Editor’s Note

Enough Is Enough

Medicare Audits

Building a Rapid Response System

How to minimize the impact of Medicare audits by implementing practices that will ensure claims pass muster, as well as help the organization rapidly respond to auditors' documentation requests.

Medicare Audits

Building a Rapid Response System

How to minimize the impact of Medicare audits.

Software Audit Tools

The Right Tool for the Job

How to leverage HME software to respond to audits.

CMS Slates Next Open Door

July 11 session starts at 2 p.m. Eastern; will be conference call only.

Editor's Note

Enough Is Enough

Two years have demonstrated that the madness of audits needs to stop.

Senators Seek Anti-Fraud Solutions from Healthcare Community

Open letter calls on professionals to provide 'fresh perspective' on identifying, fighting 'waste, fraud and abuse.'

Observation Deck

The Time for Compliance Is Now

The reality is that the Affordable Care Act has made it mandatory for all healthcare providers, at some point, to implement a comprehensive compliance program that meets or exceeds government expectations. Why not make the investment of the front end to better prepare your organization, implement effective internal controls, improve the efficiency of your staff, and provide better quality of service to your patients?

CMS Explores PMD Physician Evaluation Template

Templates could become important element in CMS's pre-payment review demo project.

CMS Slates Two Open Door Forums

March 21 call will discuss mobility authorization demo; April 11 call currently sans agenda.

CMS Releases Rule on Solicitation, Subcontracting

Effective April 13, final rule prohibits providers from directly contacting beneficiaries via phone without 'written' consent.

CMS Proposes 10-Year Claims Review

Proposed rule would implement aggressive enforcement of Affordable Care Act provision that could pose problematic to providers.

Observation Deck

Pre-Payment Problem Solving

While CMS gave the impression the project was limited in scope, since it only encompassed seven states, the reality is it included 43 percent of the power mobility marketplace. What should PMD providers be doing?

CMS Call Outlines Demonstration Project Details

Today’s Open Door Forum yields PMD prior authorization project dates.

Software System Audit Features

Capped Rental Titles

What is your primary method for notifying patients about a title transfer when a rental item meets its cap?

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