovering from foot surgery, Achilles injuries and foot breaks or sprains, the new Lumex Knee Walker can be a more comfortable alternative to crutches and help patients still carry out an active lifestyle. The walker comes with a built-in shock absorber designed to provide a smoother ride as well as a contoured, padded polyurethane knee pad for maximum comfort. Patients can use the product in indoor or outside environments and use the adjustable handle and knee pad to accommodate their specific height.

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Dr. Comfort

Merry-Jane Diabetic Support Sock

Merry-Jane Diabetic Support Sock

Diabetic socks feature nano bamboo charcoal fiber padding for comfort

  • Company specializing in diabetic footwear sells wide variety of socks for men and women’s preferences, specifically catering to styles like no-show and dress socks.
  • Nano bamboo charcoal fiber padding included in heel and forefoot for maximum comfort.
  • Y toe gores eliminates bunching, with ankle socks providing light arch support and durable cuff in variety of colors.
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SmartMonitor 2 PS

SmartMonitor 2 PS

Portable heart monitor captures diagnostic quality waveforms

Health care professionals can access detailed information about a patient’s heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation with Circadiance’s SmartMonitor 2 PS. The monitor includes Masimo SET technology, memory capacity of 4 MB, 15 hours of portable operation capability and a bright digital readout. Healthcare providers can capture and review diagnostic quality waveforms with the monitor’s Synergy-E Software. An easy-to-understand interface also incorporates universally recognized symbols that can help reduce language barriers. The product has a lightweight design and hospital or homecare selectable settings.

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Quantum Gen II

Quantum Gen II

Updated wheelchair securement station features new technology, lighter weight

With the release of the Quantum Gen II, Q’STRAINT is enhancing the CRT industry’s first virtually autonomous wheelchair securement station. The product allows mobility device passengers to self-secure within 25 seconds with minimal assistance. Faster installation, modular serviceability and a 10% lighter weight are new features of the Gen II model. In addition, the product is equipped with ITS Technology that can be integrated with most transit agencies’ proprietary operating systems, providing planners with data on ridership patterns, dwell times and mobility seating availability.

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Alex Orthopedic

Opaque Knee High for Him & Her Socks

Opaque Knee High for Him & Her Socks

Distinct 'his and hers' styles available for wide range of compression patients

  • Manufacturer offers distinct styles of socks for compression customers: Alex For Him, Alex For Him & Her, and Alex For Her.
  • Styles range from thigh-high and pantyhose to knee-high and trouser socks with compression ranges from 15-20 MmHg to 30-40 MmHg.
  • Accessories can include SockAid, which helps patients put on socks and stockings without bending over.
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Nautilus Medical

TeleRay platform

TeleRay Platform

Telehealth platform aims to increase technological capabilities, reach for providers

Through a partnership with PDI Communication Systems, a top manufacturer of TVs for hospitals, Nautilus Medical has launched a new telehealth platform solution for healthcare providers, patients and senior living residents. The platform is built with an intuitive user experience and integrated camera/mic on hospital TV displays that makes it easier for doctors to conduct patient video calls. Combining hardware with Nautilus Medical’s HIPAA-compliant TeleRay platform, the partnership hopes to increase the reach and capabilities of telehealth solutions for healthcare providers, patients and their families.

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medi USA

medi vision

medi vision

Custom fitting software minimizes contact, ensures accurate fit

  • Software blends digital scanning, encryption and B2B technologies to create first fully integrated patient measuring experience.
  • Minimal contact custom fitting process eliminates pulling and prodding of tape measurements and is fully mobile.
  • Ordering garments is made easier with 3-D image created during consultation.
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Inspired by Drive

Miko Tilt-in-Space Mobility Base

Miko Tilt in Space Mobility Base

Lightweight mobility base gives pressure relief, easy transport for child

Designed to grow with the child, the new Miko Tilt-in-Space Mobility Base features a tilt-in-space wheelbase and fully reversible Flexi seating system. The chair offers pressure relief by redistributing the pressure of the child’s back and shifting it away from posterior locations. The Quick-Lok seating interface allows the seat to be adjusted from a forward to rear-facing position, while the lightweight frame folds for quick and easy transport. The Miko with Flexi comes with a rear wheel lock, under-seat carrier and fold-away canopy.

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GreenWay Herbal Products LLC

Tanasi Water-Soluble 480mg Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate

Tanasi Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate

Soothe your smoothie with water-soluble hemp extract drink concentrate

A few drops of Tanasi Water-Soluble 480mg Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate gives a little bump to your favorite beverage. The concentrate is a cannabinoid concentration that starts in a powder form. Each 240mg bottle contains a concentration of the cannabinoids CBDa/CBD, and each drop contains 2mg. The Tanasi brand is the first to provide a line of CBD products developed by a team of PhDs in a university setting.

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