Lifegas Launches Subcontracting Site

Online form aims to attract providers bidding for oxygen services in various CBAs.

Clinician Talk:

Making the Right Match

Oxygen generating portables are the new norm. The question is which device for which patient?


Oxygen Profiles

Retooling for Survival

A look at oxygen providers who have overhauled their businesses to not only survive, but thrive.

Responsive Respiratory Unveils Free Oxygen Calculator

Web-based version of smart phone app helps patients, providers determine remaining supply.


The Big 10

Oxygen Evolution

The challenges facing oxygen providers in 2012 are the result of public policies that were developed several years ago. The impact of these challenges, and how providers continue to redefine their businesses to not only survive them, but thrive despite them is a story that continues to unfold in 2012.

Drive Medical Hires Rich Kocinski

Kocinski will expand presence in respiratory category.

MABIS DMI Healthcare Now Briggs Healthcare

New logo reflects business transformation.

 Drive Medical Buys Inovo/CHAD Therapeutics

The move aims to expand Drive’s presence in the respiratory for homecare, as well as long-term, hospital and emergency care markets.

Respiratory providers competitive bidding

Respiratory and Sleep Funding Outlook

School of Hard Knocks

If Round Two wasn’t on respiratory providers’ radar, it probably is now, making it a good time to look at the recent past to peer into the near future.

Disease Management

Disease Management

Hard Decisions

To HME providers and the industry as a whole, disease management has become a casualty of cuts, caps and competitive bidding.

Big Hit

Business Solutions

Oxygen Outlook: The Next Big Hit

They say that change can be good, but not when it comes to the oxygen services market. Years of major upheavals stacked on top of each other have added up to a heavy burden indeed for respiratory providers. Yet, somehow they have managed to survive and reinvent themselves. Can they do the same in Rounds One and Two of competitive bidding?

CryoVation Adds Engineer to Executive Team

Dallas Emmons will work on various projects out of the company's N.J. center.

Multiple Surveys Floated to HMEs

Providers can sound off on heat wave's effect on patients, use of RTs, bidding repeal's price tag.

How Oxygen Providers Can Implement Business Practices for Today’s Funding Environment

With the rental cap, audits and competitive bidding, providers need to closely examine their businesses to bolster margins.

How to Help Oxygen Patients Use Their POCs Properly

As POCs have gained acceptance and usage — sometimes as a primary oxygen device — the need to ensure patients truly understand their devices is essential.


Oxygen Conserving Devices

OCDs are not solutions for every patient. And no one device fits the needs of all patients; therefore, it can take diligent evaluation to meet individual patients needs. We take a look at some of the latest products.

The Waiting Game

RSM’s 2011 annual oxygen market analysis shows providers in a holding pattern.

New Oxygen Policy Synchronizes RULs

Change expected to be positive for most suppliers.

Clinician Talk

Oxygen Conserving in 2011

Today, nearly every modern portable oxygen device incorporates an oxygen conserving technology. OCDs are routinely used with ambulatory LTOT patients to a level that is arguably the standard of care in the United States.

non-delivery home oxygen delivery models

Market Trends

Putting the Fleet to Pasture

Profiles of how three oxygen providers transitioned to low/no delivery.

Live from Medtrade

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