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Human Design Medical


PowerShell with Extended Life Battery

Long-life battery doubles CPAP’s overnight battery

The PowerShell with Extended Life Battery integrates with the Z1 CPAP to become a fully integrated battery solution that lets patients take their CPAP therapy anywhere they want to go, even off the power grid. The New Extended Life Battery has twice the capacity of the original Overnight battery. For those patients who already own a PowerShell with the original battery, HDM will upgrade their PowerShell firmware with the purchase of an Extended Life Battery.

  • (855) 436-8724 ext. 101

Human Design Medical

Z1 Extended Life Battery

Z1 Extended Life Battery

CPAP battery doubles the life of its predecessor

  • New battery fits HDM’s Z1 PowerShell and holds twice the charge of the original Z1 Overnight Battery.
  • The Lithium-Ion Battery Pack has a 99.4 Wh capacity and weights 15.5 oz (440g).
  • For owners of the original PowerShell and battery, HDM is offering free factory upgrades to the PowerShell with the purchase of a new Extended Life Battery.
  • (855) 436-8724 ext. 101

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