Competitive Bidding

MPP Bill hits 44 Co-Sponsors

H.R. 1717 garners another 19 backers as providers, associations continue efforts to drive Congressional support.

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The MPP Bill —What is Needed to Advance?

After months of waiting for an MPP bill, the industry now has legislation it can lobby behind. How providers can help ensure H.R. 1717 gets 218 co-sponsors by mid-June.

Industry Begins H.R. 1717 Push

MPP bill at 25 backers; national provider call-in and email campaign slated for Friday.

New MPP Bill Launched in House

Rep. Price unveils H.R. 1717 which would replace competitive bidding with market pricing program.

CBIC Warns TN Contract Holders to Meet State Location Requirements

Bidding contracts could be breached if holders don’t fulfill Volunteer State laws requiring providers to have physical locations.

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CMS vs. My Mom

The reality of Round Two’s ridiculousness sinks in as contract holders are unveiled.

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Competitive Bidding: The Prisoner’s Dilemma

There's an element in the field of game theory called "The Prisoner's Dilemma." Did CMS leverage the concept in order to rig competitive bidding?

CMS Announces Round Two Contractors

Agency awards 13,126 contracts to 799 providers in 2,988 locations to serve Round Two’s 91 CBAs.

California Providers, Patients Endure Bidding Hardships

In the run-up to Round Two, Golden State stakeholders relate fallout of flawed program.

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Harnessing the Industry's Passion

CMS has released the Round Two payment rates. What is needed to advance an alternative?

Rep. Price, Lawmakers, Others Express Bidding Concerns to CMS

Letter backed by 100 cosigners asks acting CMS admin. for delay to bid program’s implementation.

‘Save Patient Access’ Petition Picks Up Steam

Effort calls on Obama administration to replace bidding with MPP.

Reps. Price, Ellmers Respond to USA Today

Lawmakers defend their stance against competitive bidding.

Industry Speaks at Congressional Bidding Briefings

Various HME representatives brief House, Senate staff on competitive bidding’s flaws.

DC Fly-in Drives Solid Turnout

More than 125 providers tick off more than 250 meetings, industry now follows up.

Competitive Could Impact Top DME Brands

Some sleep providers rethinking their profitability using leading equipment.

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Time to Get Inspired

Don't let CMS's latest move leave you stunned. Now is the time to come out into the lobbying arena and keep swinging so that the industry can KO competitive bidding once and for all.

Round Two Reaction

Business Solutions

Round Two Reaction

CMS's announcement of the Round Two reimbursement rates has left the industry reeling. HMEB talks to various experts to get their insights and perspectives on where HME goes from here.

Providers Signing Round Two Contracts

Preliminary results of survey show huge Round Two reimbursement cuts not scaring off bid winners.

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