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Compression Products Worth Considering

A good compression business can't serve clients without having a solid product mix. We take a look at new products that can help a pharmacy round out its compression range.

Tips for Growing Your Compression Business

Various experts offer pro-tips on how DME pharmacies can tap into the compression market.

managing pain

Pharmacy Revenue: Managing Pain Beyond Drugs

Pain is an epidemic in America, and the opioid crisis is causing concerns about addiction, so more people are looking for drug-free relief. DME pharmacies are in the most ideal spot to serve this need.

A Targeted Compression Strategy

Compression offers a chance to expand revenues serving both existing and new patients, but there are a variety of considerations pharmacies must consider as they shape their compression business strategy.

Growing Your Audience to Grow Your Business

An e-commerce expert shares some key techniques for expanding your online reach.

Editor's Note

What I love about HME

No industry is perfect, but the HME industry possesses a rare quality that I really admire.

Portable oxygen

Business Solutions

Oxygen Outlook: Portable Oxygen's Leap of Faith

Despite portable oxygen’s strong value proposition both from a care perspective and a business point of view, many respiratory providers still haven’t transitioned to using these devices. However, as 2018 approaches, the need to do so becomes all the more pressing. Why are they holding out, and how can they more easily take what they might perceive to be a leap of faith on this business model?

Kinney Drugs Receives First Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home Accreditation

New accreditation designation from The Compliance Team focuses on advanced pharmacy practices dealing with chronically ill patients.

HMEB New Product of the Year Awards Announced

Fourth year of products sees 11 winning products from various categories selected by a panel provider of provider judges.

Dan Meuser Running for Congress

Former Pride executive makes a second attempt to serve his district on Capitol Hill.

DMEPOS Accounts for Half of ALJ Appeals

The number of audit appeal being escalated to ALJs has skyrocketed over the past fiscal year, with DMEPOS claims taking up the lion’s share.

Providers Urged to Back Nascent Rural Relief Bill

Rep. McMorris Rodgers has asked AAHomecare and HME providers to push for a large number of original co-sponsors for a bill that would address rural relief, oxygen double-dip.

MAMES Conference Enjoys Large Turnout

The event nearly doubled its attendance and received high praise from the association's members.

Sheehan Named 2017 Van Miller Homecare Champion

Massachusetts HME professional named for his 'passionate and vocal' industry advocacy and his active participation at the state and regional level.

Rural Bid Relief Bill to Debut in Early November

Nascent legislation would remedy not only national bid expansion, but the oxygen ‘double-dip,’ as well.

Recently Completed Patient Access Survey Assists Advocacy

Compelling statistics show that patients are having difficulty accessing needed DME suppliers and their case managers and discharge planners share their frustration.

Medtrade's Must-Sees

The upcoming Oct. 23-25 offers a ton of key conference sessions and special events. Here are some offerings from the show you don't want to miss.

HME Woman of the Year Finalists Revealed

Out of 38 nominees, four women will travel to Medtrade for a chance at becoming 2017’s honoree.

Industry Works to Move Past Price’s Departure

Last week’s resignation from HHS Secretary Price took many by surprise, but industry pushes agenda forward.

71% of MAC Prepayment Audits Paid After Review

Second Quarter Audit Key survey releases several significant findings related to Medicare claims audits.

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