2022 HME Business Handbook: Respiratory

From Hospital To Home: Getting Respiratory Right

HME Strategy

2022 HME Business Handbook: HME Strategy

Preparing For Value- and Outcomes-Based Care For HME


2022 HME Business Handbook: Legal

How To Work With Physicians and Other Referral Sources

HME Sales

2022 HME Business Handbook: HME Sales

How To Improve Referral Sales Using Market Data and CRM

Payer Relations

2022 HME Business Handbook: Payer Relations

Negotiating With Payers Preparation Is The Key

Home Access

2022 HME Business Handbook: Home Access

Being Prepared To Help Ensure Clients Have Safe Home Access

Sleep Therapy

2022 HME Business Handbook: Sleep Therapy

Embracing Remote PAP Setup For Sleep Patients

Repair Services

2022 HME Business Handbook: Repair Service

Certification and Training For Your Service Technicians

Patient Engagment

2022 HME Business Handbook: Patient Engagement

Improve Your Business With Timely And Proper Follow-Up


2022 HME Business Handbook: Respiratory

How To Keep Home Oxygen Patients Safe and Prevent Costs

Patient Safety

2022 HME Business Handbook: Patient Safety

Keeping Patients Safe And Ensuring They Don't Take A Tumble


2022 HME Business Handbook: Respiratory

Outcomes- and Value-Based Care For The Respiratory HME

Pain Management

2022 HME Business Handbook: Pain Management

Types of CBD: What's Right For Your Patients?


Simplifying the Transition to Homecare

How do HME providers benefit from smoother coordination with referral partners, payers, caregivers and patients during the move to care in the home?


Product Protection Plans for Retail HME

Offering protection plans for retail HME items can benefit both patients and providers in many ways, and it turns out implementing them doesn’t require much.


The Key to Patient Engagement

How can providers most effectively automate and increase their patient engagement to improve care, strengthen patient relationships, and drive increased referrals?

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Dealing with the CPAP and Chip Shortage

HME providers and their patients continue to face a shortage of sleep therapy devices. What can and should be done to address the situation?


The Return of VGM Heartland

The annual conference and expo returns to a fully in-person format June 13-15 in Waterloo, Iowa. Conference Chair Jill Blaser highlights some new features and familiar favorites at this year’s event.


Healthcare Vertical Integration and HME

What is vertical integration and how could it impact HME providers? Payer relations expert Laura Williard discusses the trend and the strategies being developed for dealing with it.

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H.R. 6641’s Reimbursement Ripple Effect

Success on H.R. 6641 could have wide-ranging impacts on DME reimbursement across a spectrum of payers far beyond Medicare. It’s essential that providers help raise the visibility of the bill.

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