Information Technology

Sidebar: Empowering Providers

Mobile technology experts discuss how mobile IT can help providers and their staff in the field.

HME Mobile Technology

Information Technology

Putting IT in the Field

Mobile technology has a come a long way in a short time, empowering providers to make better business decisions and improve satisfaction right at the patient’s doorstep.

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The Journey to True Interoperability

Savvy HME businesses that ensure their IT systems connect with other health providers will build a larger presence in post-acute care.

Measuring Performance

Products & Technology

Measuring Up

There's an old saying that, "what gets measured, gets managed," and that has become doubly true for HME providers who must find every possible efficiency in order to reduce the pressure of public and private payor reimbursement cuts. Experts examine the metrics against which providers can benchmark their business performance.

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Identifying DME Deficiencies

On-site visits from accrediting organization The Compliance Team help shed some light on deficiencies that DMEPOS providers commonly share and how they should address them.

2015 HME Handbook

How to Use Software to Fine-tune Combined Pharmacy and HME Operations

Many providers in the DME industry are also pharmacies, but running a joint DME/pharmacy invovles a certain level of complexity. Fortunately, there are certain software offerings in the industry that offer features that support pharmacy/DME businesses, and some are specifically designed with those providers in mind.

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Setting the Stage for Success

Over the next year, many providers will consider moving away from a predominantly Medicare-based business model to a more integrated approach. To navigate 2015’s rapidly changing landscape, providers must think differently about how they run their business. Here are five solid, strategic approaches to a fruitful 2015.

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The Price of 'Keeping the Doors Open'

One provider takes stock of the true personal and professional cost paid when a home medical equipment business has to fight for survival in the face of CMS's competitive bidding and reimbursement cuts.

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Creating a Lean HME Warehouse

HME supply chain

Products & Technology

Links to Success

In many ways, inventory and supply chains function as a lynch pin in the success of HME businesses. Providers must be able to get equipment and resupply items to patients quickly, while minimizing their inventory footprint. It's not an easy balance to strike. However, new approaches to the HME supply chain are helping them accomplish that.

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The Inventory Balancing Act

Problem Solvers

Asking the Right Questions

HME inventory management strategies and technologies continue to advance with the industry

Products & Technology

The Brains of the Operation

Inventory typically represents the top overhead item for providers. In a cost-conscious reimbursement environment, HME providers have needed to develop smart inventory management and purchasing strategies to cope. HMEB looks at some of the techniques and tools they are using to contend with a constantly changing environment.

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Upgrading to HME 2.0

CMS's efforts to force competitive bidding on healthcare are about as effective — and error-prone — as installing a the wrong operating system on a computer. Now that Round Two has exposed all the bugs to light, can providers find a feasible work-around?

Provider Strategy

The Power of Analysis

Business analytics, once overly-complex, time consuming and costly, have now become simplified and affordable, allowing HME business owners to make sense of the growing piles of data pouring in from a multitude of sources.

Provider Strategy

The Power of Analysis

Once a tool of large, deep-pocketed corporations, business analytics have grown simplified and affordable, helping HME business owners make sense of mountains of data in order to find ways to overcome funding challenges and uncover pathways toward growth.

Provider Strategy

The Devil is in the Details

New "nondiscrimination" rules included in competitive bidding will force providers to streamline their 'product fleet if they want to ensure they can attain optimal profitability.

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GPS Goes Beyond Delivery

Leveraging GPS throughout company operations.

How to Improve your Delivery Operations Management

HMEs must find ways that they can increase efficiency for their delivery operations. Fortunately, there are a couple key technologicalsolutions at hand that can help them.

Business Solutions

Keeping Count

As CMS slashes its way through Medicare funding of DME, providers must prioritize cost-cutting. Their largest cost center? Inventory. By automating inventory management, providers can take advantage of newfound efficiencies and increased control in order to drive money back to their bottom lines. Story includes a round-up of various HME software offerings’ inventory management features.

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