Accreditation continues to play a vital role in the home medical equipment industry. In addition to needing to establish or renew accreditation in order to bill Medicare, providers have a number of reasons why accreditation plays a regular role in their daily lives.

A prime example is that, as competitive bidding and consolidation impact the industry, there are many cases in which a provider will expand into a new product category. With that category comes a variety of requirements: the provider will need to add product, expertise, perhaps news staff, and perhaps even new certifications to the staff. Also the provider will need to add billing for those items to its workflow and other back office functions. And, above all, that provider will need to get accredited in this new line of business — otherwise the provider won’t be able to bill Medicare.

And of course, the provider must continue to work within the accreditation guidelines so that it will maintain that accreditation and be able to easily renew with its accrediting organization (AOs). Suffice it to say that accreditation is an ongoing effort, but it is also a key business tool. Accreditation implements the policies and procedures that will ensure a provider if filing clean claims and that it adheres to solid care guidelines. Those are both attractive to referral partners. Let’s look at some of the AOs.

Compliance Team

The Compliance Team

The Compliance Team

Customized, Simplified Accreditation

  • Product-line and service-specific, three-year-cycle accreditation programs feature plain language quality standards in addition to including expert mentoring, manuals, self-assessment checklists, corporate compliance/anti-fraud plans, and electronic patient outcomes benchmarking.
  • Exemplary Provider programs are structured to dramatically simplify the accreditation process, with each program custom fitted to a provider’s exact accreditation needs.
  • TCT’s broad range of industry-related accreditation services include DMEPOS, pharmacy services, infusion, sterile & non-sterile compounding, long term care, and sleep care management.
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