Beds & Support Surfaces

Borcherding Becomes ROHO Group’s President

Borcherding Becomes ROHO Group’s President

Problem Solvers

Special Delivery: Bed Installation

Delivering beds and support surfaces can be costly. How can providers fine-tune the process?

GF Taking Select Manufacturing Back Stateside

DME maker launches “Back in the USA” initiative.

How to Match Mattresses to Bariatric Patient Needs

Pair an increasing patient population with the variety of mattress options related to treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers, and the learning curve gets a bit steep. What do providers need to consider?

Matching Mattresses to Patient Needs

What do providers need to consider form a wound care perspective?

MED Group, ROHO Group Unveil Referral Network

ROHO Support Surfaces Referral Network will help clinicians place referrals with providers.

Taking It Lying Down

Decubitus Ulcer Treatment Products Market to Reach $3.6 billion by 2010

Aging population creating an increasing demand for treatment of sores caused by patient bodyweight, according to new report.

Blue Chip’s Variable Width Mattress

Product Premier: Blue Chip Power-Pro VW Elite

Blue Chip’s Power-Pro VW Elite bariatric mattress combines variable width convenience with durability and wound prevention features.

Are Wheelchair Cushions Considered Support Surfaces?

NPUAP Initiative Defines Terms

The State of Seating and Positioning

Clinician Task Force Talks Trends, Challenges and Reimbursement

Wound Care and Support Surfaces

Apples to Apples: The Importance of Matching Patient Needs to Products

Beds and Support Surfaces

A Bedtime Story: Under the Sheets with Beds and Support Surfaces

Support Surfaces Q & A

Supporting Backs & Abs During Pregnancy

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