Business Solutions

Keeping Count

As CMS slashes its way through Medicare funding of DME, providers must prioritize cost-cutting. Their largest cost center? Inventory. By automating inventory management, providers can take advantage of newfound efficiencies and increased control in order to drive money back to their bottom lines. Story includes a round-up of various HME software offerings’ inventory management features.

Editor's Note

Hands-Free HME

Take the oath, and do yourself and the industry a big favor.

Funding Fundamentals

Striking the Right Balance

Evaluating provider profit margins while continuing to put patients’ needs first.

Products & Technology

In the Palm of Your Hand

As providers strive for increased efficiencies in order to cut costs while still offering high levels of client care, technology is becoming an increasingly important asset. One tool that is gaining favor both in the field and in the back office is the hand-held computer. Learn how these devices can boost service and accuracy.

Funding Focus

Arduous Audits and Keeping your Money!

New implementation of a program using Recovery Audit Contractors may prove burdensome and costly for providers.

How to Implement Document Imaging Software

Many providers are considering document imaging systems to save employees volumes of time, ensure accurate record keeping, and protect patient privacy. Here are some items to consider if you wish to implement a document imaging system.

Weeks Group Makes Case for LOS Management

New report says LOS Management offers one of the best opportunities to boost provider profitability.

A Well Oiled Machine

How HME providers can optimize inventory operations through technology.

Managing the Digital Patient Experience podcast with Nupura Kolwalkar