Healthcare Delivery Management (HDM) Software

Improve the Delivery Side of HME

Ankota provides software to improve the delivery side of HME, measurably reducing operating costs and DSO while increasing capacity. The software has three main functions: 1) optimize scheduling and delivery routes while respecting customer timing and allowing schedulers and dispatchers full control over the operation, 2) track deliveries on a smart phone app (iPhone and Android) with signature capture, barcode reading and GPS positioning, and 3) provide the analytics needed for operations and finance managers to measure business performance. The software’s approach complements existing order processing, inventory and billing software (such as Brightree, Mediware and others), extracting patient and order information automatically when tickets are generated. Ankota’s solution is delivered securely via the software-as-a-service model with subscription pricing, so that providers of all sizes pay-as-they-go without focusing on hardware, upgrades or backups.

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