Pain Management

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CBD's Quest for Market, Legal & Medical Legitimization

CBD represents a solid market opportunity for DME pharmacies, but work needs to be done. Fortunately, we're getting there.

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Pharmacy Revenue: Managing Pain Beyond Drugs

Pain is an epidemic in America, and the opioid crisis is causing concerns about addiction, so more people are looking for drug-free relief. DME pharmacies are in the most ideal spot to serve this need.

FDA Approves Lyrica for SCI Pain

Approval means mobility patients suffering from spinal cord injury could use capsules to manage neuropathic pain.

Sleep & the Science of Pain

The link between fibromyalgia and sleep dates back to a 1975 study by Dr. Harvey Moldofsky, who found a high incidence of alpha-delta sleep in fibromyalgia patients — or the intrusion of alpha waves (arousal pattern) into restorative sleep. Only recently have researchers begun to explore the role of sleep apnea in fibromyalgia.

Managing Pain At Home

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