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  • MK Battery

MK Battery

MK Battery Charger Model M-D-EN0801

MK Battery Charger

A full CRT power chair charge in 8 hours

The new MK Battery Charger Model M-D-EN0801 is an 8 amp charger and is the largest MK charger for CRT power chairs to ensure a full charge after eight hours. MK Battery also offers a rnage chargers to meet each customer’s unique charging requirements. The MK battery chargers will charge all lead battery types, GEL and AGM, and all MK chargers automatically shut off when batteries are fully charged.

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MK Battery

MU-1 SLD M 33

VRLA AGM battery

New AGM battery supplies power for scooter applications

MK Battery has introduced a new sealed VRLA AGM battery for scooter applications. The economically priced MU-1 SLD M 33 is designed for basic consumer power and backed by the same “no-hassle” 13-month warranty that has differentiated MK products in the marketplace for years. AGM batteries supply sufficient functionality to meet less critical needs of certain lighter duty mobility applications. The new battery is widely available in 20 distribution centers nationwide for immediate delivery.

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MK Battery

Gel Batteries

MK Gel Batteries

Range of HME batteries ideal of power mobility

MK Gel Batteries deliver dependable power for vital mobility applications. The deep cycle Premium Sealed VRLA batteries are capable of up to 1,100 cycles for a typical HME user. The Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte involve no liquid of any kind which means the battery is safe in any position and maintenance free with no water ever needing to be added. MK batteries are also FAA, IATA and UPS approved, making them safe for travel and shipping.

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MK Battery

MK Gel battery

MK Gel

MK Batteries Power Everyday Users and a World Cup Team

MK Batteries’ MK Gel is the official battery of Team USA and the United States Power Soccer Association. For over 30 years, MK Battery has been supplying batteries used in complex rehab power chairs. The MK Gel, which has an extended cycle life and a deep discharge recovery design, will be on display at Medtrade on November 1, 2016, when Team USA Power Soccer players will participate in a full exhibition game on the show floor in preparation to defend their two-time World Cup title next year in Kissimmee, Florida.

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