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H.R. 4229 Push Continues

AAHomcare calls for “all in” advocacy effort to drive home rural relief, O2 double-dip fix.

2017 “Get Out & Enjoy Life” Winners Announced

Fourth annual photo contest encourages people with disabilities to share their active lifestyles through photography.

MAMES Home Mods Committee Goes National

HMAC aims to create a unified advocacy and educational platform for home access modification businesses.

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The Survival of the Fittest

Returning to Medtrade after a few years shows an industry that is reinvigorated and ready to thrive.

Standup for Homecare Honors Sheehan

Rooftop fundraiser held during Medtrade honored Sheehan for his industry leadership and advocacy.

Call for Speakers Opens for VGM Heartland

Speaker proposals for the 2018 edition of the annual industry event are due Nov. 22.

Rural Relief, ‘Double Dip’ Fix Bill Hits the House

H.R. 4229 would provide relief to non-bid area providers, as well as reform oxygen double dip expected to hit House this week.

Providers Urged to Help H.R. 3730

As the weeks and months tick by, NCART is reminding CRT providers that they must back CRT accessories bill.

Barbara Smith Named 2017 HME Woman of the Year

Longtime Texas provider recognized for her leadership and contributions to the industry.


Products & Technology

3 Ways to Achieve e-Commerce

For many HME providers, the world of e-commerce can seem like completely foreign territory that is far afield from what they do, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Today's business happens online, and HMEs must respond to that trend. Fortunately, while providers might not know how to take the first step, there are three business models that can put them on the path to e-commerce success.

Understanding Graduated Compression and Proper Fitting

Wound care experts explain how graduated compression works and match products to medical conditions.


Golden Opprotunity: Compression for Pharmacies

Almost one out of every two customers that enter a pharmacy could have chronic venous insufficiency. Are pharmacists missing out by not pushing compression products to their ?

Editor's Note

How Your Business Can Care for Caregiver Customers

Caregivers need every ounce of support they can get and if your pharmacy can offer that help, it will make a difference in your local market.

Marketplace: Software for DME Pharmacies

The world of both pharmacy management and dedicated DME business management require specialized software tools to ensure things run smoothly. We round up some recent offerings.

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Getting From Here to There

A business optimization process for 2018 that all HMEs should implement.

Sleep Therapy Product Solutions

A look at some of the most recent sleep therapy products on the market.

Oxygen Audit Outlook: TPE Audits

Audit expert Wayne van Halem explains why respiratory providers need to pay close attention to Medicare's new TPE audits.

Compression Products Worth Considering

A good compression business can't serve clients without having a solid product mix. We take a look at new products that can help a pharmacy round out its compression range.

Growing Your Audience to Grow Your Business

An e-commerce expert shares some key techniques for expanding your online reach.

managing pain

Pharmacy Revenue: Managing Pain Beyond Drugs

Pain is an epidemic in America, and the opioid crisis is causing concerns about addiction, so more people are looking for drug-free relief. DME pharmacies are in the most ideal spot to serve this need.

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