In the years since Medicare accreditation was announced as a requirement, providers have realized the value of demonstrating to referral partners and patients that they have earned a gold standard in HME service. As providers face an increasingly competitive landscape and regulatory hurdles, accreditation has become one way to stand out from the pack.

To earn accreditation, providers must show that they are following the proper policies and procedures when it comes to claims documentation, equipment handling, patient satisfaction and the production of better patient outcomes. In addition to the financial value accreditation can bring providers as a reputation booster, the process of earning the distinction allows businesses to recognize where they can improve on regulatory matters and fix those issues accordingly. While those errors may have fallen to the wayside in previous eras, HME providers now have the chance to correct them and obtain a status that recognizes that progress.

With the rise of specialized accreditation services, providers can also show that they have expertise in areas that have become increasingly important in the world of home medical equipment, including DMEPOS, home infusion therapy, respiratory care and more. Requirements to obtain these accreditations may be stringent, but once providers reach their goals, they can use the achievement to boost their market value by showing they are among the best of the best.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest accreditation services for providers, ranging from DMEPOS programs to specialized home respiratory accreditation.

Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

Expedited Accreditation Option

Faster program helps providers save time, money

  • This service provides a CMS-compliant opportunity to begin serving Medicare patients sooner while ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements.
  • Expedited service guarantees a visit from a surveyor within 10 business days.
  • BOC’s customer service ensures providers receive step-by-step, expert guidance throughout the entire process.
  • (877) 776-2200

Accreditation Commission for Health Care

ACHC Transition Program

Transition Program

Through transition program, organizations can transfer accreditation to ACHC

Through the ACHC Transition Program, organizations have the chance to transfer their accreditation to the Accreditation Commission for Health Care. Earning accreditation involves a simple four-step transition process and does not require any annual fees. Those steps include submitting a registration and $500 deposit, undergoing a review of accreditation documents, learning about policy and procedures with a clinical educator and earning approval.

  • (919) 785-1214

Compliance Team

The Compliance Team 25 Years

Patient-Centered Respiratory Home

Program helps respiratory providers differentiate

  • Designation highlights the role of respiratory HME as the “go to” provider for respiratory care management.
  • The program enhances patient management practices through concise measures that cover care planning, provider coordination and communication between respiratory specialists and prescribers.
  • The only designation that recognizes respiratory HMEs for their expertise in care coordination for the medical community.
  • (215) 654-9110

HealthCare Quality Association on Accreditation

Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation

DMEPOS Accreditation

  • Web-based process is intuitive and individualized, with each customer is assigned an accreditation coach to ensure that no one walks through the process alone.
  • Limited DMEPOS and full-line DMEPOS accreditation program is tailored specifically to client needs.
  • Once accredited, customers are provided with tools to ensure that they stay informed about changes in requirements.
  • (866) 909-4722

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission

Accreditation for DMEPOS

Helping HMEs make themselves the 'partner of choice'

  • Process-oriented standards focus on operational areas that critically impact the safety and quality of DMEPOS services.
  • Proactively manages critical risks and enhances operational consistency.
  • Helps gain access to managed care contracting opportunities.
  • (630) 792-5800

Accreditation Commission for Health Care



Accreditation Commission for Health Care reinvents program

  • Learning management system improves the education experience for healthcare providers, as they prepare for and maintain their accreditation and licensure.
  • Enhancements will be made over the next few months to better serve other healthcare professionals.
  • Formally known as MED U.
  • (919) 785-1214

Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

Community Health Accreditation Program

CHAP Accreditation

Flexible Standards and Experienced Site Inspectors

  • CHAP has created accreditation Standards of Excellence for HME which reflect state and federal laws, as well as best practices in the industry.
  • CHAP standards provide guidance and structure, and are flexible to accommodate many business models.
  • The standards detail all the necessary requirements and components of policies and procedures.
  • (202) 862-3413

Compliance Team

The Compliance Team Exemplary Provider Accreditation

Patient-Centered Respiratory Home

Accreditation specifically for home respiratory care providers

The first accreditation program specifically designed to help advanced respiratory care providers perform at the top of their license to better serve their “critical needs” patients The Compliance Team’s operations-based Exemplary Provider accreditation program for Patient-Centered Respiratory Home enhances patient management practices through concise measures the cover access issues, provider coordination, and communication between respiratory specialists and prescribers.

  • (215) 654-9110

Board of Certification/Accreditation International (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

Accreditation and certification services for HME providers

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) will showcase its certification and accreditation for the DME and HME industry. The difference between the two? Certification is an assurance to patients of professional competency, quality care and safety, while accreditation helps suppliers meet CMS billing standards and demonstrates sound business practices and compliance with all applicable laws. A key highlight at the booth will be BOC’s recent Certified DME Specialist (CDME) certification and DMEPOS accreditation.

  • (877) 776-2200

Compliance Team

The Compliance Team Exemplary Provider Accreditation

Exemplary Provider Accreditation

Operations-based accreditation process shows payers your benefits

Payers want to see the benefits to using your services. That’s why The Compliance Team’s Medicare-approved Exemplary Provider accreditation is such a big deal. Our operations-based accreditation process has proven itself with thousands of providers and payer sources since 1998. Easily customized to fit any care delivery model, our operations-based accreditation process helps establish daily business routines that produce measurable patient care benefits. That’s something that gets payers really excited.

  • (215) 654-9110

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