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TIMS Patient Subscriptions

TIMS Patient Subscriptions streamlines and automates the patient resupply process. The application offers easy set-up, provides intuitive use and is designed to drastically reduce labor costs. Key integration points include patient auto-enrollment; automated compliance checks (eligibility, utilization, documentation, and authorizations); patient contact options (phone, email, text, or IVR); and auto-generated qualified orders. Qualified orders are automatically generated and queued to ship minimizing inventory holding costs and distribution expenses. Visit CU’s website to learn more and watch an introductory video

More about Computers Unlimited and TIMS: In the present competitive climate, providers need automation, security, and performance to grow and succeed. TIMS offers a comprehensive business management solution for home medical equipment providers. Whether a provider is seeking a cloud-hosted or traditional on-premises option, the choice is theirs. Computers Unlimited’s software suite includes revenue-qualifying patient intake, efficiency-boosting workflows, automated resupply, compliance-based document management, data analytics and reporting, collections and denials worklist, mobile delivery, ePurchasing, eDrop shipping, asset tracking, inventory management, and more. Through technology, tradition, and transformation, Computers Unlimited functions like a strategic partner and delivers a mix of software, service, and support designed to help HME businesses grow.

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