Cut Costs, Spend on Therapists

Respiratory Solutions

Jumping FDA Hoops

SeQual Aids Gulf Coast Relief Efforts

Oxygen equipment maker to donate portion of its sales to Play it Forward Foundation.



How to Leverage Travel in Order to Transition Patients to POCs

POCs provide HMEs with a tremendous opportunity to offer travel expertise to patients, both capturing a niche market and becoming an even more trusted advisor. By helping patients travel and enjoy life, providers gain a top-selling point to sway oxygen patients to POCs while winning patients for life.



How to Conduct a Productive In-service for Respiratory Referrals

While free lunch is nice, referral partners are really looking for answers. By offering insights and information that referral partner staff might not have, as well as through answering questions, a provider can make significant gains in creating and growing referral partner relationships.



How to Implement GPS in Your Delivery Operations

A key tool in that regard is global positioning technology. With GPS, providers can manage their deliveries and drivers using a system that lets them monitor each truck in real-time, which results in improved operations and reduced overhead.

CIGNA Will Require Pre-pay Review for O2 Claims

Official release from DME MAC cites high rate of errors in claims as reason for requirement.

Invacare CEO Suffers Stroke

Chairman and CEO Mixon to take temporary medical leave.

Respiratory Stories

Case Studies

Respiratory Stories

Four patients share their home care experiences.

QualiCare Home Medical

Provider Perspective

Respiratory Problem Solvers

QualiCare has differentiated itself by providing comprehensive clinical services for patients with complex cases. In an interview, its managers discuss their clinical commitment and their outlook on the future.

RT Talk

Exclusive Survey Results

RT Talk

Therapists speak out in an exclusive survey, highlighting industry challenges, a growing emphasis on sleep therapy and a sense that more change is inevitable.

Editor's Note

Homecare’s Citizen Soldiers

Finding balance between surviving and reversing bad policies.

Respiratory Solutions

Going Green

Our home respiratory and sleep therapy community must become more engaged and participate in the green movement. There are numerous ways to reduce wasteful processes and add more to the bottom line.

Provider Perspective

Keeping Promises: Care Medical Outlines Commitment to Service, Respiratory Expansion

In an interview, Jason Rogers, Care Medical president, explains the company philosophy and why the business is determined to expand, even as other companies shrink or fade away.


Respiratory Factor

COPD on the Fast Track

Hollywood, sports and music stars brought the public along on DRIVE4COPD, a race traveling 6,000 miles in four days to find the millions of people at risk for COPD. It’s estimated that up to 12 million people may be undiagnosed.

Invacare Promotes Lewarski to VP Clinical Affairs

Invacare Promotes Lewarski to VP Clinical Affairs

HOPP Act at 84 Co-Sponsors

Bill calling for repeal of oxygen cap gets new push.

Providers Descend on Washington

Drumming up more co-sponsors for H.R. 3790 at top of HMEs' agendas at AAHomecare Legislative Conference.

Letter from the Editor

Languishing in Limbo

Uncertainty about an event can be more damaging to an individual’s health than the event itself, according to a new study. In this issue, you’ll find several examples in which we try to resolve some of your unanswered questions.

Provider Perspective

Intrepid USA Healthcare Services

RSM became curious about the relationships between large agencies like Intrepid USA Healthcare Services and HME providers. How do they work together when HME equipment is required? So we contacted Intrepid and asked several principals in the company.

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