Advocates Move to Reinforce Legislative Relationships

AAHomecare, state associations, VGM, MED work to identify a primary and secondary contact for every member lawmaker.

Quantum’s Design Forums Seek Better Clinical Outcomes

Forums assembled various clinicians from across the nation to share ideas and discuss how to improve mobility technology.

CMS Revs Up CURES-Mandated Medicaid Revisions

CMS will send letters to state Medicaid Directors, host a special call, and is creating reporting structure to ensure compliance.

Clock is Ticking to Recruit HR 4229 Co-Sponsors

Providers have until Dec. 14 to garner more co-sponsors for the Protecting HOME Access Act, which provides relief for providers in non-bid areas, and addresses the “oxygen double dip.”

Azar Nominated as Secretary of HHS

AAHomecare welcomes news, with Ryan saying he hopes Azar will focus on competitive bidding’s ‘flawed regulatory design.’

Global Wheelchair Market to Reach $6.1 Billion by 2022

The biggest growth will happen here in the States, with a growing elderly population and increased spinal cord injuries driving the growth.

Philips Launches Campaign to Build COPD Awareness

Respiratory equipment maker partners with COPD athlete to develop videos that show how patients can continue living life to the fullest.

H.R. 4229 Push Continues

AAHomcare calls for “all in” advocacy effort to drive home rural relief, O2 double-dip fix.

2017 “Get Out & Enjoy Life” Winners Announced

Fourth annual photo contest encourages people with disabilities to share their active lifestyles through photography.

MAMES Home Mods Committee Goes National

HMAC aims to create a unified advocacy and educational platform for home access modification businesses.

Standup for Homecare Honors Sheehan

Rooftop fundraiser held during Medtrade honored Sheehan for his industry leadership and advocacy.

Call for Speakers Opens for VGM Heartland

Speaker proposals for the 2018 edition of the annual industry event are due Nov. 22.

Rural Relief, ‘Double Dip’ Fix Bill Hits the House

H.R. 4229 would provide relief to non-bid area providers, as well as reform oxygen double dip expected to hit House this week.

Providers Urged to Help H.R. 3730

As the weeks and months tick by, NCART is reminding CRT providers that they must back CRT accessories bill.

Kinney Drugs Receives First Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home Accreditation

New accreditation designation from The Compliance Team focuses on advanced pharmacy practices dealing with chronically ill patients.

HMEB New Product of the Year Awards Announced

Fourth year of products sees 11 winning products from various categories selected by a panel provider of provider judges.

Dan Meuser Running for Congress

Former Pride executive makes a second attempt to serve his district on Capitol Hill.

DMEPOS Accounts for Half of ALJ Appeals

The number of audit appeal being escalated to ALJs has skyrocketed over the past fiscal year, with DMEPOS claims taking up the lion’s share.

Providers Urged to Back Nascent Rural Relief Bill

Rep. McMorris Rodgers has asked AAHomecare and HME providers to push for a large number of original co-sponsors for a bill that would address rural relief, oxygen double-dip.

MAMES Conference Enjoys Large Turnout

The event nearly doubled its attendance and received high praise from the association's members.

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