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A Measured Approach

Today's healthcare market is focused on driving down costs while improving outcomes. Concurrently, information technology has given providers reams of patient data. How can providers use this data to advance in the new healthcare landscape?

VGM Partners With PlayMaker CRM

Company’s customer relationship management is designed specifically for the post-acute care market.

2015 HME Handbook

How to Create an Effective Retail Experience

A showroom must feel inviting, comfortable, and in a way, empowering. Retail customers want options, information and a range of solutions that can help make an informed purchase, and above all, they want to feel like they are in charge. Providers can create a showroom that instils all these components of the retail experience.

Provider Strategy

Making New Connections

The business of LinkedIn is building business. How can HME professionals leverage this powerful tool to advance their businesses as well as careers?

Provider Strategy

Finding Your Retail Champion

How to find, train and give employees the tools to excel at running your retail business.

retail showrooms

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Best in Showroom

Providers across the industry have been breaking into retail sales, but they can’t truly become a cash sales success story until they have created a showroom that can do the selling for them. What goes into creating the right retail sales space? From site selection, to signage, to displays, we interview experts to examine what providers need to do to create a winning retail showroom.

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Setting the Stage for Success

Over the next year, many providers will consider moving away from a predominantly Medicare-based business model to a more integrated approach. To navigate 2015’s rapidly changing landscape, providers must think differently about how they run their business. Here are five solid, strategic approaches to a fruitful 2015.

HME Business Big Ten

2015 Preview

Big Ten

As HME businesses continue to drive new revenue in 2015, the New Year also brings some serious challenges. We explore the solutions and opportunities in this year's list.

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Creating the Retail Experience

Providers have been rapidly pushing into retail sales to drive revenue in the face of declining Medicare and private payor reimbursement. But retail has a culture and a “feel” all its own. How can providers can create “retail experience” that will get customers and patients to buy?

Business Solutions

Power Mobility Tips to Help Protect and Build Your Business

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Getting Retail Rolling

Like a speeding racecar, the value cash sales offers for bolstering the bottom line gathers momentum with every second. We offer 12 techniques retail veterans and newbies alike can use to rev up their revenue.

Respiratory Retail

Respiratory Retail

Rethinking Retail

As oxygen providers seek to reinvigorate their revenues, they are giving a second thought to the value cash customers bring to the table.

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Casting a Wider Net

As providers broaden their sources of reimbursement and revenue, they face a learning curve in terms of how they are going to create and disseminate marketing messages that will resonate with these disparate sets of clients. One-size marketing does not fi t, and providers need help. Fortunately, DME manufacturers offer an array of marketing support services that lend a hand.

Retail Sales Marketing

The 2014 HME Handbook: Retail

How to Ramp up Your Retail Sales Marketing

While retail sales offer an opportunity to drive revenue through a provider’s existing customer base, as well as new clients, providers must take every opportunity to develop and deploy retail sales and marketing campaigns that will inspire patients and clients to come to their retail stores and visit their online storefronts in order to purchase DME on a retail basis.

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The More Things Change ...

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Driving HME Sales via the Web

Understanding how consumers of HME behave online will help shape a winning sales strategy.

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Getting Creative with Retail Marketing

Providers should take every opportunity to develop and deploy retail sales and marketing campaigns. A good example would be Bath Safety Month coming up in January.

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Strategic Reach

Ty Bello

Industry Newsmaker

Keeping Pace With Change

As president of sales and leadership consulting firm Team@Work, Ty Bello founded his business more than a decade ago to help HME provider businesses increase their organizational, management, sales and marketing effectiveness. How has his approach changed with the industry and technology?

Problem Solvers

Devising Effective Retail Marketing

Cash sales is a must for survival- and success-minded providers alike, but they have to develop a solid marketing strategy. What are some key considerations?

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