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Stander Inc.

Trust Care Lets Go Indoor Rollator

Let’s Go Indoor Rollator

Indoor rollator gives patients increased functionality and value

Stander’s new Let’s Go Indoor Rollator from Trust Care opens a new “indoor rollator” category for your store. That means you have the opportunity to sell a second rollator for indoor use to existing, or new rollator users. The convenient tray table and basket serve as a caddies for getting items from point A to point B around the home, and the tray is also used as a TV tray while sitting. A one-handed brake allows the user with limited dexterity to grip and brake the handle, and also gives you a free hand to carry items if needed.

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Prochant Inc.


Pharmacy Reimbursement Solutions

Reimbursement solution manages entire billing function

Prochant’s pharmacy reimbursement solutions tackle troubling key performance indicators, high staff turnover, reduced reimbursement, and rising labor rates so that providers can focus on caring for their patients and growing their business. Solutions include full-service billing, a suite of services that manage providers’ entire billing function, and process outsourcing, which allows providers to outsource where they need it most. The Prochant team becomes a seamless extension of the provider’s.

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Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy

Business Management Solution for Pharmacy

All in one software solution for HME/DME pharmacies

Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy is an all-in-one solution that helps HME pharmacies optimize business processes, meet compliance requirements and provide high-quality patient care. The comprehensive suite of solutions brings automation to every step of the pharmacy workflow – from referrals and patient intake through receivables and reporting. It also consolidates HME and pharmacy into one patient record that can capture new patient referrals, prescriptions and eligibility verifications electronically. With HME and pharmacy in one system, the technology streamlines clinical, billing and reporting activities and uses this information to provide accurate business performance data that spans a provider’s entire business.

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Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

Virtual Site Surveys

Virtual Site Surveys help ensure DMEPOS accreditation renewal

BOC Virtual Site Surveys leverage technology to enable facility owners to comply with CMS requirements when an in-person visit is not possible, like the present situation due to the pandemic. Virtual Site Surveys take place in real-time, replicating standard procedures. An independent surveyor coordinates an online ‘meeting’ to conduct a virtual tour of the facility. If BOC awards accreditation, an additional in-person site visit will follow as soon as it is safe and possible. BOC virtual surveys also are eligible for BOC’s expedited service, which guarantees a visit from a surveyor within 10 business days.

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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc.



Compact nasal mask features the world's first CapFit headgear

Introducing the F&P Evora, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s new compact nasal mask for the delivery of PAP therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The Evora features the world’s first CapFit headgear and F&P’s next generation of Dynamic Support Technology. With Dynamic Support Technology, the stability wings work in synergy with the floating seal to allow freedom of movement while keeping the Evora comfortably in place. Minimal and unobtrusive, the floating seal wraps around the nose to ensure a flexible and comfortable fit. The stability wings are designed to keep the floating seal in place.

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Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

Distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management

New distinctions for DMEPOSaccredited providers

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) has developed two new distinctions for DMEPOS-accredited organizations. The Distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management, a recognition that allows providers to demonstrate expertise in managing respiratory conditions, and the Distinction in Custom Mobility, a designation that recognizes first-rate providers of custom mobility products, will further help providers demonstrate their commitment to patients’ quality of life. Each of these distinctions is available to providers accredited under the ACHC DMEPOS program.

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Assist ramp


New Assist threshold ramp providers users with handrails

The Assist, with a slip-resistant walking surface and sturdy handrails, affords users safe, stable access to porches, tiered sidewalks, curbs, and about every one-step level change in a living area. Assist is readily available in 36” wide 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft. lengths, though customizable to user needs. Proper installation of Assist requires anchoring and the handrails can be attached in a few minutes.

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Sunset Healthcare Solutions

Heated CPAP Tube

Heated CPAP Tube

Heated CPAP tube available for DreamStation and PR System One

The Sunset Heated CPAP Tube for DreamStation and PR System One humidifiers brings a popular design to a new great value product. The Heated CPAP Tube aims to improve compliance by preventing rainout and increasing comfort. It features strain relief cuffs and an auto safety shut-off for optimal performance. The Sunset Heated CPAP Tube is UL Recognized and holds a 510(k). Call now to speak live with a Sunset sales representative and request more information on the company’s newest CPAP solution.

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Precision Medical

Live Active Five

Live Active Five

Portable oxygen concentrator designed for easy use

Live Active Five is designed for your patient’s ease, comfort and peace of mind. It starts with the touch of a button. Convenient top access makes battery changes quick and easy. The long-lasting battery fully charges in two hours. It has a simple LCD screen with easy-to-understand language. The dual curve design is comfortable to wear on either side.

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Proactive Medical Products

Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift

Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift

Folding patient lift helps traveling individuals

The Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift represents a new standard in full-body lifts for individuals who travel or have storage issues in their home. The small footprint is ideal for home use. It easily folds up to fit in most automobile trunks for transport or travel and is lightweight and easy to move at (84 lbs.). The Protekt Take-A-Long features: Dual rear locking casters, two-point spreader bar, emergency stop button, battery-powered with a high-capacity battery pack, built-in battery gauge, low battery/overload warning alarm and tool-free assembly. Weight capacity: 400 lbs. Warranty: electronics two years; frame three years.

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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC



Narrow power wheelchair provides 17” turning radius

The new QUICKIE Q300 M Mini is Sunrise Medical’s narrowest power wheelchair. Thanks to true mid-wheel drive technology, the Q300 M Mini turns on the spot, providing an ultra-small 17” turning radius (without footplates). With a turning circle of less than a yard - 33.7” - the Q300 M Mini allows you to turn around in the smallest of elevators. It’s available with two seating frames — the simple, adjustable SEDEO Lite and the highly configurable SEDEO Pro — which both offer the C-Me option, enabling seat elevation up to 12” while traveling up to 3 mph.

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UpLift Seating and UpLift Entryway

UpLift Entryway and UpLift Seating

Lift duo offers access into and then within facility

  • Designed to help wheelchair users access facilities and then, once inside, be raised to better engage in activities and events.
  • UpLift Entryway is a relocatable platform lets wheelchairs users lift themselves unassisted into and out of facilities. Both products can be quickly folded, stored and set up.
  • UpLift Seating is a relocatable platform that lets wheelchair users control an LCD touchpad to raise and lower themselves while in a facility.

    Invacare Corporation

    Invacare Stand Assist

    Premier Series Invacare Stand Assist

    Patient lift emphasizes comfort and security

    The new Premier Series Invacare Stand Assist (ISA) lift offers optimal functionality and an innovative feature set for maximum comfort and security when transferring weight-bearing residents and patients, as well as those needing rehabilitation support. The difference is in the details. The sleek and modern design was driven by customer insights, with a goal of incorporating what was most valued in a stand-assist lift while bringing in new features to enhance the user and caregiver experience. Assembly and dismantling can be done without any tools, making equipment setup and transport easier than ever.

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    OxyGo LLC



    Conserving regulator weighs just 280 grams, reduces deliveries

    OxyGo has Introduced ConservOx, its new oxygen conserving regulator (CGA 870). ConservOx is one of the smallest, lightest, and most dependable oxygen conservers on the market today — weighing only 280 grams. HME providers can lower their operating costs while protecting themselves, patients, and employees from COVID-19 by reducing their cylinder deliveries with ConservOx.

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    Quality Biomedical

    Quality Biomedical


    Cloud-based system helps provider manage equipment in the field

    Managing a fleet of respiratory equipment – including ventilators, O2 concentrators, humidifiers, etc. — is important, regulated, and expensive. To help providers contend with that challenge, Quality Biomedical developed Q-Connect, a cloud-based equipment service-management platform. Using Q-Connect, Providers of respiratory equipment can easily track PM due dates, request RMA numbers and pick-ups, manage equipment location, view service reports online, and track the status of their equipment as it moves through the service process. Quality Biomedical’s new v.3.0 is faster, offers new features and more intuitive navigation. Integration with Brightree further enhances the value of Q-Connect, which is provided free to Quality Biomedical’s customers.

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