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  • Wenzelite Re/hab

Wenzelite Re/hab

Kanga TS Folding Chair

Kanga TS

Pediatric folding chair accommodates growth

This pediatric chair has a built-in growth frame that configures to 10”, 12” and 14” widths (with the adult model adjusting to 16”, 18” and 20”). The Kanga TS features tilt in space, adjustable seat depth and seat back angle, curb-assist levers, 20” rear quick-release semi-pneumatic wheels, height- and angle-adjustable armrests, and push handles. The chair folds for easier transport and is bus-transit compatible.
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Wenzelite Re/hab

Wenzelite Re/hab fourwheeled Adult Safety Roller

Safety Roller Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Adult Safety Roller

Wenzelite Re/hab’s fourwheeled Adult Safety Roller is height and width adjustable, and is available in adult, bariatric and pediatric sizes. The device features a spring action braking system and rubber front swivel wheels, which are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Optional accessories include a seat, a basket, an oxygen tank holder, an IV pole and extended uprights for additional height. The oxygen tank holder accommodates up to an E-Cylinder.

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