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HMEB New Product of the Year Awards Announced

Fourth year of products sees 11 winning products from various categories selected by a panel provider of provider judges.

Dan Meuser Running for Congress

Former Pride executive makes a second attempt to serve his district on Capitol Hill.

DMEPOS Accounts for Half of ALJ Appeals

The number of audit appeal being escalated to ALJs has skyrocketed over the past fiscal year, with DMEPOS claims taking up the lion’s share.

Providers Urged to Back Nascent Rural Relief Bill

Rep. McMorris Rodgers has asked AAHomecare and HME providers to push for a large number of original co-sponsors for a bill that would address rural relief, oxygen double-dip.

MAMES Conference Enjoys Large Turnout

The event nearly doubled its attendance and received high praise from the association's members.

Sheehan Named 2017 Van Miller Homecare Champion

Massachusetts HME professional named for his 'passionate and vocal' industry advocacy and his active participation at the state and regional level.

Rural Bid Relief Bill to Debut in Early November

Nascent legislation would remedy not only national bid expansion, but the oxygen ‘double-dip,’ as well.

Recently Completed Patient Access Survey Assists Advocacy

Compelling statistics show that patients are having difficulty accessing needed DME suppliers and their case managers and discharge planners share their frustration.

Medtrade's Must-Sees

The upcoming Oct. 23-25 offers a ton of key conference sessions and special events. Here are some offerings from the show you don't want to miss.

HME Woman of the Year Finalists Revealed

Out of 38 nominees, four women will travel to Medtrade for a chance at becoming 2017’s honoree.

Industry Works to Move Past Price’s Departure

Last week’s resignation from HHS Secretary Price took many by surprise, but industry pushes agenda forward.

71% of MAC Prepayment Audits Paid After Review

Second Quarter Audit Key survey releases several significant findings related to Medicare claims audits.

Pride to Cut Power Lift Recliner Prices

To help HME providers, mobility manufacturer will reduce power lift recliners prices by 10% in the Fourth Quarter.

Women's Health

Women's Health Product Roundup

Women's health requires a commitment to understanding women’s unique product needs. We look at some recent offerings on the market.

Provider Strategy

Time for Boot Camp

Providers must shape their staff into Customer Engagement Officers.

Women's Health

Becoming a Complete Post-Mastectomy Provider

Knowledge of the procedures and products, employing a certified mastectomy fitter, and having the compassion to help patients negotiate a traumatic life change are keys to business success.

Women's Health

The Market to Target: Women and Compression

When it comes to buying compression products, the vast majority of sales are from women. Here’s what you need to know to target this important demographic.

Observation Deck

Resupply Redefined

A more strategic, automated approach to resupply for sleep therapy patients leads to better patient care and outcomes.

Editor's Note

Does it Take a Disaster?

CMS's moves last month to support hurricane-stricken providers, patients leaves me wondering.

Products & Technology

Medtrade 2017 Shop Til You Drop

This year's edition of Medtrade offers a wide selection of DME items and business services providers are sure to want to load up on.

Live from Medtrade

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