Beds & Support Surfaces

Rethinking Support Surfaces

Business Solutions

Rethinking Support Surfaces

Increasingly, providers of support surfaces need to look at how they provision services both from a therapeutic perspective and a business standpoint. This is even more true now that Group 2 support surfaces are part of Round Two of competitive bidding. How can support surface provides make a difference in not only their patients' lives, but also the bottom line?

Bed Safety

Ensuring a Sound, Safe Sleep

How to implement a plan to maintain bed safety for bariatric patients.

Support Surface

Keeping Careful Watch

How to monitor wound care patients’ response to their support surface.

Problem Solvers

Staying Safe While Sleeping

For the disabled or elderly, a bed can pose a number of safety risks. The overriding question becomes how can providers help ensure patients stay safe in their beds? It starts with leadership?

GF Health Products To Acquire Pressure Management Group

Acquisition expands 'Made in USA' Strategic Initiative.

VIDEO – Blue Chip Showcases Airus

Blue Chip gives HMEB a walkthrough of its air-fluidized therapy system at Medtrade.

Problem Solvers

Sleeping Safe and Sound

Why providers need to emphasize bed safety, and how they can do it.

Griffin Home Health Care Lends a Hand

HME providers donates 20 hospital beds to Charlotte Rescue Mission.  

How to Determine Mobility Patients’ Cushion Needs

For patients that spend their days in mobility devices, they must have the right cushion.

How to Match Mattress Types to Patient Wound Care Needs

The population of bariatric patients is increasing, and so to is the need for providers to sell mattresses that prevent and help treat wounds for patients that spend a good deal of time in bed.

Competive Bidding: Support Surface Providers

Business Solutions

Canary in the Coal Mine

As a cornerstone DME service, beds are in a unique position to tell us how competitive bidding might play out for the entire industry. Have Round One bed and support surface HMEs found business models that let them breathe easy?

Funding Fundamentals

A Focus on Finding Efficiencies

Call Out the Big Guns

Air-fluidized therapy comes to HME providers courtesy of Blue Chip Medical’s Airus.

Tailor-Made Wound Care

Products & Technology

Tailor-Made Wound Care

When it comes to pressure sores, bariatric patients are at greater risk due to their size and immobility. HMEs need to keep pace with technological advances in order to offer bariatric patients the kind of tailor-made solutions that give them a fighting chance against debilitating wounds.

Pressure Wound Staging

A quick summary of The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel pressure sore staging guidelines.

First-Hand Expertise

After undergoing life-changing gastric bypass surgery seven and a half years ago to combat the results of a thyroidectomy, his “walking in his customers’ shoes” helps guide his company’s production of bariatric products.

Cover Feature

Bed Basics & Beyond

Beds and support surfaces are cornerstone DME for providers, and it is critical for them to take their understanding of how these offerings suit various patient needs to the next level. This not only includes ramping up safety and funding knowledge, but also how proper bedding can impact a patient’s emotional wellbeing.



How to Select and Install the Right Bed for a Bariatric Patient

The main differences between beds for bariatric patients and non-bariatric patients are the bed’s size and weight capacity. Picking the proper bed for a bariatric patient can be a lengthy undertaking since there are many areas to consider.

Support Surface


How to Match Mattress Types to Different Patient Needs

The type of sleeping surface people use can affect every aspect of their life, including rest, pain and skin integrity.When addressing patients who are on a bed even longer, the effect of sleep surfaces on overall health and wellbeing becomes even more profound.

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