House Hearing Highlights NCB’s Flaws

Testimony at Small Business Subcommittee sets stage for advancement of MPP bill.

CMS Launches ACA Calls Starting Thursday

CMS is hosting first in a series of Open Door Forums concerning the Affordable Care Act.

ATP Involvement Needed for K0005s Starting in March

Providers of ultralight chairs must comply for claims with dates of service on or after March 1, 2013.

Observation Deck:

Counting the Days

Based on CMS history, Round Two bid rates could likely be announced on Sept. 24.

Some Round 2 Providers Receive Urgent License Requests

Providers and mail order suppliers receive emails asking them to send specific materials by Aug. 17.

Funding Fundamentals:

The Surety Bond Ball and Chain

Medicare-required surety bonds currently held by providers could quickly become problematic if a provider happens to go out of business.

NGS Rescinds Aug. 8 Rental/Purchase Reminder

Article suggesting rental for consumables such as diabetic test strips retracted.

PMD Prior Authorization Demo Starts Sept. 1

Program will run for 3 years, impacting nearly 50 percent of Medicare’s power mobility beneficiaries.

White Paper Informs Senate of Major Flaws in CMS Audits

VGM, providers, law firm submit document that informs Finance Committee of key problems with audit structure and their solutions.

Linde AG Buys Lincare Holdings

$4.6 billion acquisition will expand German firm’s reach into homecare.

Lawmakers Push GAO to Examine CMS Audits

Leading Sens. and Reps. call for an examination into ‘duplicative efforts’ of Medicare audit contractors.

Medicare Limits TENS Coverage for CLBP

CMS final decision says TENS units only covered for clinical studies.

Overpayment Claims Jeopardize HMEs’ Surety Bonds

DME MACs making claims as small as $16, undermining bond underwriting.

Near-term Health Spending Projected to Grow at 4%

U.S. healthcare spending won’t ramp up by a larger degree until ACA kicks into gear in 2014.

Recurring, Refill Item Request Rules Changed

New rules for recurring supplies saddle providers with additional costs — after bids.

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