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Reaching Baby Boomers

The Baby Boom is not like previous generations of HME customers. How can providers ensure their products, marketing and sales efforts are connecting in the way that they should with this key market?

'Caretailing' Your Way into the Baby Boomer Marketing

Retail expert Rob Baumhover shares some insights into retail strategies for Boomers.

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Mobility: Building on the Initial Sale

How can providers better understand retail power mobility accessory opportunities, and how can they expand their sales volume?

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Living in the Micro-Moment

In an age all the answers at clients' fingertips, how do you ensure your HME business is 'in the moment' with today's consumer?

Provider Strategy

Time for Boot Camp

Providers must shape their staff into Customer Engagement Officers.

Marketing Orthopedics

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The Art of Marketing Orthopedics

The number of ailments and susceptible population segments aided by orthopedic soft goods has created ample marketing opportunities for HME providers.

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Creating a Retail State of Mind

A dedicated retail provider explains why and how HMEs need to rethink their cash businesses.

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Driving Sales, Relationships Through Education, Service

Pharmacies can set themselves apart by becoming a resource to their customers.

growing retail sales

HME Retail Solutions

Marketing: The Secret to Retail Sales Growth

Retail sales success hinges on HME providers coming up with the right blend of traditional and online marketing strategies.

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An HME Client Journey

A family emergency demonstrates how HME provider businesses can play a vital and ongoing role in patients' lives, if they treat the relationship right.

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DME Pharmacy

Getting the Right Product Mix

Like an experienced chef testing a new recipe, pharmacies adding DME products to their retail mix might not have the same degree of familiarity with DME items as they do with typical pharmacy products. We talk to some experts to get their insights.

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Online, You Get What You Give

Many providers might have their online marketing and social media strategies backwards. What's the right approach to effective online branding?

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Lead Management Reimagined

Is it time for your business to step up and implement a lead management automation and analytics system?

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HME's New Trailblazers

Pursuing retail sales has helped providers to think creatively and be open minded. And when it comes down to thinking creatively, that mean providers must explore new market opportunities.

Ramping up Retail Marketing

In the same way that providers must get clever in terms of targeting new retail sales niches, such as orthopedic products, they must also get clever about how they market their retail business.

patient data

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A Measured Approach

Today's healthcare market is focused on driving down costs while improving outcomes. Concurrently, information technology has given providers reams of patient data. How can providers use this data to advance in the new healthcare landscape?

VGM Partners With PlayMaker CRM

Company’s customer relationship management is designed specifically for the post-acute care market.

2015 HME Handbook

How to Create an Effective Retail Experience

A showroom must feel inviting, comfortable, and in a way, empowering. Retail customers want options, information and a range of solutions that can help make an informed purchase, and above all, they want to feel like they are in charge. Providers can create a showroom that instils all these components of the retail experience.

Provider Strategy

Making New Connections

The business of LinkedIn is building business. How can HME professionals leverage this powerful tool to advance their businesses as well as careers?

Provider Strategy

Finding Your Retail Champion

How to find, train and give employees the tools to excel at running your retail business.

Podcast: A New Approach to Mask Fitting