Medtrade Spring 2013

Medtrade Spring 2013

Sharpening Skills, Expanding Offerings

RSM looks at some conference and products from this month's Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas.

Respiratory Therapist Obstacle Course

Respiratory Survey 2013

Respiratory Obstacle Course

The results of RSM’s Fourth Annual Respiratory Survey are in, and competitive bidding once again tops the list as the single biggest challenge facing RTs. What other challenges do they face and opportunities do they perceive?

President Obama Awards AirSep’s McCombs

Oxygen innovator recognized with National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

HMEB, RSM Survey Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory professionals are invited to participate in the fourth annual survey. This year's survey covers various key topics, including the run up to Round Two of competitive bidding, and the contingencies providers are devising to deal with life under bidding. A link is provided in the survey story.

Mediware Buys MediServe

Healthcare IT acquisition aims to serve up respiratory software solutions to HME space.


Business Solutions

Soliving the Oxygen Puzzle

Respiratory providers face a tricky problem they must untangle: how do they continue serving patients in a way that ensures the kind of solid therapy compliance that will foster positive outcomes when their funding continues to be cut? We look at some of the tools and techniques providers are successfully leveraging to solve this puzzle.

COPD Awareness Plummets

National understanding of respiratory condition has sunk to 2008 levels, says NIH survey.

Problem Solvers

Best Practices for Portable Oxygen

Portable oxygen use has been revolutionary not only for creating low/no-delivery models for providers, but for helping patients enjoy their lives and better therapeutic outcomes. As portable oxygen use grows, providers are developing best practices that are helping patients master their devices and achieve maximum benefit.

Taking the Bite Out of Oxygen Documentation


Taking the Bite Out of Oxygen Documentation

Although the denial rate may be improving, oxygen audits continue to challenge and frustrate providers. How can providers become oxygen audit ready?

Medtrade Fall 2012

Respiratory and Sleep Spotlight

Adventure Cyclist, COPD Patient Wraps Alaska Tour

Mark Junge rides 225 miles through Alaska to raise awareness for disease, DME.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Delivery

Oxygen Delivery

The Strongest Link

Although low/no delivery methods for oxygen are helping providers to survive cuts, caps and competitive bidding, how are these strategies impacting efforts to ensure solid clinical patient care?

Hurdles to Health

Senior Care Issue

Hurdles to Health

Senior patients represent the lion’s share of the oxygen therapy population, and many face a variety of compliance hurdles. What are the challenges in ensuring seniors adhere to treatment, and how can HME providers tailor oxygen services for seniors in order to maximize mobility and ensure therapy compliance?

Oxygen Market Survey Results

2012 Annual Oxygen Market Analysis

Oxygen Providers Push Forward

After surviving Round One of Competitive Bidding, oxygen providers embrace portable oxygen, prepare for Round Two, and receive news regarding what to expect from SCOTUS.

Linde AG Buys Lincare Holdings

$4.6 billion acquisition will expand German firm’s reach into homecare.


Taking Oxygen on the Road

How to help patients travel with their POCs.

Back to the Drawing Board

Business Solutions

Back to the Drawing Board

NCB Round Two will force yet another upending of the O2 industry. How can providers transform themselves to survive — and succeed — this time around?

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