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AAHomecare Calls for Final, 30-Day Advocacy Push

As July 1 cuts loom large, industry association urges providers to help lobby on behalf of S.2736 and H.R. 5210; three recent developments could bolster those efforts.

Ramp Needs

2016 HME Handbook

How to Assess a Client's Ramp Needs

Approaching a ramp install starts with assessing the patient's needs and circumstances, and that assessment must incorporate various elements.

DMEPOS Accreditation for Pharmacies: First-Hand Advice

Several key tips from one pharmacist on how other pharmacies should approach DME accreditation.

CPM Referral

2016 HME Handbook

How to Cement Solid CPM Referral Relationships

CPM providers can better educate their referral partners and coordinate with them in order to improve patient outcomes.

Womens Health Services

2016 HME Handbook

How to Expand Into Women's Health Services

Providers can’t enter women’s healthcare half-heartedly. They must create a business that strives to provide top-shelf care. What goes into that?

MSOs and Buyer Groups

2016 HME Handbook

How to Effectively Network With Fellow MSO Members

One of the biggest advantages of MSOs are the multiple opportunities and venues to network with other providers and industry professionals.

DME billing

Solving the DME Billing Puzzle

Billing Medicare for DME claims can be complex, especially for pharmacies that might be new to the process. How can special software solutions help?

Accreditation Renewal

2016 HME Handbook

How to Approach Accreditation Renewal

Given the benefits of accreditation, it’s important that providers get the most that they can out of renewal.

A DME Billing Q&A with Newhard Pharmacy

This family pharmacy has offered a full line of DME for longer than 40 years — and sharpened its billing in the process.

Products that Make $ense

Pharmacies entering the DME space will quickly learn retail is a critical way to drive revenue

Editor's Note

Embracing HME's IT Future

The HME industry is starting to experience the beginning what I and many believe will be a coming revolution in healthcare technology. Time to get in on the ground floor.

HME Software

2016 HME Handbook

How to Leverage HME Software as a Strategic Management Tool

There are several ways that HME software and information technology can help providers function more strategically.

Observation Deck

Asking the Right Questions

As providers increasingly focus on retail sales to drive new revenues, they will open the door on additional sales by asking open-ended questions.

Orthopedic Market

2016 HME Handbook

How to Tap Into Orthopedic Market Opportunities

Some key considerations for providers looking to expand their revenues through orthopedics.

Pharmacy Accreditation

Building Community, Building Credibility

Accreditation is not just about revenue streams — it's also about being able to service your community. Here’s what you need to know about pharmacy accreditation.

Personal Mobility Scooters

2016 HME Handbook

How to Increase Your Retail Revenues Through Personal Mobility Scooters

Savvy providers can found a solid retail mobility business based on the recent explosion of scooters catering to a broad spectrum of patient needs.

Dream Family

Product Profile

Putting Patients in Charge

Philips Respironics' Dream Family combines mask, PAP device and software to take a patient-first approach to helping achieve optimal sleep outcomes.

Report: Many Round Two Contract Suppliers Weren’t Licensed

New HHS OIG study affirms that multiple Round Two contract holders didn't have required state-level licenses, which could help industry's push to delay July 1 cuts.

Providing Incontinence Products the Right Way

Incontinence solutions are a key element in DME product lineups, but caring service is crucial.

Accreditation Strategy

2016 HME Handbook

How to Use Accreditation to Sharpen Your HME Business Strategy

Many providers see DMEPOS accreditation as an obligation, but the process has considerable strategic value.

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