The Big 10


Audits were the biggest issue immediately threatening the industry through 2011, and while the industry deals with the bidding of Round Two of competitive bidding, and works to advance the marketing pricing program as an alternative, audits will remain a serious issue for 2012.

Dream, VGM Partner for Audit Solution

VGM offers members discounts of HME prescription, documentation system that safeguards against audits.

Industry, Patients: ‘Stop Mobility Pre-payment Review — Now'

Provider and consumer advocates call on Congress to cease implementation of power wheelchair program.

Anthem Rescinds Termination Policy

Providers in the network do not need to overhaul their DMEPOS accreditation.

HHS OIG: ZPICs Hindering Oversight

Report says Anti-Fraud Contractors used bad data to report workloads while being paid $22+ Billion.

2012 Fee Schedule Gives DME a 2.4% Bump

Uptick reflects consumer price increases; competitive bidding Round One rates remain as they are.

CMS Slates Next DME Open Door Forum

Jan. 11 call will be audio-only, streaming web event.

VIDEO - Invacare Outlines Bidding Preparation

Medtrade presentation with Mixon, Bachenheimer discusses how providers can prepare for NCB Round Two.

Sizing up the Super Committee

The Super committee was created as part of the budget and debt-ceiling agreement approved by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in August, and it could mean more funding trouble for the HME industry.

MedPAC Proposes Additional HME Cuts

Reimbursement reductions part of $230 billion plan to cover doc fix.

MED Group Launches Competitive Bidding Institute

Fifty-city seminar series on NCB preparation is open to anyone.

NGS Clarifies of KX/GA Modifiers Use

Jurisdiction B DME MAC issued a clarification on when modifiers can be used on same line in "same or similar" situations.

HQAA to Anthem/Wellpoint: 'Our Accreditation Counts'

Accrediting organization says insurance conglomerate is unfairly not recognizing its DMEPOS accreditation.

H.R. 1041 Picks up 5 More Backers

House competitive bidding repeal bill now up to 150 co-sponsors.

CBIC: Round Two’s Around the Bend

Competitive bidding contractor reminds providers of Round Two schedule.


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