Aids to Daily Living

Aids to daily living cover a broad range of offerings that make as perfect a fit for providers’ retail strategies as they do for patients’ lifestyles. ADLs define products that are designed to make life easier for homecare patients, but aren’t always covered by Medicare/Medicaid or private payer insurance, and sometimes aren’t even medical in nature. They simply make life easier.

With funding on the decline, ADLs represent a key cash sales category for providers. ADLs are an easy entry point to cash sales, since they are often relatively simple devices that don’t require the same level of expertise as other types of DME. ADLs and similar products ensure providers maintain a steady cash flow, rather than waiting on reimbursement, and they don’t require the effort and resources required simply to ensure billing goes through, either.

In addition to the patients, their families should be considered as potential buyers, as well. Baby boomers with disposable cash who are caring for their parents are a case in point. The demand for ADLs will most likely grow as the baby boomer population of 76 million cares for older parents and continues to enter retirement itself.

GF Health Products

Lumiscope Advanced Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Lumiscope Advanced Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor comes equipped with movement detection, LCD monitor

Coming back with an updated look, GF Health Products has restocked its Lumiscope Advanced Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. The package includes a monitor, a universal cuff that can fit arm sizes between 8.66 and 17.32 inches, an AC adapter, four AA batteries, a soft carry pouch and an instruction manual. Up to four users can save 99 sets of memory each, which can be accessed via a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The product has several capabilities, including irregular pulse detection, pulse pressure indication and movement detection. Customers will receive a one-year limited warranty with their purchase.

  • (800) 347-5678

Convexity Scientific

Flyp Nebulizer

Flyp Nebulizer

Flyp Nebulizer makes user compliance easier

The Flyp Nebulizer is an all-in-one, pocket-portable nebulizer that increases user compliance with a simplified “Fill, Click, Breath” operation. The device can aerosolize a wide range of medications in order to remove complex operational barriers that impact a variety of treatment regimens. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Flyp provides up to 10 treatments per charge, and a micro-USB port makes recharging simple and portable.

  • (203) 557-6254


Hip Chair with Adjustable Foot Rest

Dynarex Hip Chair with Adjustable Foot Rest

Hip Chair allows sitting without bending at hip, reduces stress on joints

The Dynarex Hip Chair with Adjustable Foot Rest is designed to let patients with arthritis or who have undergone hip or knee surgery sit without bending at the hip, while also reducing stress on joints while entering and exiting the chair. The solid hardwood chair features a vinyl seat and backrest designed for comfort. The vinyl is washable and water-resistant. The footrest has three height adjustments to ensure an ergonomic fit for each patient. The chair can withhold patients up to 300 lbs.

  • (800) 396-2739


Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service

Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service

A new way to be there for your loved one

Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving service is a digital experience that aids aging loved ones in keeping their close family and friends up-to-date on their care, giving them notifications and meaningful insights into their loved one’s wellbeing. The Philips Lifeline personal alert button lets an aging loved one connect with a trained care specialist 24/7 to dispatch the right kind of help, and now, family and friends can also manage this service through the digital experience. The Philips Cares mobile application will be available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores, as well as accessed via web browsers.

  • (855) 223-7395

EasyWheelz LLC

Safe Transfer Kit

Safe Transfer Kit

New kit provides safe, efficient transfer in and out of a wheelchair

The Safe Transfer Kit is designed to that resolves the issue of feet getting entangled in the footrests of standard wheelchairs. The kit’s rotator levers allow for a clean manipulation of the footrests, and it includes two swing-away leg extensions with torsion springs that default the footrests into the up position. Two levers mounted to the leg extensions let the passenger or transporter move the footrests into the down position as necessary. In addition, the kit includes a detachable push bar that mounts across the existing handle bars of a wheelchair, which allows for one-handed maneuvering.

  • (262) 475-9842

BackEmbrace LLC



Slim back brace provides varying levels of posture support

BackEmbrace is a stylish posture solution that works by retracting the shoulders into proper alignment. In addition to posture correction, the brace helps prevent hunching; alleviates tension and strain in the upper back, neck and shoulders; and provides varying levels of support with its split-strap system.

  • (424) 501-4047

MHI Safe-er-Grip

Safe-er-Grip Suction Cup Balance Assist Bar

Safe-er-Grip Suction Cup Balance Assist Bar

Safe-er-Grip balance bar gets new chrome finish

  • Available in new chrome finish and in lengths of 12 inches or 16 inches.
  • Suction cup design requires no tools for installation and can be secured on any smooth, flat, non-porous surface for safer tub entries and exits.
  • Flip-up tabs make it easy to attach, remove and relocate to different areas in the bathroom.
  • (800) 371-3509


Assure Slide

Assure Slide

Arkray launches new swallowing aid

Assure Slide is a new swallowing aid from Arkray for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. Assure Slide is a thick, smooth gel that helps tablets and capsules pass smoothly through the esophagus by moistening the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat cavity. The stomach breaks down substance immediately and has no effect on the absorption rate at the medication. Assure Slide comes in two options: Assure Slide Zero, which sugar-free and raspberry flavored, and Assure Slide Zero and Slide Forte, which is vanilla flavored and extremely thick for people with more acute swallowing difficulties.

  • (800) 848-0614

Philips Respironics

InnoSpire Go

InnoSpire Go

Philips Releases new Portable Hand-Held Nebulizer

InnoSpire Go is a portable medical nebulizer for people with asthma and chromic obstructive pulmonary disease who need daily inhalation treatment. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 treatments per charge, and it includes a Lite Touch mask for comfort while using the device. InnoSpire Go can be used with many commonly prescribed medications for respiratory disease.

  • (800) 659-9235

PediFix Footcare Company

Heel So Smooth

Heel So Smooth

PediFix Heel gives relief to painful skin cracking

As many women age, they become more prone to cracked skin on the heels. Pedifix Heel So Smooth heel sleeves help relieve and soothe the discomfort that can result from cracking with its propriety Visco-GEL material that gradually releases vitamin E enriched mineral oil onto the skin as the user wears the sleeves. Because of the material’s long release, the sleeves are ideal for use while sleeping or resting. The sleeves are washable and reusable.

  • (800) 356-8185

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