Wound Care

Pressure Wound Staging

A quick summary of The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel pressure sore staging guidelines.

Synergy Spectrum

Problem Solvers

Staying Safely Seated

Bariatric Seating and Wound Care

Pressure Sores

Pressure Sores:

How to Assess and Prevent Pressure Sores for Geriatric Patients

When it comes to the elderly, pressure sores become more prominent. Here is what you need to know about assessing and preventing pressure sores for geriatric patients.

Negative Pressure Wound Devices Draw FDA Concern

FDA says it has received six death reports, 77 injury reports associated with NPWT devices.

Diabetes and Wound Care:

Knowledge Is Power

By fostering a free flow of information between referral partners and patients, HME providers can help ensure prevention and treatment of foot wounds.

How to Prevent Pressure Sores in Mobility Patients

There are multiple ways HME providers can work with physicians and other caregivers to help prevent pressure wounds in mobility patients. Here are some key considerations.

Matching Mattresses to Patient Needs

What do providers need to consider form a wound care perspective?

HMEs Expect Sleep Revenue to Grow by 9 Percent

Q2 2009 HME Business, Wachovia study shows growth expectations for next 12 months slightly down from Q4 2008 survey.

Sleep Market Poised for 10% Growth over next 12 Months

Read the results from the Q4 2008 HME Business, Wachovia sleep and wound care survey.

HME Business, Wachovia Release Sleep, Wound Care Survey

Providers expect sleep revenue growth to be slightly down from past survey.

Product Premier: Blue Chip Power-Pro VW Elite

Blue Chip’s Power-Pro VW Elite bariatric mattress combines variable width convenience with durability and wound prevention features.

Wound Care and Support Surfaces

Apples to Apples: The Importance of Matching Patient Needs to Products

Wound Care Update: A Plan for Battling Infection

Wound Care Update

Wound Management Principles According to Man's (and Woman's) Best Friend

Wound Care Update

Stocking Your Wound Trunk

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