Round Two: Bracing for 2013

Industry Roundtable

Round Two: Bracing for 2013

The coming year promises a rough ride for the industry. Providers face many issues: competitive bidding Round Two; the fight to replace it with the MPP; the continued assault of pre- and post-payment audits; the pending face-to-face rule; and pior authorization for power mobility to name just a few. HMEB’s editorial advisory board discuss these issues and more and share their insights on how providers should approach 2013.

Taking the Bite Out of Oxygen Documentation


Taking the Bite Out of Oxygen Documentation

Although the denial rate may be improving, oxygen audits continue to challenge and frustrate providers. How can providers become oxygen audit ready?

White Paper Informs Senate of Major Flaws in CMS Audits

VGM, providers, law firm submit document that informs Finance Committee of key problems with audit structure and their solutions.

Lawmakers Push GAO to Examine CMS Audits

Leading Sens. and Reps. call for an examination into ‘duplicative efforts’ of Medicare audit contractors.

Congress Questions CMS on Audits

House subcommittee chair blasts CMS for ‘incompetence’ in audit oversight.

Editor’s Note

Enough Is Enough

Medicare Audits

Building a Rapid Response System

How to minimize the impact of Medicare audits by implementing practices that will ensure claims pass muster, as well as help the organization rapidly respond to auditors' documentation requests.

Medicare Audits

Building a Rapid Response System

How to minimize the impact of Medicare audits.

Software Audit Tools

The Right Tool for the Job

How to leverage HME software to respond to audits.

Editor's Note

Enough Is Enough

Two years have demonstrated that the madness of audits needs to stop.

Senators Seek Anti-Fraud Solutions from Healthcare Community

Open letter calls on professionals to provide 'fresh perspective' on identifying, fighting 'waste, fraud and abuse.'

Observation Deck

The Time for Compliance Is Now

The reality is that the Affordable Care Act has made it mandatory for all healthcare providers, at some point, to implement a comprehensive compliance program that meets or exceeds government expectations. Why not make the investment of the front end to better prepare your organization, implement effective internal controls, improve the efficiency of your staff, and provide better quality of service to your patients?

Software System Audit Features

Word to the Wise: the KX Modifier

Surviving the Audit Tidal Wave

Products & Technology

Surviving the Audit Tidal Wave

Since the start of 2011, providers have been fending off a relentless onslaught of pre- and post-payment audits on Medicare claims. How can technology help them win this war of attrition?


The Big 10


Audits were the biggest issue immediately threatening the industry through 2011, and while the industry deals with the bidding of Round Two of competitive bidding, and works to advance the marketing pricing program as an alternative, audits will remain a serious issue for 2012.

Dream, VGM Partner for Audit Solution

VGM offers members discounts of HME prescription, documentation system that safeguards against audits.

HHS OIG: ZPICs Hindering Oversight

Report says Anti-Fraud Contractors used bad data to report workloads while being paid $22+ Billion.

MedPAC Proposes Additional HME Cuts

Reimbursement reductions part of $230 billion plan to cover doc fix.

Funding Fundamentals:

Are You Prepared for an Audit?

ZPICs mean no more business as usual in DME.

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