The 2013 HME Handbook: Accreditation

Acting Fast


The 2013 HME Handbook: Accreditation

Crossing T's and Dotting I's

Service Solutions: Accreditation

A look at recent offerings from some of the 10 accreditation organizations serving HMEs.

CHAP Names Interim CEO

Reynes takes reins of accrediting organization.

The DMEPOS Documentation Tour

Given the plethora of documentation mandates from government and private-sector sources that challenge small and large businesses alike, it is critical for providers to stay up to date with ever-changing documentation requirements that often mean the difference between getting paid for goods and services rendered or not. Here's an operations approach to "getting it done."


Turning Compliance on a Dime

How to rapidly roll out accreditation for Round Two subcontracting.

HQAA Debuts Third-Party Billing Accreditation

New program helps billing companies establish compliance procedures that reassure HMEs.

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The Time for Compliance Is Now

The reality is that the Affordable Care Act has made it mandatory for all healthcare providers, at some point, to implement a comprehensive compliance program that meets or exceeds government expectations. Why not make the investment of the front end to better prepare your organization, implement effective internal controls, improve the efficiency of your staff, and provide better quality of service to your patients?

CMS Releases Rule on Solicitation, Subcontracting

Effective April 13, final rule prohibits providers from directly contacting beneficiaries via phone without 'written' consent.

Accrediting Organizations

Accreditation is a key consideration for Round Two of competitive bidding.

Anthem Rescinds Termination Policy

Providers in the network do not need to overhaul their DMEPOS accreditation.

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Insurers: Let’s End Exclusion

It’s time for private health insurance to quit hiding behind accreditation.

HQAA to Anthem/Wellpoint: 'Our Accreditation Counts'

Accrediting organization says insurance conglomerate is unfairly not recognizing its DMEPOS accreditation.

How to Ensure Accreditation Renewal Goes Smoothly

Whatever the reason for renewing accreditation, now is the time to start preparing to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Van Halem Group Takes on HC Comply

Stribling departs Texas compliance company, which becomes compliance division of audit consulting firm.

Jan paul Miller Joins BOC

New certification director brings several disciplines to position.



How to Get Accredited When Adding a New Line of Business

What if a HME provider starts a new line of business, or acquires a new line of business after already being accredited? Does the provider need to apply for accreditation for that new business?



How to Reapply for Accreditation

While the accreditation scramble of summer 2009 is ancient history at this point, there are many providers still seeking to reapply for CMS accreditation. Why is that, and how do providers approach reapplying for accreditation?

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A Framework for Effective Business

Complete compliance offers a strategic edge.

Compliance Automation

Virtual Officer 'Polices' Compliance

As regulations continue to tighten the grip on the Home Medical Equipment industry, providers are looking for tools to stay compliant. Enter Virtual Compliance Officer.

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