Problem Solver

Transfilling Transformation

How some oxygen providers are leveraging liquid-to-gas systems to slash their cylinder refilling costs.

Editor's Note

And That’s the Way it Wasn’t

Will the mainstream news media ever cover the homecare industry fairly?

Dan Rather Reports Skewers HMEs

One-sided report acts as platform for HHS OIG general counsel.

Observation Deck

The Buck Stops Where?

CMS continues to place providers in an unfair position with referring physicians.

Respiratory Solutions

Ready for Anything


Trends & Trailblazers

Products and technology dominating the respiratory sector reflect the needs and wants of providers and their clients.

2010 Preview

The Big Ten

As with our 2009 Big Ten list, we aren’t limiting our choices to only product categories. In addition to product categories, we also have highlighted some key business and regulatory trends and opportunities HME providers will want to monitor and leverage. Likewise, many product categoriesand business trends are interrelated.

SeQual Eclipse 3

Product Premiere

Improving on Success

SeQual enhances its Eclipse POC with features to help patients stay active.

Oxygen Emporium

Oxygen Access

Are CMS and public policy pushing providers to the brink of closing up shop? How can they survive, and what will happen to patients?

CMS Issues O2 Provider Bankruptcy Guidelines

Agency policy covers oxygen equipment replacement guidelines.

Oxygen Providers Down by Half in Some Areas

Search of Medicare site shows 50% of oxygen providers gone in Miami-Dade, Los Angeles, other counties.

New House Health Reform Hits Homecare Hard

H.R. 3962 contains various numerous provisioning targeting HME.

LifeGas Receives Subcontractor Accreditation

Firm can deliver and instruct patients on use of O2 equipemnt.

Packer named director of operations for U.S. Rehab

Packer named director of operations for U.S. Rehab

Editor's Note

Head to the Hill...

Capitol, that is. The Baucus bill means the industry has its work cut out for it.

Shifting Policies: Funding Forecast 2010

Navigating the Shifts in CMS Funding: In a rapidly changing funding environment, we take a closer look at reimbursement prospects for 2010.

Funding Focus: Perplexing to Providers

Travel Oxygen Programs

Respiratory Solutions

Ubiquitous RT!

Ross Presents O2 Reform as H.R. 3200 Amendment

Energy and Commerce chair Tells Rep. Ross 'Let’s Work Together' on oxygen reform.

AAHomecare Letter Urges O2 Providers to Support Ross Reforms

Association President calls on providers to back reforms in the Face of Senate Finance proposals.


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